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Pat Brady

Somebody New

So far I’ve covered all the major DJ’s at Stafford except one, Pat Brady. Time to address that I think. Pat was already an established DJ by the time Dave Thorley got involved at Stafford and Pat was already DJing at Top Of The World for Keith prior to the Top Dog Soul Club taking over. He was also a former Wigan and Leeds Central DJ as well as a Clifton Hall resident, some pedigree don’t you think?

Although Pat’s output at Stafford on the face of it might not have been as prolific as some of the other DJ’s, Guy and Keb in particular, the quality of what Pat played was right up there in my opinion. He played some absolute monster records back in the day which have remained to this day every bit as big and in demand on the Northern Soul scene as many discoveries before them and some of them still extremely rare. Although I knew Pat played modern as well as the 60’s I didn’t realise until compiling these podcasts just how much modern Pat did play. And of course Stafford along with the likes of Clifton hall was open minded enough to allow the DJ’s to play modern and in some cases new releases alongside the 60’s.

Pat probably doesn’t get the same recognition as say Keb and Guy who are when people are asked about Stafford are often the first two names that some think of, but Pat was every bit as influential with some of the biggest records ever played on the scene. He certainly had a huge influence on me throughout the mid to late 80’s and into the 90’s with what he played and recording this podcast and compiling the other to come certainly reminded me why. One of his post Stafford spins, Sir Caesar on Ride was the first record I paid a three figure sum for. Anyway sit back and enjoy this selection of some of Pat’s finest from Stafford, or at least I hope you enjoy!

Junior McCants - Try Me For Your New Love - King
(Little Carl Carlton - Hey Girl We Are In Love)
Danny Moore - Somebody New - Allrite
(Leon Washington & Paris - You Found Someone New)
Herbert Hunter - Happy Go Lucky - Spar
Out Of Sights - My Woman's Love - Saru
(Clyde McPhatter - She Tried So Hard)
Hytones - You Don't Even Know My Name - Southern Arts/Bell
(Lee Otis Valentine & The Lost Souls - I Love You Just The Same)
Esther Grant - Let's Make The Most Out Of Love - Wilstone
(Pat Lewis - State Of Mind)
Barbara Carr - Messing With My Mind - Bar-Car
Vernon Garrett - I'm At the Crossroads - Ica
Roscoe Shelton - You're Still The One - T-Jaye
Lee Bates - Overnight Sensation - Magnolia
Brilliant Korners - Three Lonely Guys - Modern
Carl Henry Hall - Let Me Down Slowly - Mercury
(Howard Guyton - Don't Let Me Down)
Brooks Brothers - Looking For A Woman - Tay
(The Agents - I Can’t Take It)
Johnny Curtis - Born For You - Sumpter
(Marvin Stinton - Born A Fool)
James Carr - Lovers Competition - Goldwax
Timothy Wilson - (Hey Girl) Do You Love Me - Veep
Timmie Williams - Competition - Mala
Little John - Just Wait And See - GoGate
(Jimmie Raye - I'm The Only One. Played first by Pat before selling to Keb)
Gail Anderson - Be So Proud (You're In love) - Salvador
Nat Hall - Watch Yourself - Soul Boss
Little Charles - I Guess I'll Have To Take What's Left - Jewel
(Darrell Banks - Can't Get You Off My Mind)
Padded Cell - Mr Misery - Toddlin' Town
(Robbie Lawson)
Little John (The House Rocker) - Heartbreakin' Time - Martay
Johnny Curtis - The Soul Kind Of Love - Sumpter
(Brice Coefield)
Johnny Adams - Your Kind Of Love - Modern
Preston Peters - Got To Have Peace Of Mind - MM
(Eddie Jefferson - You Caused Me Heartches And Pain)
The Ovations - Won't You Call - Goldwax

It’s A Heartache

Here is the second podcast featuring the records played at Stafford by Pat Brady. As you will see there are not just some Stafford classics but all time Northern Soul classics, Johnny Rogers, Jimmie Reed, The Accents, Jimmie & The Entertainers, Nat Hall to name just a few…all still some of the rarest records to obtain and many still high on today’s DJ’s playlists.

