Dave Withers & Rod Shard

Forever In My Heart

Continuing the Stafford Story we now turn to a duo who between them discovered and introduced to the scene some amazing and exciting records. Although Dave Withers is the one who takes the credit as he was very much the public face being the DJ it was very much a partnership, Rod preferring to stay behind the scenes and source records, not just with and for Dave but for other DJ's as well as future podcasts will show.

Thanks to George Sharp who passed on a venue report I have been able to produce a podcast that reproduces what Dave played at Stafford on May 1st/2nd 1982. A look at the list and it shows just how exciting it must have been in late 1981 (Manchester Tiffanies) and the early days of Stafford when all the unreleased Motown was discovered and unleashed on an unsuspecting dance-floor. With a mix of late Wigan biggies the set still stands up today with almost all the records still featuring on today's scene and many most DJ's would love to have in their record boxes.

The Originals and Temptations must be in everyones top 50 if not higher up the ranks and many of the records that did see a release still remain extremely rare to this day.

Originals - Suspicion

Dave DJ'ed at Stafford from the very first one but stood down a year or so later. It was a crying shame he became disillusioned with it all and decide to call it a day, he could have been and should be better remembered than he is as a DJ and talked about in the same breath as other top DJ’s by everyone and not basically the collectors, dancers and fellow DJ’s who were there or who have a passion for the music of the time.

The list shows the original artist with the cover up name/title in brackets)

Originals - Suspicion aka Baby Have Mercy On Me
Temptations - Forever In My Heart aka Come On Back To Me Baby
(Detroit Emeralds)
Marvin Gaye - This Love Staved Heart (Is Killing Me)
(JJ Barnes)
Topic - Have Your Fun - Dream (Phil Orsi - With Me You'll Want To Stay)
Gladys Knight & The Pips - It's Too Late For YoU and Me
(Lorraine Chandler)
Marvelettes - Sugar's Never Been As Sweet As You
(Patty Gilson & Torments or Little Lisa) Played twice on the night.
Holland, Dozier, Holland - On The Avenue
(Duke & Detroit Sounds - It's Uptown Night)
Velvelettes - Let Love Live (A Little Bit Longer)
Velvelettes - Love Is Good
Mr Caldwell - Love Bandit - Scorpio
(Bud Harper - Treasure That Can't Be Found)
Marvelettes - The Boy From Crosstown
(Lillian Dupree - He's The Boy I Love)
COD's - She's Fire - Kellmac
(Mickey Valvano - She's Fire, She's My Burning Desire)
Shadows - My Love Is Gone - USA
(Jimmy Georgetowns - Stars Above)
John & The Weirdest - No Time - Tie
(Spyder Turner & Webs)
Executive Four - Gotta Good Thing Going - Lu Mar
(Robert L Martin)
John & The Weirdest - Can't Get Over These Memories - Tie
(Spyder Turner & Webs)
Judy Hughes - Fine Fine Fine - Vault
(Judy Street - He's So Fine)
Main Change - Sunshine Is Her Way - Nebula
(Rock Candy)
Court Davis - Try To Think What You're Doing -East Coast
Monique - If You Love Me Show Me - Maurci
(Martha Starr - Love Me Or Let Me Go)
Royal Robins - Something About You Sends Me - Tru Glo Town
(Imaginary Visions - There's Something About You)
Jimmy Wallace - I'll Be Back - Alpha
(Chip Tyler)

All That’s Good

I hope you enjoyed the first set from Dave Withers which was what he actually played in May 1982 at Stafford. This second part features more records from late Wigan leading into Stafford with discoveries of his and his good mate Rod Shard. More from the Motown tapes to some great uptempo dancers. Again many of these are still in demand to this day and would coast a small fortune to acquire. Others in the set pretty much forgotten about and some probably unknown to those who missed out the whole of the 80’s, returning in the mid 90’s to what they left behind when Wigan shut.

