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Keb Darge (The 6t’s Mafia)

You Better Watch Out

Another member of the 6t’s mafia and just as influential was Keb Darge.

Keb and Guy were very good friends and shared the same vision as to what the music should be at an all-nighter. They considered themselves rivals but in a good, friendly way, and agreed between them to push the boundaries and predominately feature new discoveries in their sets.

This was fantastic as it meant you was hearing new records on a practically weekly basis but it did have its downfalls. If you missed a set you often missed a record because more often than not if they didn't appeal almost instantly they were dropped for something else, you also had the regular turn around of records even if they did work.

Many though have gone on to be classic Northern Soul and are still sought after by collectors and featured frequently by DJ's.

Many of those who left the scene after Wigan shut and returned in the mid 90's say they don't like what was played at Stafford but in reality they really don't know what was played there and don't even realise that a good size of the records featured today were first introduced to the scene at Stafford an d like minded venues in the 80's.

Anyway on with the music. This podcast (and the one to follow when time allows) are made up mainly of what Keb was playing in his sets during 1985.

There are plenty more to follow for both Keb and Guy so keep checking the site.

Dorothy Berry - You Better Watch Out - Planetary
Art Falls - I Want You Baby - Nautilus
(another Keb covered up and used two different cover up names. Jimmy Jackson or Bill Hambric - Got To Have You Baby)
Don & Juan - Heartbreaking Truth - Mala
(Jack Montgomery - I Always Will)
Atlantics - What's So Good About Goodbye? - Marquee
Peggy Woods - Love Is Gonna Get You - Unissued
The Changing Scene - When The City Sleeps - Jo-Vee-Jo
Little Charles & The Sidewinders - Talking 'Bout You Babe - Decca
(Danny Woods - I'm Talkin' To You)
Danny Harrison - Girl, Girl, Girl - Coral
(Jesse Davis - Girl)
Phonetics - Pretty Girl - Trudel
Vince Carey - Don't Worry - Turntable
(Gerald Simms - I Belong To You)
H.B. Barnum - It Hurts To Much To Cry - RCA
(George Kennedy - It Hurts Too Much)
Jimmy Seals - The Yesterday Of Our Love - Challenge
(The Moving Parts)
Willie Harper - But I Couldn't - Alon
(Ammbassadors - Trying)
J.D. Abram - Doctor Of Love - Reena
Tommy Turner - Lazy - Elbam
Kenny Shepherd - What Difference Does It Make - Maxx
Joe Phillips - I Just Can't Help Thinking About You - Omen
Gwen Davis - My Man Don't Think I Know - SS7
(Betty Turner)
Tami Lynn - You My Love - Atco (French E.P.)
Ruby Rowe - We Love Each Other - Resist
Royal Five - My Baby Just Cares For You - Cobra
(Fenways - Open Your Eyes I'll Be There)
Freddie Scott - Mr Heartache - Columbia
Rufus Wonder - Under The Moon - Lendo/Lando
Gwen Davis - I Can't Be Your Part Time Baby - SS7
(Betty Turner)
Joyce Davis - Hello Heartaches, Goodbye Love - Okeh
Four Arts - Who Do You Think You Are - Shee
Headlines - He's Looking Fort A Love - Luau
(Brooks Brothers - I'm Still looking)
The Changing Scene - You Can't Destroy My Love - Jo-Vee-Jo
(Steve Mancha)
Jimmy Armstrong - Mystery - Shrine
Little John - Just Wait And See - GoGate
(Jimmy Raye - I'm The Only One (briefly played by Pat Brady but it was that good Keb had to have it)
Turbines - What More Can I Say - Cenco

The Guessing Game

Welcome to the second podcast of Keb Darge’s Stafford output. From the list below and from listening it is apparent why and how Keb established himself as one of the best DJ’s of the 80’s Northern Soul Scene. Alongside Guy they came to the rescue of the 60’s Northern Soul Scene with a commitment to play new discoveries. 45’s wouldn’t last too long even if they were fantastic, if they got little reaction they were soon dropped and I believe in one or two cases thrown from the decks!! It all added up to a vibrant resurgent rare Soul scene….even if numbers were down at times, the music was right back up there.

