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Guy Hennigan (The 6t’s Mafia)

Hook, Line & Sinker

The summer of 1983 saw changes not just at Stafford but across the all-nighter scene. Dave Withers, The DJ regarded by many as the best 60’s Northern Soul DJ decided to call it a day, disillusioned with his treatment by the scene/promoters in general and not getting the recognition he deserved at the time. Gary Rushbrooke would also make the same decision. Richard Searling basically gave up all-nighters to concentrate on his radio career.

There was also a feeling that 60’s “newies” were being ignored in favour of oldies and modern soul and some collectors/dealers and DJ’s on the scene decided enough was enough. Some decided it was time to get back to the ethos of what the whole Northern Soul scene was about, 60’s new discoveries and getting them heard. Out of this was born the 6t’s Mafia.

60's Mafia
Guy and Keb at the Stafford re-union 4th April 2010

Part of the 6t’s mafia was Guy Hennigan and Keb Darge and a lot of support was building for them in what they were doing around the country and for the pair to be given a chance at Stafford.

Guy’s chance came in August 1983 and he took it with relish.

This podcast feature what Guy played on the night or 12th August 1983 in his first set at Stafford. I’ve recorded the cast as it was planned/played including the repeat plays. Donald Jenkins received three spins, Big Frank, cal Green and Joe Moore two apiece. Below is a scan e of Guy’s notes made on the actual night. talking to Guy he thinks it was written on the way to Stafford in the car and/or at Stafford itself.

Guy Playlist 1st Stafford

Roy Wright, top of the list, was purchased that night from Dave Raistrick who played it at a soul night at The Meadows in Derby, an event Guy promoted. Guy said it was just the sort of record he needed to announce his arrival and make everyone’s ears prick up and ask “what the f*ck is this”, Guy did say he played this at least twice on the night. One record, Cal Green, actually had two cover up names, Guy changed his mind during the night. There are a few purchased from Dave Withers/Rod Shard that were already Stafford standards but many were “new” plays and have since gone on to be Northern Soul classics.

Amongst the following mixes, you will come across some of Guy’s imaginative cover up names, they always brought a smile to many and more often than not there was a clue in the name and title. Enjoy.

Guy Hennigan Stafford 12th August 1983
Cover up details underneath the actual details in brackets.

Roy Wright - Hook Line And Sinker - Mica
(Bobby Lee & The Crash Sounds)
Donald Jenkins & Delighters - Somebody help Me - Courtland
(Clifford Binns - I Walk Alone)
Kell Osborne - A Law Against A Heartbreaker - Higland
(Jimmy Gresham - Heartbreakers Law)
Cal Green & The Specials - I'll Give You Just A Little More Time - Filmtown
(Jay Traynor - More Time. Later that night changed to Scotty Williams)
Big Frank & The Essence - I Won't Let Her See Me Cry - Blue Rock
(Big Joe's Ivory Brass - She Won't See Me Cry)
Chris Morgan - Who Am I - Bell
Mr Caldwell - Love Bandit - Scorpio
(Bud Harper - Treasure That Can't Be Found)
Joe Moore - Hang Right In There - Tru-Glo-Town
(Shep & The TNT's - Hang On In There Baby)
Mike Vickers - On The Brink - Columbia
(Matt Parsons - Boogaloo Investigator)
Velvelettes - Let Love Live (A Little Bit Longer) - Unreleased
(Martha & Vandellas - Let Detroit Burn)
Buddy Conner - When You're Alone - Breakthrough
(George Jefferson - When Your'e Alone)
Bobby Hutton - Come See What's Left Of Me - Philips
(Casanova Bennett - Come See)
Toni Washington - Good Things - Kon-Ti
(Frankie & The Twans - Good Things Come)
Originals - Suspicion - Unreleased
Jagged Edge - Baby You Don't Know - RCA
Donald Jenkins & Delighters - Somebody help Me - Courtland
(Clifford Binns - I Walk Alone)
Gordon Keith - Look Ahead - Calumet
(Maurice Williams - You've Got To Look Ahead)
Larry Laster - That's Just What You Did - Duo Virgo
Bobbie Smith - Walk On Into My Heart - American Arts
Johnny James -Tell You About My Baby (Ain't That Lovin') - Circle M
(Terrible Tom - Ain't That Lovin')
Sammy Ridgley - Locked Up - Hit Sound
(Aaron Varnell - You Got Me Locked Up)
Jo Jo Petite - Joey - Boss
Mary Moultrie - They're Trying To Tear Us Apart - King
Jimmy Hart - Teahouse In ChinaTown - Mercury
(Ernest Mosley - I Left My Heart In Chinatown)
Big Frank & The Essence - I Won't Let Her See Me Cry - Blue Rock
(Big Joe's Ivory Brass - She Won't See Me Cry)
Joe Moore - Hang Right In There - Tru-Glo-Town
(Shep & The TNT's - Hang On In There Baby)
Donald Jenkins & Delighters - Somebody help Me - Courtland
(Clifford Binns - I Walk Alone)
Cal Green - I'll Give You Just A Little More Time - Filmtown
(Jay Traynor - More Time. Later changed to Scotty Williams)