Gordon Keith - Look ahead - Calumet
(Maurice Williams)
Pat Thompson & Archie Powell - Darling Darling - Mir-A-Don
Spoilers - Something About You - GMC
Ron Alston - Something Ain't Right - Philips
(Bobby Robinson)
Blue Steam - I Want A Girl - Catamount
Cody Marshall - The Thought Of Loving You - Sound Judgement
(Pierre Hunt - late Casino)
Buddy Conner - When You're Alone - Breakthrough
(George Jackson)
Martha Reeves & Vandellas - Spellbound
Velvevettes - Stop Beating Around The Bush
Monitors - Words
Kim Weston - Absent Minded Lover
Kim Weston - After The Rain
Combinations - I'm Gonna Make You love Me - Kimtone
Combinations - What'ca Gonna Do - Kellmac
Harthon Band - Eddie's My Name
Vivian Carroll - Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah - Merben
(Roddie Joy)
Venturas - Baby Be Mine - Daniels
Martells feat Clifford Russell - Where Can My Baby Be - Al La Carte
(Jimmie Williams - Somebody Please)
Lonzine Cannon - Quit While I'm Ahead - Philips (Earl Jackson)
Young Brothers - What's Your Game - Soul Power
(Experienced Heartmenders)
Deltours - Sweet And Lovely - Starville
(Earnest Mosley/Mel Wynn)
Classics - So Glad That i Found You - Yan-G
Richard Anthony - Keep On Living On - Virtue
(Kenny Hamber)
Phonetics- Just A Boys Dream - Trudel
Little Tony Talent - All Thats Good - Symbol
Limelights - Don't Leave Me Baby - Uncle
Young Brothers - Baby - Soul Power
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Gary Rushbrooke

Stafford 1st & 2nd May 1982

Another DJ at the top of his game in the late 70’s and early 80’s made him an obvious choice for Dave Thorley as one of his leading “newies” Dj’s, that DJ was Gary Rushbrooke Whilst many others around him were moving towards newer releases Gary bar the odd exception stuck firmly to his belief in 60’s Rare Soul.

The following podcast is what Gary actually played in May 1st 1982, inn the same order, right at the birth of the Stafford All-nighters. As expected given the time there are still some records that were big at Wigan yet still relatively new to the scene, also the odd big oldie giving us a set of records most Djs of today would love to deliver.

Lamont Cranston - Takin A Chance - Waterhouse
(Williams & Watson - No One Ever Said It Was Gonna Be Easy)
Ree Flores - Look At My Heart - M&H
Cassadons - Two Sided Love - Beltone
Delettes - Look At Me - Blue Rock
Chuck Flamingo - What's My Chances - RoJac
(Bobby Sanders - Lost My Chances)
Vernon Greene - Look At Me Look At Me - Minit
Creations - Just Remember Me - Globe
(Steinways - Remember Me)
Gary Sole - Holding On - Knight (Agents)
Mill Evans - Why Why Why - King
Moses Dillard - Pretty As A Picture - Mark V
(Little Richie)
Tee Fletcher - Happy Loving You - Shurfine
Frank Beverley - Because Of My Heart - Fairmount
Charles Brandy - Can't Get Enough - Blue Cat
(Bob Relf)
Magnetics - Lady In Green - Bonnie
Chryslers & I'm not Going To lose You - Je Jody
(Mad Dog & Pups)
Yvonne Vernee - Just Like You Did Me - Sonbert
Tamala Lewis - YoU Won't Say Nothing - Marton
Soul Blenders - Tightrope - Knight
(Soul Shakers - Walkin A Tightrope)
Johnny Watson - Ain't Gonna Move - Jowat
(Billy Williams)
Vondells - Hey Girl You've Changed - Airtown
Willie Mallory - You Went Back (On What You Said) - Lanor
(Deon Jackson - I Might As Well Be Dead) (from Tim Ashibende late Wigan)
Elbie Parker - Please Keep Away From Me - Veep
(Pookie Hudson)
Vontastics - I'll Never Say Goodbye - Satellite
(Eddie Daye & 4 Bars)
Royal Esquires - Aint Gonna Run - Prix
(Embers - Playing The Part Of A Fool)

Keep On Climbing

More tracks for your listening pleasure all from the early 80’s play-box of Gary Rushbrooke.
Again a mixture of the odd late Wigan spin (one or two ex Richard Searling biggies) and Gary’s Stafford “Newies”, many having gone on to be Stafford classics and still heard around the country today.