You will also see from the last three podcasts (two from Guy and one previous one from Keb) that Beat Ballads were starting to make a name for themselves. Although they have always been around the scene it was around this time that they took centre stage, especially from Keb and Guy. Having said that in the grand scheme of things there wasn’t really that many although as soon s Stafford is mentioned people automatically think Beat Ballads!

If it was good enough and had SOUL it was played!! Sometimes it didn’t have much Soul, but again if it ws good enough……..

Arthur Alexander - Keep Her Guessing - Dot
(Johnny Honeycutt - The Guessing Game)
Andy Fisher - A Wee Bit Longer - Fat Fish
(Earl Jackson - Just a Little Longer)
Joan Baker - Everybody's Talking - Diamond
(Betty Lavette & The Big Wheels) ("A F*cking Monster" as Keb describes it on a "live" tape recording)
Sebastian Williams - Hometown Boy - Sound Of Soul
(Lester Tipton - I'm Gonna Stay)
Marsh Gee - Peanut Duck - Virtue Acetate
Atlantics - Baby I Need You - Marquee
Hayes Cotton - Black Wings Have My Angel - Resist
(Lou Pride)
Preston Peters - You Can't Measure Love - M&M Enterprises
(Saxie Russell - Dirty Hearts)
Vince Apollo - I Bear Witness - Pentagon
(Danny Williams - I Love You Baby)
Soul Brothers - Keep It up - Blue Cat
Ray Marchand - Ship Of Fools - Dore
Turbines - We Got To Start Over - Cenco
(Temptones - Starting Over)
Cairos - Don't Fight It - Shrine
(Al Williams & Masquerades - You Can't Win)
Jimmy Wonderful - Tonight - Blue Star
(Covered as Brad Lundy and then played for a second time in the same night a few records later and Keb changed his mind and covered it as Hector Rivera!)
Billy Storm - Please Don't Mention Her Name - HBR
(Gene McDaniels - Please Don't Mention Her Name)
Enjoyables - Shame - Shrine
Colt 45's - Lady Lady - Jerry
Joe Frazier - The Bigger They Come (The Harder They Fall) - Cloverlay
Trent Sisters - A Letter A Day - GoGate
Wesley Paige - Trapped - 635
Jewel Akens - I've Arrived - Era
Larry "Chubby" Reynolds - Sweet Tooth - Tri-Spin
Cash McCall - You Ain't To Cool - Thomas
Freda Payne - Easy Street -
J.E. Morgan - By My Side - Theoda
(Four Voices - By My Side)
Maxine Brown - Torture - Unissued
(Jackie Day)
Melba Moore - Magic Touch - Unissued
(Mary Love)
Candy & The Kisses - Tonight's The Night - Unissued
Moments - Baby I Want You - Hog
(First played from an uncredited Edgeware acetate. The Group remained unknown until around 1990 when the first Hog 45 turned up.)
Charles Mann - Hey Little Girl - Lanor
(Tangeers - You're On My Mind)
Freddie Houston - If I Had Known - Old Town
(Herb Ward - I Wouldn’t Have Gone)
Andy Fisher - Heart's Beating Stronger - Fat Fish
(Earl Jackson - Heart Beating Stronger)

You Shook Me Up

Modern Soul has taken the spotlight for a wee while but the Mafia are getting restless and not wishing to end up sleeping with the fishes I though it better to hit back with a fantastic set of tracks from the legendary Keb Darge. One listen to this, and the previous two podcasts, and you realise why Keb, along side Guy was the business back in the mid 80s and pretty much untouchable for a period of time in the amount and the quality of 60s “Newies” they discovered and turned over. Sit back and enjoy.