Pleasing You

Here we have a podcast made up of what Guy played at Stafford in April 1984. It perfectly highlights the turnover of records at Stafford with just three 45’s remaining from his first set.

Guy Hennigan April 1984
Cover up details are in brackets

Gracie Dumas - The Song Of A Woman - Eldorado Studio Disc/J-Gems
Groovettes & The Bob Reed Orchestra - Think It Over Baby - Reness
(Rose Battiste - Think It Over)
Miller Sisters - Your Love - GMC
(Vonettes - Your Love Is Guarenteed)
LMNOPS - Callin’ - J.B.P.
(Volumes - Can't You Hear Me Calling)
Oscar Perry - Face Reality - Feron Rod Keith - Like The Lord Said - Preview
Wilbur Reynolds - Who’ll Cry (In A Love Affair) - Resist
(Carol Waller - I Only Have Myself To Blame)
Venturas - Heart Of Love - Green Light Donald Jenkins & The Delighters - Somebody Help Me - Courtland
(Clifford Binns - I Walk Alone)
Sam Cox - Life Is Love - Renfro
(Randolph Wright - So They Say)
Big Frank - I Won't Let Her See Me Cry - Blue Rock
Chaumonts - Now You've Gone - Bay Sound
George Jackson - That Lonely Night - Double R/Cameo
(Otis Pollard - Remember Hurting Me So)
Larry Laster - Thats Just What You Did - Duo Virgo
(Jay and The) Shufflers - Always Be Mine - Crackerjack
(Derek Martin - Say You'll Be Mine)
Oscar Wright - Fell In Love - Hemisphere/Fairmount
(Hudson Alexandra - I'm So Glad)
Buddy Ace - Pleasing You - Paula
(James Diamond And La Femmes - I'm Trying)
Bobby Wade - Flame In My Heart - Big Jim
Paradox - Ring The Changes - Polydor
(Ross Robinson Orchestra - Eve Of Destruction)
Kenard - What Did You Gain By That - Dore
(Graham Conwell - What Did You Gain)
Bobby “Guitar” Bennett - You Did It Again - Junior
(Harold Melvin - You Did It Again)

Thanks to Eddie Hubbard for the playlist.

Gettin' T'Gether, Man

Here we have quite an eclectic mix of Guy’s Stafford spins, Some are stone Stafford classics that are massive still to this day, Tommy Navarro for instance. Others remain a popular talking point and spilt opinions such as Twelve 76. Others remain pretty much unknown to may who missed out on the 80’s and some deserver reactivation from the more adventurous DJ’s who unlike many do the same as many others, wouldn’t have happened in the 80’s where every DJ had his own identity and strived to find the next “newie”.