Accents - Who You Gonna Love - One-Derful
(Don Gardner)
Paramount Four - You Don't Know - Southern City
(Lost Souls - You Don't Know My Love)
Benny Freeman - Come On And Tell Her - Soundex
(Fortune Seekers - That's No Answer)
Accents - You Better Think Again - One-Derful
(Don Garnder)
Ascots - Sometimes I Wonder - Mir-A-Don
(Casanova Two)
Sorokas - Gentle Touch - Sorokas
L.C. Robinson - Free And Easy - USA
Bobby Bowens & The Shades Of Magic - Gonna Love Somebody - Galactic Star
Jerry Cook - Blue Since I Lost My Baby - Audiodisc Studio Acetate
Donald Jenkins & The Daylighters - I've Settled Down - Cortland
Johnny Rogers & The Nu-Tones - Make A Change - Amon
(Chandlers - Gonna Take A Chance)
Jimmie & The Entertainers - New Girl - Toddlin' Town
(Johnny Hampton - Got To Know Her Name)
Nat Hall - Why (I Wanna Know) - Loop
(Jerome Artis & The Journeymen - Tell Me Why)
Tina Florence - Too Much For Me Baby - APT
(Cindy Scott - You're Too Good For Me Baby)
Jimmie Reed Jnr - I Ain't Going Nowhere - Mercury
(Emanual Laskey - My Baby (Ain't Going Nowhere)
The Bell Brothers - Give It Up - Bell-O-Sound
Jhamels - Road To Nowhere - Liberty
Softones - That's What Love Can Do - H&L
The Sheppards - Little Girl Lost - ABC Paramount
Billy Hambric - Talk To Me Baby - Fury
Buster Benton - Do As You Please - Twinight
Little Charles & The Sidewinders - It's A Heartache - Decca
(Sam Coltraine - Watch Out For The Heartache)
Cookie Scott - Your Love It Won Me Over - Orr
Contessa - I Need Your Love - Las-Bar
The Dream Merchants - Stop (You're Breaking My Heart) - Renee
(Walter & The Admerations - You're Breaking My Heart)
Frankie Karl - Don't Sleep to Long - Liberty
(Gene McDaniels - Stop Tearing Me Apart)
Clarence Reid - I Refuse To Give Up - Dial

Pure Unadulterated Love

Quite a few lesser heard gems in this one, many probably not so well known to todays scene.

Leon Farrell - Pure Unadulterated Love - Nation
(The Love Bandit - You're My One And Only)
Johnny Adams - One Day (You Gonna Come My Way) - Modern
Johnny Moore - You're The One To Blame - Bright Star
Josephine Taylor - Ain't Gonna Cry No More - Mar-V-Lus
Revlons - Oh Oh Oh (What A Love This Is) - Toy
Kontets/Kinettes - You Got Me Baby - International Studios Acetate
(Stanley Mitchell - Now You've Got Me Baby)
Louie Palmer - Don't Leave Me - Boot Heel
Lil Ernie Johnson & The Soul Blenders - Loving You - Ride
Larry Birdsong - Somebody Help Me - Sur-Speed
Wallace Johnson - Baby Go Ahead - Sansu
Stratoliners - What Do You Want With My Love - Federal
Cecil Lyde - I'll Make It On My Own - Alwest
(Charles Johnson. Oldie from Snaith)
Lady M - Please (Don 't Break My Heart) - Blue Parrot
The Monzas - Instant Love - Pacific
(Seven Souls - As True As Can Be)
Neil Kimble - If It Wasn't For The Children - TRC
(George Kirby - Just Can't Let You Go)
Soul Shakers - You're Turnin' - Teri De
The Sweet Delights - Baby Be Mine - Atco
Sam Hawkins - Hold On Baby - Blue Cat
Thelma Jones - Oh-Oh, Here Comes The Heartbreak - Barry
Gwen Stewart - You Took Me For A Fool - Call Me
Herbert Hunter - The Big Oak Tree - Poncello
Al & Jet - Nothing To Hide - Philips
Joe & Mack - Don't You Worry - One-Derful
Uniques - Not Too long Ago - Paula
Teddy Greene - Cry - Capitol

Show Me The Time

Some fabulous selection amongst this little lot and some real underplayed tracks alongside some classics and finishing with a few late Stafford spins that went on to become Northern Scene monster sounds. Enjoy.

Teddy Greene - Gotta Love You More - Capitol
Faustus - Baby Please - Gamble
August Moon - You're Together Baby - O-Gee
(Moving Parts)
Wilee McEwen - Hello Darling - STBY
(Freddie Williams - Goodbye Baby)
Charades - You Better Believe It - Hit Parade
(Mad Dog & The Pups)
Arabians - Let Me Try - Staff
Eddie Foster - Closer Together - Ocampo
Danny Woods - You Had Me Fooled - Correc-Tone
Montclairs - Wait For Me - Sunburst
Cannonball - No Good To Cry - Knightsbridge
Tommy Tate - What Gives You The Right - Sundance
Unlimited Four - I Wanna Be Happy - Chanson
Rayford Tucker - If You Need More Time (Time Will Tell) - Sandpiper
(George Blackwell - Time Will Tell)
Whispering Shadows - Stop The World - Mr D's
Theo-Coff Invasion - Lucky Day - Dearborn
James Carr - Fools Run Away - Goldwax
Bill Coday - Right On Baby - Cajon
Oscar Boyd - Little Sweet Things You Do - Hermes
(Eric Lomax & The Lovers - The Things You Do For Love)
Reggie LaMont - Can't Get Along Without You - Mamies
Finnegan's Wake - You Blew It - Val
Kenny Smith & The Maximum Feeling - Everybody Knows I Love You - Kogan
(James Phelps)
Leroy Horne - Don't Come Back - Pompeii
(Billy Hambric??)
Otis Lee - Hard Road To Hoe - Quaint
(Lee Blackmore & The Soul Searchers - It's A Hard Road To Hoe)
Michael Christian - If I Can't Have You - Concept
(Nolan Chance & The Constellations - No One Else Will Do)
Maurice Williams - What Can A Man Do - Unissued Beltone Acetate
Willie Tee - Please Don't Go - Nola
(George Wydell)
Sir Caesar - Show Me The Time - Ride
(Big Joe Turner - That's The Kinda Man I Am)