Soul Set - Will You Ever Learn - Bi Me
Freddie Houston - Soft Walking - Toto
(Ray Pollard - We’re On Our Way)
Roy Hamilton - You Shook Me Up - RCA
(Milt Grayson - You Turn Me Around)
Tommy Hunt - Pretty Part Of You - Unissued
June Jackson - You're Welcome - Musette
(Eddie Lyons)
Shirley Edwards - Dream My Heart - Shrine
(Rita & Tiaras - Dream)
James Dockery - My Faith In You is All Gone - Soul Craft
King George - So Long Johnny - RCA
(Syng McGowen - Wartime Breakdown)
Phonetics - Don't Let Love Get You Down - Trudel
Cairos - Stop Overlooking Me - Shrine
King George & TIMP's - I'm Thru Losin' You - Midtown
(Chessmen - Baby We're Through)
Barbara Christian - Not Like You Boy - Brownie
Tammy Levon - Clothes Don't Make A Man - Nation
Ellie Greenwich - Baby - Red Bird
(Ronnie & Robyn - The Reason Why)
King George - Ah Huh - RCA
(Syng McGowen - Gonna Put You Down)
Lee McKinney & Magnetics - I'll Keep Holding On - Sable
Tony Mason - Take Good Care - RCA
Marty Thompson - Whirlpool - Sir Ben
Barry White & The Atlantics - Tracy (All I Have Is You) - Faro
Sherli Allen - Think It over - X-Tra
(Lady G)
Betty Lou And Bobby Adams - Dr. Truelove - Trax
Audrey Slo - Gonna Find The Right Boy (Instrumental) - Swan
Tammy Levon - It Takes Two - Nation
Gladys Knight & Pips - Stop And Get A Hold Of Yourself - Maxx
(Ruby Stackhouse)
Clydie King - My Love Grows Deeper - Imperial
The Trends - Not Too Old To Cry - ABC Paramount
(Soul Set)
Jerry And His Uniques - Yes He Will - Lennan
(Detroit Soul Bandits - Don't Break My Heart)
Ravins - Where Is Love - Ravin
Universals - Diamonds & Pearls - Cooking
Anthony & The Aqualads - I Remember - Aqua
Bernard Smith & The Jokers Wild - Gotta Be A Reason - Groove

Don’t Put Out The Fire

The turn over during this period was quite something, blink and you would often miss a record, some records didn’t get the chance they deserved or maybe weren’t right for the time. Some were massive during the period and have remained firm favourites to this day, Tony Galla for example. Either way I hope you enjoy this selection, I’ll be back shortly with another selection of Keb’s before rounding off the modern side with the remainder of Robin’s plays.

Tony Galla & The Rising Sons - In Love - Swan
(Winfield Parker - Being In Love With You)
Jesse Davis - Gonna Hang On In There Girl - Era
(James Vanelli)
Roy Roberts - Got To Have Your Love - Bo Ro/Ninandy
(Kenny Smith - You'll Never Know)
Lenis Guess - For All You've Been - DPG
(Ronnie Forte)
June Bateman Noble Watts and His Band - I Don't Wanta - Arrawak/Clamdike
Johnny Rome - Let Me Pour All My Love Into Your Heart - Philips
The Occasions - There's No You - Big Jim
Chuck Wells - The Love Knot - Gold Leaf
Betty Turner & The Chevelles - The Winds Kept Laughing - Crescent
(Virginia Blakely & The Pussycats - Laughing At Me)
Bill Lucas - Cause I Know You're Mine - Dionn
(Gene McDaniels)
Gene & Eddie - It's No Sin - Mon'Ca
Ben & The Cheers - Since You Came Into My Life - Mocha
Trey J's - I Found It All in You - Tee Gem
The Conquistadors - Can't Stop Loving You - Act IV
The Wanderers - You Can't Run Away From Me - United Artists
(Showmen - No No No)
Ray Jimenez - I'll Keep On Loving You - Columbia
(Mickey Newbury & The Soul Men - There She Goes)
The Natural Facts - Girl Don't Cry - Lucky Lou
(Del Capris)
Tony Birchett - Don't Put Out The Fire - LBJ
Tony Frontera - (You're My) Leading Lady - Hi-Lite
(T.D. Valentine - Leading Lady)
Lee Wilson - Lonely Boy - USA
James Wesley Smith - Talkin' Bout Women - Angel Town
(Big Joe Hamilton)
Joe Simon - Just Like Yesterday - Irral
Chuck Bridges - Don't You Make Me Cry - Scoop
Variations - I Wanna Take You Uptown - Right-On
(Detroit Wheels)
Johnny Daye - I'll Keep Loving You - Blue Star
(Charles Johnson)
Johnny McCall - I Need You - Alteen
Tommy Turner - I'll Be Gone - Elbam
Lou D. Washington - Smokey - Steel Town
(Gino Washington)
James Conwell - The Trouble With Girls - 4J
(Tony Galla)
James Bowens & His Agents feat Bill Smith's Hitchhikers - Baby I Want You - Roosevelt Lee
The Hun's Review - Don't Make Me Love You - Sorro
James Jones - Whatever It is You Got It - Virgo
Claude Huey - Feel Good All Over - Early Bird

Shy Guy!