The Classitors - Gettin' T'Gether, Man - Black & Blue
(Maskmen - Agents Beat)
Twelve 76 - The Way You Make Me Feel - Critique
Terri Goodnight - They Didn't Know - Phelectron
Sylvia St Clair - Just Love Me - Brunswick
(Patti Austin - Come Back To Me)
Scotty Williams - Fear - Mona Lee
(Robert Walker & Soul Strings - Losing You)
Jesse Slaughter - I Had A Dream - Les Stan
(Otis Valentine - You're Loving Somebody New)
Emory & The Dynamics - Let's Take A Look At Our Life - Peachtree
(Marvin & The Main Men - Take A Look)
Vernon Harrell & Little Gigi - Baby Don'tcha Worry - Decca
(Prince & Princess)
Wilbur Reynolds & The Masters - Sweete'n - Resist
Walter B & The Untouchables - I Can't Stop Loving You - Apollo
TSU Tornados - Only Inside - Ovide
(Dellacardos - Girl, I Need You)
Freddie Williams - Things Are Looking Better - Hollywood
Tommy Navarro - I Cried My Life Away - De Jac
(Tony Gallo & The Showmen - Cry Cry Every-night)
Phonetics - Don't Let Love Get You Down - Trudel
(Willie Hutch)
Blendells - Did You Mean - Dontee
Cleveland Robinson - Work Song - Nosnibor
No No Starr - Swing Your Love My Way - Midas
(Lena & Deltanettes)
Ketty Lester - Love Me - Tower LP "When A Woman Loves A Man"
(Melba Marshall)
Romance Watson - Where Does That Leave Me - Coral
(Henry Jerome - In Your Eyes)
Kenard - What Did You Gain - Dore
Little Stanley - Out Of Sight Loving - Vance
(Earl Harrison)
Little Tony & The Hawks - Give Me Your Sweet Love - Etah
(Little Darrow Fletcher - An Angel Up Above)
Lloyd & Glen - What You Got - Wirl
(Maurice Simon & The Piemen)
Masquaders - That's The Same Thing - Soultown
Louis Younger - Night Chick - Spectrum
(Billy Sha-rae - Night Time Woman)
Bee Gee Stans of Detroit - Front Page Love - Tal-Vert)
(Bettye Lavette - I'll Be Yours)
Ernest Sparks - I'll be Glad - Soul "O" Sonic
(Tate - Saving All My Loving Just For You)
Johnny Gilliam - Tell Your Friend It's Over - Cancer
(Clarence Andrews Band - I Can't Stand This Pain)
Chuck Hampton - No Sign Of Love - Royal Shield
(Arin Demain - I Can't See)
Jackey Beavers - Bring Me All Your Heartaches - Grandland
(Emanual Laskey - All Your Heartaches)

Wait For The Beat

This set has been one of my favourite to record. Just about every track has “Stafford” written all over them. There was a period in the mid 80’s when Guy was just about untouchable as a DJ and it is clear to see why when you look at this set and the three previous podcast before it.

Guy was well known for his instrumentals and here we get to hear the crop of unissued Detroit material he had in the mid 80’s. Michigan Move and Backstreet probably the two best known of the lot. Hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I did recording it.

As Guy would say “Wait For The Beat”…..listen and enjoy!

