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George Sharp

The Feeling Is Real

We now turn the attention to a couple of DJ’s who it is fair to say that when Stafford is mentioned fail to get the attention the likes of Keb, Guy & Pat etc. For this podcast the attention is shining brightly on George Sharp. Well known collector and DJ on the scene from Bradford.

George began DJing at Stafford around the time Guy and Keb came on board and would alternate with Jimmy Wensiora. George’s collection was well known and his tapes in Shades of Soul legendary and a way to hear many big records you would otherwise have to travel to hear. George’s collection was as you will see very impressive with many “newies” as well as major rarities from the likes of Wigan that George would include in his sets if they fitted the Stafford ethos. Enjoy!

George Pepp - The Feeling Is Real - Coleman
Norma Jenkins & The Dolls - The Airplane Song - Maltese
Telma Lavern - Baby Don’t Leave Me - Northern De-La
Connie Van Dyke - The Words Won’t Come - Wheelsville
Albert Williams - I’m In Your Corner - Checker
Dusty Wilson - Can’t Do Without You - Bronze
Blues Busters - I Can’t Believe That You’ve Gone - Bra
(Jimmy Docket - I’m Worried)
Andy Mack - Later Than You Think - Chess
Damon Fox - Packin’ Up - Fairmount
Lester Tipton - This Won’t Change - LaBeat
E. Williams - Trade My Soul - Jaadee
Bob & Fred - I’ll Be On My Way - Big Mack
Big Frank Murphy - It’s All Over But The Pain - Philips
George Tinley & The Modern Redcaps - I Ain’t Gonna Worry About You - Doo Wopp
Buster & James - Count The Tears - CeeJam
Blue Jays - (It Depends On The) Point Of View - Jay
Gino Washington - Like My Baby (Inst) - Do De Re
Arin Demain - Silent Treatment - Blue Star
Jackie Beavers - A Love That Never Grows Cold - Revilot
Sonny Fishback - Heartbreaking Man - Out A Site
Tootsie Rollers - Give Me Love - Me-O
(Silky Hargreaves - Gotta Have Love)
The Tempos - I’ll Never Forget You - Diamond Jim
Misty Moore - Little Things - Pzazz
Maria Tynes - The Queen is On Her Knees - Uptown
Roy Hamilton - You Can Count On me - MGM
Seminoles - I Can’t Stand It - Checkmate
The Righteous Brothers - Bring Your Love To Me - Moonglow
George Smith - I’ve Had It - Turntable
Paris - Sleepless Nights - Doc
Pat Lewis - No One To love - Solid Hit
Compliments - The Time Of Her Life - Congress
(Arin Demain)
Brooks O’Dell - You Better Make Your Mind Up - Bell

It’ll Never Be Over For Me

More Stafford Top Of The World memories from the records played by George. Many a biggie in his sets, classic rarities, “newies” and the odd Stafford classic as well. When pestering George for as much as he could remember he went on to say as he was there early he would get many a first pick from Butch and Tim and he would “test” them out during his set. Many he says didn’t last long The Channels being just one which was quickly dropped. Some though still highly sought after today.

Capitols - Ooh What You’re Doing To Me - Omen
Relatives - I’m Just Looking For A Love - Almont
Larry Laster - That’s Just What You Did - Duo Virgo
Lee Harvey - Only True Love - J-Gems
Audrey Atkins - Down Came My Tears - Petal
Johnny Rome - Let Me Pour All My Love Into Your Heart - Philips
Versatiles - Cry Like A Baby - Staff
The Expressions - You Better Know It - Federal
Ron Baxter - This Is It - Ole 9
The Channels - I’ve Got My Eyes On You - Groove
Gary & Gary - I’m Leaving (For Parts Unknown) - Arock
The Brooks Brothers - Looking For A Woman - Tay
Danny Moore - Somebody New - Allrite
Larry Clinton - She’s Wanted - Dynamo
Ray Agee - I’m Losing Again - Soultown
Bob & Earl - Baby Doll - Tempe
Bill Miranda - Could’ve Had A Good Thing Going - Queens
Other Brothers - I’m Gonna Find Love - Pet
(Oscar Jackson)
Headlines - He’s Looking For A Love - Luau
AC Reed - My Baby’s Been Cheatin’ - Cool
Kenard - What Did You Gain - Doré
Sequins - Try My Love - Detroit Sound
Connie Van Dyke - Don’t Do Nothing I Wouldn’t Do - Wheelsville
The Exceptions - Baby You Know I Need You - Groovy Grooves
Jo Ann Garrett - Whole New Plan - Chess
Jim Nabbie - Look Here Girl - RPI
Ron Baxter - I Got To Know - Ole 9
Phonetics - Don’t Let Love Get You Down - Trudel
Betty Turner & The Chevelles - The Winds Kept Laughing - Crescent
Capitols - Can’t Deny That I Love You - Omen
Bill Miranda - Count Your Teardrops - Queens
Rufus Wonder & The Additions - Under The Moon - Lendo
Timi Yuro - It’ll Never Be Over For Me - Liberty
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Jimmy Wensiora

Evertybody’s Talking

We now take a look and listen to another of the unsung heroes of the Rare/Northern Soul scene in my opinion, Jimmy Wensiora. Jimmy does not always getting the respect and credit he deserves. One thing for sure was Jimmy had some monster records back then, some of the rarest and most expensive. When he sold up around 87/88 Keb and Rob Marriott bought many of his biggies and it kept them going for a year or two for their playlists at the time.

