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Here you will find article, various artist biographies I have written, articles and reviews for various websites, publications and CD Liner notes with more to add as time allows.

The Servicemen and Kell Osborne are particularly close to my heart. It took me around 18 months to track Kell down in Hollywood of all places and to finally get his story told. The tale of the recording of one of Northern Soul’s most iconic recordings, The Inspirations “no One Else Can Take Your Place” finally puts all the pieces into place and puts a few myths to bed.

The Servicemen I had briefly been in contact with one of the group, James Bailey, who was in a nursing home. Unfortunately he was moved before we could begin his and the groups story. However in the summer of 2016 another of the group, Larry Banks surfaced and through Larry we were able to tell a comprehensive story not just of the group but of Larry’s fascinating life and career as well.