George Jackson - Tossin' And Turnin' - Mercury
(Rockin' Ritchie Adams)
Vidalia - True True Lover - Abtone Acetate
(Robert Bateman)
Jaggerz - No Time For You - Unissued Acetate
(Phil Terrell - Long Time Girl or No Time)
Van McCoy - Hold On Help Is On The Way - Friends LP
Chuck Carter - He's A Lover - Unissued Brunswick Recording
Eric & The Vikings - Hurting - Unissued
Detroit Rhythm Section - Saving My Loving For My Baby - Unissued
(Ollie McLoughlin Band)
Clyde McPhatter - Lonely People Can't Afford To Cry - Amy
(Ernie Andrews - Neither WIll I)
Mel Hueston - Searching - Cez Vista
(Steve Mancha)
Phrentics Band - Michigan Move - Unissued Washpan Recording
Detroit Rhythm Section - Back Street - Unissued Ric Tic
Margie Hendrix - One Room Paradise - Mercury
(Geraldine Jones & The Floorshakers - That's All I Need)
Gerri Diamond - Only You (Can Feel The Loss) - Counterpart
(Cindy Scott)
Van McCoy - Ain't Got No Love - Friends LP
(Chris Bartley)
Bobby Whitlock - And I Love You - HIP
(Art Gentry & The Intros - YoU got What it Takes And I Want It)
Mark III - Should I Believe You - Stop
Maurice Williams - Don't Be Half Safe - Deesu
Finley Brown - Like I Love You - M.O.C.
(Danny Wagner)
Anita Humes & The Essex - What Did I Do - Roulette
(Brenda Lee Jones - Why Make Me Suffer)
Soul Joe Clements - Ever Ever - Plexium
Troy Dodds - Try My love - El Camino
Sonny Daye - Long Long Road To Happiness - Power
(Frank Wilson)
Contessa - I Need Your Love - Laz Bar
Judy Clay - Upset My Heart - (Got Me So Upset) - Unissued Scepter
Orthea Barnes - Picture On The Wall - Mickays
(Barbara Mercer - Nothing At All)
Bunny Sigler - For Crying Out Loud - Decca
(Lee Valentine & The Bluesmen - Crying Clown)
James Kelly Duhon - In School - Jude
(Jimmy "Peaches" Johnson - Monday To Friday)
Z.Z. Hill - What More - Kent
June Conquest - Almost Persuaded - Fame
(Laura Greene)

King For A Day

Another selection from the maestro that is Guy Hennigan. A mixture of the unissued Detroit instrumentals he had around the mid 80’s, beat ballads and some cracking 60’s dancers. Look out for Guy’s famed cover up titles, they were a source of entertainment in themselves.

Fantasions - G.I. Joe We Love You - Thomas
Keith Curtiss - I Gotta Keep You baby - Smoke
(Ernest Blackwell - "Keep Your Baby)
Stewart Ames - King For A Day - J&W
(Whit Williams)
Romeos - Mon Petite Chow- Loma
(Thaddeus Crawford & The Fi-Yi Band)
Willie Small - How High can YoU fly - Jessica
(Spencer Jones - How High)
Lebaron Taylor & The Revilot Strings - In The Pocket - Unissued
Susan Rewis - they Say You Found A New Baby - Columbia
(Denita James & The Wildside - All The Hurt And You)
Edward St Ann - More Luck To You Baby - USA
(Tony Michaels" - "Good Luck To You)
Jay T - The Road Ahead - Bel-Ad
Elsie Strong - You Cut The Love Line - Empire
Stewart Ames - Angelina Oh Angelina - J&W
(Clay McMurray & The Brothers Just - Angelina)
Richard Moorhead - Don't Try To Use Me - Aura
Outsiders - We Ain't Gonna Make It - Capitol
Faye Crawford - What Have I Done Wrong - RCA
(June Edwards - Come On And Tell Me)
Matt Brown - Sweet Thing - Jar Val
(Curtis Harrington - Such A Sweet Thing)
Motor City Sound - Shake Me Break Me - Unissued
(Motown Brass)
Ad Libs - Johnny My Boy - Blue Cat
(Magnetics Maybe Maybe, covered up for about a week if that!)
Decrescendos - One Of The Crowd - Prism
The Blockbusters - Muddy Pt 2 - Rockin
(Lord Thunder)
The Stunners - Nobody But Me - Renfro
The Tribulations - You Gave Me Up For Promises - Liberty
Billy Lee Riley - Happy Man - Atco
(Otis Brown - Down The Road)
Ollie McLaughlin Band - Don't Say Maybe Baby - Unissued
Betty Willis - Gone With The Wind (Is My Love) - Mojo
Spidells - Pushed Out Of The Picture - Coral
(James & The Four Souls)
The Stunners - Without You - Renfro
The Motor City Runners - Watch Your Step - Unissued Jobette Recording
Righteous Brothers - It's Up To You - Verve Souled Out LP
(Jack Montgomery & The Believers)
Jimmy Norman - I'm Leaving - Mercury
(Robert Ward & The Ohio Untouchables - Ain't Got Nothing To Lose)
Joey Gee - It's More Than I Deserve - ABC Paramount
(Don Adams - I'm Glad You Gave Me One More Chance)


