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Ady Pountain

I’m In With The Downtown Crowd

After some moths of chasing I’m pleased to say that I managed to corner Ady and with his and others help I’ve managed to put together 31 tracks that Ady played in the early days of Stafford.

Ady a favourite DJ of mine and always look forward to hearing his sets, he has great taste and always has a few pleasant surprises in his sets.

Ady was one of the Yate DJ’s and one of the original Stafford DJ’s, he helped Dave secure the deal for the use of the Top Of The World Club for the all-nighters. As you can see from the playlist there is a mixture of late Yate spins, some that were considered oldies maybe although they’d only been played for a year or two at places like Wigan and some Stafford “newies”.

It is as you will see across the board as we would expect at Stafford and there is just shy of one and a half hours music for your listening pleasure.

Ady also had a full set of the Unissued Motown that appeared in the early 80’s but as I’ve included many in the podcasts of Dave Withers I didn’t use any for Ady’s podcasts. I’m also planning to do a podcast featuring just the unreleased Motown so keep an eye out for that one (or two).

Allan Sisters - I'm In With The Downtown Crowd - Quality
Soulettes - Bring Your Fine Self Home - Scope
Norma Jenkins & The Dolls - The Airplane Song - Maltese
Inticers - Since You Left - Baby Luv
Inspirations - No One Can Take Your Place - Midas
Detroit Soul - All Of My Life - Music Town
The Group featuring Cecil Washington - I Don't Like To Lose - Prophonics
Eddie Parker - I Love You Baby - Ashford
Chuck Holiday - Just Can't Trust Nobody - Gloria
Major IV - I Don't Believe In Losing - Venture
Charles Johnson - Never Had A Love So Good - Alston
Alfie Davison - Love Is A Serious Business - Mercury 12"
GQ - Make My Dream A Reality - Arista
Felix Cavaliere - Never Felt Love Before - Bearsville
Ed Summers - I Can tell - Soya
Dee Dee Sharp - Happy Bout The Whole Thing - TSOP
Patterson Twins - Gonna Find A True Love - Commercial
Solid Gold Revue featuring Roy Crumley - She's So Good - Castanet
Eldridge Holmes - Gone Gone Gone - Deesu
The Larks - Come Back Baby - Money
The Ascots - Another Day - MirADon
Gene Chandler - I Hate To be The One To Say - Constellation
Matt lucas - You Better Go Go - Karen
Nomads - Somethings Bad - Mo Groove
Smokey Robinson - I Care About Detroit - Standard Groove/Tamla
Margie Joseph - One More Chance - Volt
Jimmy Burns & The Fantastic Epics - You’re Gonna Miss Me (When I’m Gone) - Tip Top
Fabulous Apollos - The One Alone - Valtone
Willie Mallory - You Went Back (On What You Said) - Lanor
The Hytones - Bigger And Better - Abet
Chuck Holiday - I Still Love You - Gloria
Bobby Kline - Say Something Nice To Me - MB Records
Kenny Young - Ain't It Funny What Love Can Do - Share
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Ian Clark

Trick Bag

Ian Clark one of the best and nicest DJ’s of his time, dare I say it sorely missed from the decks. One of the hardest working DJ’s, always working to source dance floor delights. Not always exclusives (although he did have these as well) but he had many of the day’s big records and he had a good ear and knew what the dance floor needed. Ian was one of those who came with Dave from Yate to Stafford and carried on with the same attitude and spirit of Yate and helped make Stafford what it was. A popular DJ during the late 70’s and 80’s, as well as Yate and Stafford he was a regular at the 100 Club into the later 80’s.

Norma Jenkins - Airplane Song - Maltese
Antiques - Go For Yourself - LaSalle
Vondells - Hey Girl You’ve Changed - Airtown
Utopias - Girls Are Against Me - Lasalle
Excuses - Trick Bag - Vivace
Tommy Knight - Don’t Bring Back Memories - Abtone Acetate
Eddie Holman - Hold Me In Your Arms - Unissued Acetate
Frank Everrett - Spellbound - Big Smokey
Great Lakes Orchestra feat. Lou Ragland - This Is The Night For Loving - Great Lakes Recording Inc
Prince Philip Mitchell - I’m So Happy - Atlantic
Bobby Kline - Say Something Nice To Me - MB
Margie & The Formations - Sad Illusion - COED
Jimmy Castor - Just You Girl - Smash
Virgil Murray’s Tomorrow’s Yesterday - I Still Care - Kool Kat
Joanne Courcy - I Got The Power - Twirl
Little ann - Lean Lanky Daddy - Unissued Acetate
The Professionals - That’s Why I Love You - Groove City
Eric Mercury & The Soul Searchers - Lonely Girl - Sac
Seven Souls - I Still Love You - Okeh
Cashmeres - Showstopper - HEM
Argie & The Arketts - You’re The Guy - Ronnie
Tony Middleton - Spanish Maiden - Storm/Speed
Shadows - My Love Is Gone - USA
Kell Osborne - Small Things - New Bag
Bobby Wisdom - Handwriting On The Wall - Out A Site
Willie Tee - Please Don’t Go - Nola
Springers - Nothings Too Good For My Baby - Wale

Can’t Get Over These Memories

The second instalment of Ian Clark’s selection of tracks from the Yate/Stafford era. Again many sought after rarities amongst the selection and just about everyone any DJ would love in their set!

Eddie Jasper Daye’s Four Bars - Lean On Me (When Headaches Get Rough) - Dayco
Chuck Holiday - Just Can’t Trust Nobody - Gloria
Jimmy Holiday - Shield All Around - KT
Premonitions - In Love Together - Jade
Eddie Daniels - Is He Better Than Me - Boots
Delettes - Look At Me - Blue Rock
Barbara Jean & The Lyrics - Why Weren’t You There - Big Hit
Entertainers - I’m In Love With You - HMC
Charles Sherrell - Things You Do For Love - Muscle Records
Glenda McCloud - No Stranger To Love - H.G.E.I.
J.P. Robinson - Our Day Is Here - Blue Candle
Bobby Rich - There’s A Girl Somewhere For Me - Sambea
Montclairs - Wait For Me - Sunburst
John & The Weirdest - No Time - Tie
Don Varner - Tear Stained Face - Quinvy
Chi-Lites - She’s Mine - Blue Rock
The Ideals - You Lost I Won - Satellite
Bobby Reed - You Are - Claytown/Brunswick
Charles Perry - How Can I (Keep From Crying) - Magnum/MGM
Lord Luther - My Mistake - Schireck
Montclairs - Hey You! Don’t Fight It - Arch
Ruby Andrews - Just Loving You - Zodiac
Lonnie Russ - Say Girl - Kerwood
Ozz & His Spurlings - Can You Qualify - Goldenway
Garland Green - Ain’t That Good Enough - Revue
Bobby Hutton - Come See What’s Left Of Me - Philips
John & The Weirdest - Can’t Get Over These Memories - Tie