Delcos - Arabia - Showcase/Ebony
(Performers - This He Said To Me)
The Atlantics - Baby I Need You - Marquee
Bobby Mac - Shy Guy - Vended
Connie McGill & The Visions - I Can't Stop My Love - Sugar
Gidian - There Isn't Everything - Columbia
(George Kirby)
Charles Hodges - I'll Never Go To A Party Again - Philips
Help, Truth & The Portraits - Emotions - Truelove
(Terrible Tom)
Enchantments - I'm In Love With Your Daughter - Faro
(Detroit Shakers - I’m In Love)
Fiestas - Think Smart - Old Town
(International GTOs - Gotta Think Smart)
Soul Set - Please Don't Make Me Cry - Bi-Me
Georgia Gibbs - You Can Never Get Away From Me - Bell
Les Cooper - Motor City - Dimension
Little Ben & The Cheers - I'm Gonna Get Even With You - Penny
The Persianettes - Run Run - Unissued Swan
(Sequins - You Better Get Away)
Patty Livingstone - I've Got My Baby - Dimension
Penny North - Thought I Had A Good Thing - Luau
(Carol Anderson - You've Done Me Wrong)
The Strands - The Breeze From The Trees - Tarx
Marvellows - Your Little Sister - ABC Paramount
(Johnny Vanellli)
Matadors - Say Yeah Baby - Chavis
(Chavis Brothers - Say Yes Baby)
Dynamic Three - You Said Yeah - Del-Val
(Agents - She Said Yes)
William Cummings - Make My Love A Hurrying Thing - Bang Bang
Patty & The Emblems - (The Sound Of) Music Makes Me Want To Dance - Herald
Honey & The Bess - Be Yourself - Academy
Rose St John - I Know The Meaning - Veep
(Barbara Angelle)
Nick Allen - Hard Way To Go - Walas
(Jimmy Georgetowns or Eric Mercury & The Vondells)
Richard "Popcorn" Wylie - Do You Still Care For Me - Epic
Ron Baxter - This Is It - Ole 9
(Vernon Garrett - I'm Leaving You Now)
Brad Lundy - I'm At The Breaking Point - _ Julmar/Lundy
Professional - My Heart Belongs To You - Action Pac

Keep The Faith

Citations - (To Win The Race) Keep The Faith - Ballad
Eugene Church - Dollar Bill - World Pacific
Johnny Wyatt - Any Kind Of Love - Challenge
Billy Adams - Go (Go On, Get Out Of Here) - Amy
Daphine Williams - I'm Your Man - Yodi
Johnny Sayles - Anything For You - Minit
(Accents - Just For You)
Kenny Smith & The Lovelighters - One More Day - Flo-Roe
Joe & George - No One Loves You - Now
Fugitives - Good Lovin' If You Can Get It - Sandman
Dynettes - New Guy - Constellation
(Brooklyn Babies - Girl Don't Cry)
Ebonies feat Roy Williams - You Got What I Want - Mid West
(Chandlers - Baby You Know It)
Sheila Ferguson - How Did That Happen - Landa
(Susan Coleman)
Clydie King - He Always Comes Back To Me - Imperial
Margaret Williams - Baby Please Help Me - Downey
(Vandellas - Spellbound)
Tammy Wayne - Have A Good Time - Boom
Gillettes - Same Identical Thing - J&S
Jackson Brothers - I Got To Hear It From You - Providence
(Rufus Lumley - Somebody Told Me)
King Cobras - Thank You Baby - Sen Town
Limelights - Don't Leave Me Baby - Uncle
August Moon - You're Together Baby - O-Gee
(Moving Parts)
Reginald Day - Lost Love - Midas
Bob Meyer & The Rivieras - You Got To Tell Me - Lawn
The Singers - Just A Little Further - LeBam
Soul City - I Shot For The Moon - Mercury
Technics - Cause I Really love You - Chex
Rosebuds - Say You'll Be Mine - Tower
(The Cooperettes - Things I Do For Love)
Startones - Lovin' You Baby - Billie Fran
Ted Wilson - My Aim Is To Please - Sierra
Sam & Dave - Lotta Lovin' - Alston
(Short Kuts - Whole Lotta Lovin')
Sam Green - It's Time To Move - Goldsmith TCB
Willie Mason & All The Kings Men - Why - Ka-La-Ma
(Lou Pride - I Wanna Know)