Another great selection from Guy, most of them top quality with a fair few Stafford classics in amongst the selection, couple of what could be considered dodgy but that just shows the diversity of music at Stafford in the pursuit of the next biggie!

A.C. Reed - My Baby's Been Cheating - Cool
(Fred Goldsmith - Back Door Runner)
Buena Vistas - Go-Go - Unissued
Monique - I Wouldn't Believe - Maurci
Billy Lee Riley - Happy Man - Atco
(Otis Brown - Down The Road)
Castle Royal Band - The Little Floridy - Castle
(Herb Ward Orchestra - Theme From The Innocent Man)
Crystals (Featuring La La Brooks) - Are You Trying To Get Rid Of Me - Untied Artists
Elsie Strong - The Girl Rated Triple X - Le Grand
Gene Vell - I'm Calling My Baby - Whiz
(Oscar Toney Jnr - Depending On You)
Johnny Cobb & The Attractions - Forget Him - Jaguar
(Ohio Untouchables" - Keep On)
Pal Rames/Rakes & The Prophets - Can't Deny The Hurt - Verve
(Court Davis - I Can't Deny)
Lonnett - Blue Jeans - M&S
(Thelma Lavern - I'm Coming Back Someday)
Paulette - Love You Babe - Contact
(Patti J & The Contacts - Honest I Do)
Charmers - Looking For Trouble - PIP
James Kelly Duhon - In School - Jude
(Jimmy "Peaches" Johnson - Monday To Friday)
Formations - Lonely Voice Of Love - MGM
(Ritchie Rome & The Empires - Lonely Voice)
The Kalendars - It Takes Two - Tee Vee
(Superbs - Taking A Gamble)
Marva Lee - If You Can't Be True - Atco
(Martha Starr - Part Time Love)
The Shades Of Jade - It Was Wrong - Cenco
(New Yorkers - I Was Wrong)
Sonny Childe - Two Lovers - Polydor
(Daniel Day - She Needs Two Lovers)
The Tempests - Someday - Smash Lp.
(Bobby Paris) (Discovered by Martin Maylor, given to Keb but Keb gave it to Guy who managed to get the earlier set at the next Stafford and play it first!)
Vito & The Salutations - I'd Best Be Going - Sandbag
Jimmy Norman - This I Beg Of You - Samar

The Handwriting On The Wall

Welcome to Guy’s 7th podcast. I’ve now featured almost 200 tracks as played by Guy at Stafford which for a two or three year period is quite a turnover especially considering nowadays it generally takes longer than that to break a record on this scene and DJ’s rotate their sets very little over a two or three year period. I think throughout the 80’s we were really spoilt for choice musically.

Ghetto Boys - The Handwriting On The Wall - Tarx
Marion James - That's My Man - Excello
Wilbur Reynolds - Tenderizer - CB
(Butch Baker & Mylestones - I've Only Got Myself To Blame)
Mike Varo - Watch Your Step - Unissued Acetate
Lee Bates - You Won't Do Right - Instant
Sonny Childe - Love Is In The Air - Music Factory
Monroe Taylor - Proud Guy - Chesapeake
Jimmy Norman – This I Beg Of You - Samar
Albert Jones - 15 Cent Love - Kapp
Joe King - Speak On Up - Prix
Crystals (featuring La La Brooks) - Are You Trying To Get Rid Of Me Baby - United Artists
(Honeybees - Do You Want My Love)
Earl Gaines - Is It Worth Anything - HBR
John Wesley & The Four Tees - Love Is Such A Funny thing - Melic
Ozz & His Spurlings - Somebody To Love – MIOB
Jackie Russell – If You Don’t Love Me – Soul Kitchen
(Franky Jones - Need Somebody To Love)
Master 4 - Love Has Taken Wings - Tayster
Barons - I Got A Feeling - Etah
(Taylor Brooks & The Emperors - Gonna Be Loved)
Benny C Oliver & The Mellow Men - Make It Now - Ojobco
(Ray Agee - If You're Ever Gonna Love Me)
Willie Small – How High Can I Fly - Essica
Tommy Collins - I Wanta Thank You - TNT/Verve
(Jesse Herring & The Tru-glos - Thank You)

