Keith Minshull

I Still Remember the Feeling

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Keith Minshull, another somewhat unsung hero of the scene who rarely gets the recognition he deserves. A veteran of the Golden Torch and Wigan Casino, Keith was running all-nighters at the Top Of The World prior to it becoming the Stafford we know. He teamed up with Dave Thorley and began promoting all-nighters under the Top Dog Soul Club banner in early 1982 up until May 1983 when the Drifters failed to perform.

Not all the tracks in the following podcast are discoveries of, or first played by Keith. There are some Casino biggies, particularly for Richard Searling, some Stafford “oldies”, Dave Withers with the unissued Motown for instance and the odd spin or two for Gary Rushbrooke, all along side some plays made popular by Keith. One thing is for sure Keith’s last hour spots were enjoyed many many and he he certainly knew how to work a floor.

Holman’s Hero’s – Eddie’s My Name (Inst) - Unissued
Barbara Lewis – I Still Remember The Feeling – Atlantic
Originals – Suspicion – Unissued Motown
Marvelettes – The Boy From Crosstown – Unissued Motown
(Lillian Dupree - The Boy That I Love)
Marvelettes – Sugar’s Never Been As Sweet – Unissued Motown
(Patti Gilson & Tonettes – Sugar’s Never Been As Sweet)
Elbie Parker – Please Keep Away From Me – Veep
Admirations – You Left Me – Peaches
Danny Owens – I Can’t Be Your Fool Anymore – Manhatten
(Bell Boys – Can’t Be A Fool)
Paris – Sleepless Nights – Doc
Kenny Wells – Isn’t It Just A Shame – New Voice
Greg Perry – It Takes Heart – Alpa
Cody Marshall – The Thought Of Losing You – Sound Judgement
(Pierré Hunt)
NuRons – All Of My Life – NuRon
(Lamarr Thomas & The Chains That Bind – All Of My Life Waiting For You)
Jan Jones – Independent Woman – Daywood
Prince Philip Mitchell – I’m So Happy – Atlantic
Jimmy McFarland – Lonely Lover – RPR
Larry Laster – Go For Yourself – Loma
Kenny Carlton – Lost And Found – Blue Rock
Howard Guyton – I Watched You Slowly Slip Away – Verve
Johnny Watson – South Like West (Inst) – Okeh
Eddie Parker – I’m Gone – Awake
Damon Fox – Packin’ Up - Fairmount
Yvonne Vernee – Just Like You Did Me – Sonbert
Executive Four – We Got A Good Thing Going – Lu-Mar
Johnny Honeycutt – I’m Coming Over – Triode
Magnetics – Lady in Green – Bonnie
Seven Souls – I Still Love You – Okeh
Sam Fletcher – I’d Think It Over – Tollie
Deon Jackson – I Still Remember The Feeling – Deon Jackson LP track previously unissued Carla Recording.
Fabulous Moonlighters – For Granted – Blue Eagle
Twilights – You’re The One – Aqua
Magnetics – When I’m With My Baby – Sable
Martha Starr – No Part Time Love For Me – Thelma
Ty Karim – You Really Made It Good To Me – Senator
Soundmasters – Lonely, Lonely – Juliet
Terry Callier – Look At me Now - Cadet
Willie Tee – Please Don’t Go – Nola