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Steve Smith

It’s Better

Carrying on with our unsung heroes from the days of Stafford who don’t tend to get the recognition they deserve. Here we feature one of the scenes characters, from Gloucester, Steve Smith.

Steve a some what veteran of the scene having been attending venues since the beginning of the 70’s. Steve was given responsibilities by Dave to look after the “oldies” room. Bit of an oxymoron the term oldies at times as this room was often every bit as upfront as the main room with many of the DJ’s keeping the records fresh and upfront. Here we have a great selection for Steve’s first podcast, a good mix of the new and old but underplayed.

Reggie Alexander - Its Better - Boss
William Cummings - Make My Love A Hurtin´ Thing - Bang Bang
Jess Johnson - Left Out - Old Town
Kell Osborne - Law Against A Heartbreaker - Highland
Willie Hightower - Because I Love You - Capitol
(Robert Banks cover up bought from Pete Lawson)
De-Vons - Someone To Treat Me - King
(King sisters)
Linda Queen - Where Can My Baby Be - Rod
Bobby Sheen - Something New To Do - Warner Brothers
Valerie Lamar - Shame
(Ann Sexton, sold to Dave Thorley)
Moses Smith - Come On, Let Me Love You - Cotillion
Jades - Lucky Fellow - Mode
Jim And Lee - Let Go Baby - Smash
(Shirley and Jessie)
Bands Of Gold - It’s Over - Smash
Billy Storm - Please Don´t Mention Her Name - HBR
(sold to George)
The Witches - She’s Got You Now - Bang
Wooden Nickels - Nobody But You - Omen
Duke and Leonard - Just do the best i can - Stomp Town
Edwin Riley - I love my baby - Sunni
Charles Drain - Stop & Think It Over - Top Track
Karmello Brooks - Tell Me Baby - Milestone
Oracles - I Ain’t Got Time - O-M
Tee Fletcher - Thank You Baby - Josie
Jive Five - You’re A Puzzle - Untied Artists
Maurice Jackson - Forever My Love - Weis
Mark Lloyd - When I’m Gonna Find Her - Parlophone
(Borrowed from Gilly and played three times one night)

Jerk It With Soul

Willie Walker - Jerk It With Soul - Taste
Sunlover’s - My Poor Heart - Breakthrough
Sam Dees - Lonely For You baby - SSS
(Dan Brantley)
Chuck Holiday - Just Can’t Trust Nobody - Gloria
Calvin & The Twilights - Bashful Boy - Har-Low
(Sold to Keb or Steve Phyllis ?)
Exceptions - Baby You know I Need You - Groovey Groove
Rees Flores - Look Into My Heart - M&H
Soul Bros Inc - Pyramid - Golden Eye
George Smith - I’ve Had It - Turntable
Gene Barbour & The Cavaliers - I Need A Love - HIT
Sweet Three - That’s The Way It Is (When A Girl’s In Love) - Decca
Tate - Love Shop - Cloverstreet
Lee Edwards & His Continentals - (I’ve Got To have Her) Need I Say More - Lantic Gold Sound
(Continental, sold to Dave Thorley)
The Ramblers featuring Little Preston - So Sad - Trumpet
The Turks - The Bad Brought The Good - DJO
(Sold to Dave Thorley)
Joey Gee - It’s More Than I Deserve - ABC Paramount
Gambrells - You Better Move - Carla
(Detroit Girls)
Demures - Raining Teardrops - Brunswick
Betty Wilson - I’m Yours - Dayco
Charlotte Tillman - Baby I’m Serious - Josie
Fabulous Moonlighters - For Granted - Blue Eagle
(Sold to Dave Thorley)
Dickie Wonder - Nobody Knows - Sounds Of Soul
Les Chansonettes - Don’t Let Him Hurt You - Shrine
The Enticers - Calling For Your Love - Cotillion
Linda Queen - I Feel The Pain - Rod
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Soul Sam

Get In The Groove

From Steve’s Northern it is now the turn of Soul Sam’s Modern Soul and two podcasts to feature the music Grandfather of the northern and modern Soul scene Martin Barnfather....or as he is better known to most Soul Sam stint behind the decks at Stafford. Sam’s spell at Stafford wasn’t for very long, approximately 6 months or so but for some he was the highlight of the night with his blend of Soul, Disco and Boogie. Many of his set were at the time new releases.

The following podcast is what Sam played at a one off Modern and Funk all-nighter at the Top Of The World on Friday 4th May 1984.

4th May 1984 Modern & Funk All-Nighter

The Latest - Starting Over - Ransom Records
Bridget Cooper - Get into The Love Groove - Birdie
Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes - Don’t Give Me Up - Philly World
The Chi-Lites - I Keep Coming Back To You - Private I
Junior Walker & The All-Stars - In And Out - Motown (Blow Your House Down Lp)
Terri Wells - I’ll Be Around - London/Philly World
Clarence Jackson - Wrap It Up - R&R
The Jones Girls - You Can’t Have My Love - PIR
The Fresh Band - Come Back Lover - Ar ’N Be Records
Bobby Womack - Tell Me Why - Beverley Glen
Rome Jeffries - Good Love - Rain records
Jocelyn Brown - Somebody Else’s Guy - Vinyl Dreams
The Detroit Spinners - Right Or Wrong - Atlantic
The Ritchie Family - Real Love - RCA (All Night All long Lp)
Funk Deluxe - This Time - Salsoul
Evan Rogers - Stay Here With Me - RCA
Starpoint - It’s All Yours - Elektra

I’m Your Superman

More Modern Soul magic the Godfather of the Rare Soul scene “Soul Sam” featured in his sets during his brief stint behind the decks at Stafford in around 1984.

Major Lance - Are You Leaving Me - Kat Family
Lenny Welch - You Picked A Fine Time (To Change Your Mind) - Big Apple
Julius Brown - Never Too late - West End
Al McCall - Hard Times - West End
Samson & Delilah - I Can Feel Your Love Slipping Away - Saturn
Mel Stewart - No Work, No Play - Mercury
Ivan Neville (Neville Brothers) - Dance Your Blues Away - Cookie
Bill - Space Lady - Dollar Bill
Richard Caiton - Where Is The Love - J.B.’s Records
Ronnie Dyson - All Over Your Face - Cotillion
Timmy Thomas - Gotta Give A Little Love - Gold Mountain
Mother Fox - Fallen Into Love - Shabang
Luther Vandross - For The Sweetness Of Your Love - Epic
Circle City Band - Magic - Circle City Records
Pure Energy featuring Lisa Stevens - Love Game - Prism
Jan Leslie Holmes - I’m Your Superman - Jay Jay Records
Jamie Lynn - You Ain’t Got No Money - Salsoul
Kinky Foxx - So Different - Sound Of New York

Thanks to Sean price for his help with what Sam was playing back in the days of Stafford.