Hurry Back

Here is another from the Stafford legend Guy Hennigan. Took me an age to track down a Toni Ross sound-file which I wanted to complete this podcast. Enjoy

Toni Ross - Hurry Back - Har-Town
Cicero Blake - If I Had My Way - Brainstorm
Charles Spurling - She Cried Just A Minute - King
Calvin & The Twilites - Bashful Boy - Har-Low
(Serviceman - In The Twilight Zone)
Gladys - Can’t Get You out Of My Mind - O-Gee
Jo Ann Garrett - Whole New Plan - Chess
Herb & Doris - Somebody Somewhere Needs You - HIP
Gigi & Charmaines - G.I. Joe - Fraternity
Clarence Green & The Rhythmaires - Ground Hog - Duke
(Soul Riders - On The Up Stroke)
Jimmy Church - Right On Time - Southern Artists
Ollie Jackson - Gotta Wipe Away The Teardrops - Magnum
Little Ron Johnson - I Keep Telling You - Hard Times
Perfections - So Lonely - Big B
Kindly Shepherds - Lend Me Your Hand - Checker
Franciscans - Walk To The Bottom Of The Sea - Jimbo
Emorise “Schoolboy” Kelly - The Biggest Fool - Peacock
Johnny Gilliam - Baby Take Me Back - Modern
Wade & Jamie - Don’t Put Off Till Tomorrow - Palomar
(Smokey & The Fabulous Miss Blade)
The Strands - The Breeze From The Trees - Tarx
Bobby & Betty Lou - Soul Stirrer - Old Town
Richard Brown - Sweet & Kind - Steeltown
Ritchie Brown - Uptight - Twin Hits
Splendors - Please Don’t Go - Karate
(Bill Medley & The Wall Of Sound)
Steve Flanigan - I’ve Arrived - Era
Ray & Dave - Wrong Wrong Wrong - Mica
Ultimations - Would I Do It Over - Mar-V-Lus
Wade Flemons - That Other Place - VeeJay

Sweeter Than The Day Before

Billy Robinson - Shucks You left The Fire Burning - Crazy Horse
(Gino Parks)
Z.Z. Hill - That’s It - Kent
Valentino’s Rhythm Section - Sweeter Than The Day Before - Band Track/Acetate
Sister’s 3 - Keep Off No Trespassing - Mustang
Edie Walker - I Don’t Need You Anymore - Mew
Purple Mundi - Stop Hurting Me Baby - CAT
Tony Washington - Someone Always Crying - Venture
Danny Woods - Sweet Darling Angel - Smash
(Jimmy Helms)
Z.Z. Hill - What More - Kent
Bobby Adams - That’s The Kinda Man I Am - Big Bee
Bill Horton - I Wanna Know - Kayden
Sharon McMahon - I Got To Find Another Guy - Karen
Van McCoy & Friends - Ain’t Got No Love (Instrumental) (Dress Rehearsal)
Johnny Wyatt - I Wouldn’t Change A Thing About You - Challenge
Gene Middleton & The Funk Factory - No One To Love Me - Funk Factory
Kenny Hamber - Time - De Jac
(Artie Wheeler - I Said Time) Wesley Paige - You Turn Me Around - Rojac