Compiling Jimmy’s podcast wasn’t easy as it appeared not many could remember exactly what he played at Stafford, however a playlist was produced from Rock City from around that time and with other records we knew for sure he played we have a healthy list of tracks to compile the podcast.

Charmianes - Standing In The Need Of Love - April & Blackwood Acetate
Joan Baker - Everybody’s Talking - Diamond
(Bettye LaVette)
Bernard Williams & The Original Bluenotes - Tears Tell The Whole Sad Story - Virtue Acetate.
Re-Vells - I Want A New Love - Trent Town
Ty Karim - You Really Made It Good To Me - Romark
Tina Roberts - One Way Or The Other - Security
(Honey & The Bees)
Admirations - You Left Me - Peaches
Richard Anthony - Keep On Living On - Virtue
Jimmy Armstrong - Mystery - Shrine
James Wesley Smith - Talkin’ About Women - Angel Town
Cheques - Deeper - Heatwave
Van McCoy - Sing Yeah Sing - Unissued Studio Acetate
Boss Four - Walking By - RIM
(The Fascinators - Just Wakin By)
George Lemons - Fascinating Girl - Gold Soul
Janeen Henry - Baby Boy - Blue Rock
Mary Hunt - I Want To Love And Be Loved - Soul Mate
(Alice Clark)
Benny Harper - My Prayer - Harper Soul
Out Of Sights - For The Rest Of My Life - Saru
(Sammy Campbell - My Baby She's Gone)
Ralph Graham - She Just Sits There - Upfront
(Monster bit later for Colin Law covered up very briefly Tommy Navarro
as James Conwell)
Dynamic Three - She Said Yeah - Del Val
Magnetics - Count The Days - Sable
Del- Chontays - Baby I Love You - Steeltown
Debonaires - Come Back Baby - SouL Click
Speedlimit - Can’t Say No - Cutlass Acetate
Citations - (To Win The Race) Keep The Faith - Ballad
(Magnificent Men)
Soulettes - Bring Your Fine Self Home - Scope
Romona Collins - You’ve Been Cheating - Clark’s
Flairs - You Got To Steal It - RAP
Two Plus Two - Love Will Conquer All - Ditto
Gracie Dumas - Song Of A Woman - El Dorado Acetate/J-Gems
Betty Wilson - I’m Yours - Dayco
Chico Lamarr - What Do You Think I Am - Fuller
Eric Mercury - Lonely Girl - SAC
Jesse Davis - Gonna Hang On In There Girl - Era
J.D. Bryant - I Won’t Be Coming Back - Shrine

You’ll Always Be In Style

A further podcast featuring the records Jimmy played during the mid 80’s Stafford & Rock City era. Jimmy has been one of the toughest to pin tracks down for as not many seem to remember too much about his spins despite a collection as good as any back in the day. Jimmy though never really pushed or promoted himself like some others. Here you will find some forgotten sounds, quite a few acetate and unissued gems but some cracking Rare Soul.

Ad-Libs – You’ll Always Be In Style - 10’ April & Blackwood Acetate
(Patti Austin)
B.B. Carter – Cool It Baby – Kris
(Baby Washington)
Berkshire 7 – Stop And Start Over – Stop
(Mel Wynn)
Bo Fowler – Now You’ve Got The Upper Hand – Unissued Studio Acetate
Vince & Connie – I Bear Witness – Virtue Acetate
Timothy Wilson – My Heart Belongs To You – April & Blackwood Acetate
(Actually Van McCoy)
Little Bobby Parker – I Won’t Believe It Till I See It – Unissued Shrine recording
Precisions – My Sense Of Direction (Is Blown) – Hen Mar
Fascinators – In Other Words – Bombay
Honey & The Bees – Be Yourself – Academy
Sea Shells – Quiet Home - Village
J.T. Carter – Closer To Your Heart – Decca
Eddie Holland – I’m On The Outside Looking In - Motown
Temptations – Angel Doll – Unissued Jobete Recording
Linda Griner – Goodbye Cruel Love – Motown
Linda Rae – Time For Love Is Now - Mike
C.V. Horn – Love Is A Situation – Della
Donnels – Everybody Don’t Know – Alpha
Springers -Nothing’s Too Good For My Baby – Wale
Johnny Summers – I’m Still Yours – Yorktown
Tommy Dodson III – Cooperate - Main Sound
Robert Tenard – Gotta Get Goin’ – Fabulos
Ambers – Funny Face Girl – 10” April & Blackwood Acetate
O.C. Tolbert – I’m Shooting High (I’ll Reach For The Sky) – Audiodisc Acetate
(Cleveland Wilson)