Bud Harper - Wherever You Are - Peacock
George Blackwell - Mr Loser - Smoke
Jeff Dale - Where Did I Go - Atco
Charades - Key To My Happiness - MGM
Aspirations - You Left Me - Peaches
(Timothy Wislon)
Leo Wright & ElbeJays - Baby Don't You Do It - Unissued/Cover Up.
(Actually the Barons Of Soul)
Ascots - Another Day - Mir-A-Don
Bobby Wisdom - Handwriting On The Wall - Out-A-Site 11
Les Chansonettes - Don't Let Him Hurt You – Shrine
(Yvonne Vernee - Someone’s Gonna Do You)
Bell Boys - I Don't Want To Lose You – Jamar
Gasoline Powered Clock - Forest Fire On Main Street - GPC
(Lord Sitar & The Baltimore Band - Running Away)
John Edwards - Ain't That Good Enough – Unreleased
Jackie Beavers - I Need My Baby - Revilot
Arcades - There’s Got To Be A Loser - Triad
Lonnie Russ - Say Girl - Kerwood
Naturals - Don't Just Stand There - Path
(New Wanderers)
7 Sons - Don't You Dare Say No - IGL
Specials - I Can't Find Another - Satch
Cashmeres - Don't Let The Door Hit You Back - HEM
Gene Toones - What More Do You Want - Simco
Little Stanley - The Stran - Out-A-Site
(Jimmie Raye - C’mon Baby)
Sophisticates - I Can't Stand It - Mutt
Freddy Butler - You Better Get Hip Girl - Kapp
Magnificent Men - Keep On Climbing - Capitol
Wayne Anthony - You Ain't Wrapped Too Tight - Roulette
Tommy Dodson - One Way Love - Uptown
Benny Mahan - She Knows How - Scratch
Bernie Moore - I Wanna Be Loved To Death - Burdette
LeRoy Horne - Don’t Come Back - Pompeii
Jimmy McFarland - Lonely Lover - RPR
Jimmy Bee - Talking About Love - 20th Century
Jimmy Ruffin - How Can I Say I’m Sorry – Soul

I’m Losing Again

Welcome to Gary’s third and final podcast, this should just about complete what Gary played during the early part of Stafford give or take a few records. As one person commented Gary had his on unique style sticking mainly to 60’s dancers. Again a few oldies in amongst the section abut also a fair few Stafford classics and as with the other episodes many still played up and down the country to this day, some have remained extremely rare and are seldom heard which isn a shame really.

Ray Agee - I'm Losing Again - Soultown
(James Conwell - Love Is A Losing Game)
Bobbie Smith - Walk On Into My Heart - American Arts
Lee Bates - Why Don't You Write - Instant
(George Blackwell - Write Me A Letter)
Casinos - If I Told You - Del-Val
Little Ron & Esquires - I Found Someone - Charade
(Simms Twins)
Eric Mercury - Lonely Girl Part 1 - SAC
(Roy Hamilton)
Frankie Beverley & Butlers - I Want To Feel I'm Wanted - Fairmount
Kris Peterson - Just As Much - Top Dog
Magnetics - When I'm With My Baby - Sable
Lost Soul - Secret Of Mine - Raven
Fascinators - In Other Words - Bombay
Oracles - I Ain't Got Time - O-M
(Jackie Lee & The Tripps - Everybody's Doing The Jerk)
Moovers - One Little Dance - Brent
Porgy & The Monarchs - That's My Girl - Sylves
Specials featuring J Finch - Everybody Say Yeah - Satch SA 512 B
Soulville all Stars - Nobody To Blame (But Myself) - Soulville
Mr Pitiful - Girl Can’t Help It - Josie
Magnificent Seven - She's Called A Woman - Eastern
Nomads - Somethings Bad - Mo-Groove
Twilights - You're The One - Aqua
(Bobby Diamond)
Passionettes - My Fault - Path
(Norma Jenkins & The Dolls - Nobody's Fault But Mine)
Yvonne Vernee - Does He Love Me Anymore - Correc-Tone
Ty Karim - You Just Don't Know - Romark
Bobby Valentin - Use It Before You Lose It - Fania
(Rex Garvin)
Ascots - Miss Heartbreaker - MBS
Richard Anthony & The Blue Notes - No Good - Swan
Bobby Samson - Happiest Day Of My Life - Acta
Magnificent 7 - Never Will I (Make My Baby Cry) - Dial
(Frank Dell)
Pat & The Neurotics - I Like The Way You Do Your Thing - Crown Ltd
Imaginations - Strange neighbourhood - Fraternity
Bernie Moore - Oh No - SSI