The Tempests - Someday - Smash
(Bobby Paris)
Roy Roberts - I Know What To Do To Satisfy You - Tina
Bobby Byrd - Lost In The Mood Of Changes - Smash
Charles Farren - You Changed My Whole Life Around - Hawk
Johnny Jackson & The Blazers - What You Gonna Do - J-Mer
Johnny K. Killens & The Dynamites - I Don’t Need Help - Deep City
Casuals On The Square - Till The End Of Time - London Square Production
The Lyrics - Keep Me Closer To Your Heart - J.W.J.
Miki Farrow - Could It Be - Karate
O’Jays - I’ll Never Forget You - Imperial
Ron Baxter - I Gotta Know - Olé 9
The New Holidays - My Baby Ain’t No Plaything - Westbound
Patty & The Emblems - You Took Advantage Of A Good Thing - Herald
Charlotte O’Hara - What About Me - Ava
Ronnie Mislap - Total Disaster - Princess
Volumes - One Way Lover - American Arts
Skip Easterling - Keep The Fire Burning - Alon
Bobbie Jean Bland - I’m Satisfied Just Loving You - Sack
Rose St. John & The Wonderettes - Fool Don’t Laugh - Veep
(Barbara Angelle?)
Barbara Jean & The Lyrics - Any Two Can Play - Big Hit
A.C. Poston - I’m So Full Of Love - Odessa
Bob & Gene - I Really Love You - Mo Do
Art Benton - Sweet Loving - Chris
Ad Libs - Think Of Me - Karen
Ambassadors - Do You Ever Think Of Me - Debrossard
Beverley Brown - You Got Me Helpless - ABS
Tony Daniels - How Lonely - Sport
Jimmy Delphs - I’ve Been Fooled Before - Carla

Kiss A Good Thing Goodbye

Wendell Watts - Kiss A Good Thing Goodbye - Ref-O-Ree
(Freddie Waters) Leon Haywood – Ain’t No Use - Fat Fish
(Fred Hughes - I Keep trying)
Compliments - Beware, Beware – Midas
Teardrops - Every Step I Take – Max
Flash McKinley – I’ll Rescue You – Bombay
Bob Marshall & The Crystals - Im Gonna Pay You Back - L-Rev
Vibrations - Dancing Danny – Checker
Sticks & Fingers - Baby Doll – Flash
Anita & JJ – The Jungle – Acetate
Lonnie Lester -You Can’t Go - Nu-Tone
The Embers - Where Did I Go Wrong – Atlantic
Prophets Of Sound - Shade Of Red – Marsi
Tony Hestor - Watch Yourself – Karate
Sam Anderson & The Telstars - Standing At The Edge Of The Sea – Deck
Fugitives - Good Lovin’ If You Can Get It – Sandman
Donald Jenkins – Happy Days - Duchess
(West Coast Distributors)
Jimmy Ruffin - I Gotta Let You Go – Acetate
The Whispers - The Dip – Doré
Blenders - Your Love Has Got Me Down - Mar-V-Lus
Little Tommy - Baby Can’t You See - Sound Of Soul
The Voices - Crying Has Become An Everyday Thing - Blue Soul Records
The Masters- I Need Your Love – Crimson
Mac & Barb - Hold Me Tight – Pyramid
(Gwen & Ray)
New Silhouettes - We Belong Together - Jamie