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I’ve had a few LP’s out today, I enjoyed them so much I thought I’d share a few. Nothing insanely rare, that's not my style, but all great soul music. One from the late 60’s and the rest are 70’s and 80’s releases. Happy New Year to everyone, I hope 2015 brings you good health and hopefully prosperity.

Tyrone Davis – I Had It All The Time – (I Had It All The Time – Dakar)
Popcorn Wylie – How Did I Lose You – Extrasensory Perception – ABC)
John Edwards – Stop This Merry-Go-Round – (John Edwards – Aware)
Exciters – Give It All – (Caviar & Chitlins – RCA)
Laura Lee – I Can’t Make It Alone – (I Can’t Make It Alone – Invictus)
Ted Taylor – Standing In The Wings Of A Heartache – 1976- Contempo)
Chuck Jackson – Waiting In Vain – (I Wanna Give You Some Love – EMI)
Randy brown – Always In The Mood – (Welcome To My Room - Parachute Test Press)
Ralph Graham – Ain’t No Need – (Differently - Sussex)
Tyrone Davis – I’ll Be Right Here – (Turn Back The Hands Of Time – Dakar)
The Dells – Bring Back The Love Of Yesterday – (Might Mighty Dells – Chess)
Originals – I’m Someone Who Cares –(Definitions – Soul)
Patti Austin – That’s Enough For Me – (Havana Candy CTI)
Phylis Hyman – Ain’t You had Enoiugh Love – (Living All Alone - Philadelphia Int.)
Gladys Knight & The Pips – Make Yours A Happy Home – (Claudine – Buddah)
Chuck Jackson – No Tricks – (I Wanna Give You Some Love – EMI)
The Dells – Closer – (Might Mighty Dells – Chess)
John Edwards - You’re Messing Up A Good Thing
Barrett Strong – Surrender – (Stronghold – Capitol)
Teddy Pendergrass – Somebody Told Me – (Same - Philadelphia Int.)
Laura Lee – We’ve Come Too far To Walk Away – (I Can’t Make It Alone – Invictus)
Ralph Graham – What Do I Have To Do – (Differently - Sussex)

Don't You Worry: Thorne 13th April 2013


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I was kindly asked to play a few records at The Boomerang Soul Night at the Canal Tavern in Thorne. Rather pleased as well as it is my favourite soul night. Got the chance to play a few different records to what I tend to play at all-nighters and I really enjoyed it, so much I decided to make a podcast of what I played. Totally across the board with tracks 60’s throughout to the 80’s, some nice cheapies in there as well for you to seek out. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Marion Jarvius - Waiting In The Wings - Encore
Odessey 5 - Got To Be An Answer - Brunswick
Inez Foxx - You Don't Want My Love (All You Want Is My Loving) - Volt
The Mad Lads - No Time Is Better Than Right Now - Volt
Numonics - Forever And A Day - Hodisk
David Washington - Games - Soul Junction
Willie Gee Pure Soul - You Left Me Standing - Authentic
Five Special - The More I Get To Know You - TEAI
Natural High - Thats All - Malaco
The Esquires - How Could It Be - Bunky
Van McCoy & Friends - Hold On Help Is On The Way - SS7 Dancin' LP
Otis Leavill - I'm Amazed - Limelight
Nate Evan - This Time With Feeling - DPR
Raymond Smith - Seven Day Lover - IX Chains

US Everyday People - Without Your Sweet Loving - LBJ
Formations - Lonely Voice Of Love - MGM
Jimmy Delphs - Almost - Karen
Lou D Washington - Smokey - Steeltown
Sensational Little Doc - Looking For My Baby - Merry-Go-Round
Willie Picket - On The Stage Of Life - Eastern
Major Lance - Don't You Know I Love You - Contempo
Rance Allen - I Know A Man Who - The Gospel Truth
Esquires - Listen To Me - Capitol
Johnny Moore - Call It What You Wanna (I Call It love) - Chi City
Oscar Wright - Fell In Love - Hemisphere
Soul Stirrers - Don't You Worry - Checker

Van McCoy & Friends - Ain't Got No Love - SS7 Dancin' LP
Jackie Day - I Can't Wait - Paula
Frankie Sanders - Take Another Look - Juana
Wilson Pickett - How Will I Ever Know - Wicked (it is as well)

Cliff Steele's Lifeline of Soul


Ok it’s been a while and I’ve finally persuaded Lifeline Resident DJ Cliff Steele to put together a few tracks for your listening pleasure. Cliff in my opinion one of the best across the board DJ’s on the scene, can play the lot, 60’s 70’s, 80’s right up to today’s new releases.

In this podcast there are tracks from the last couple of years right up to the more current plays of Cliff. Hope you enjoy Cliff’s selection.
All I need now is for someone to show Mick how to do one of these


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The Debonettes I Wanna Be Loved
Rudy Love & The Love Company Suffering Wrath
Speedometer Dragging Me Down
The Grey Imprint Do You Get The Message ?
Limitations I'm Lonely, I'm Troubled
Ralph Weeks & Telecasters My Baby Won't Change
The Appointments Funny Feelin'
Len Jewell & The Exits Trying To Make A Fool Out Of Me
Joe Hicks Doing The Best I Can
Joe McLean Let's Talk About Love - Part 1
The Chymes Wrong Crowd
Willie and The Mighty Magnificents Funky (8) Corners Pt. 2
T.S.U Toronadoes Getting The Corners
The Spartans I Don't Need Another Lover
Kelly & The Soul Explosions Talking About My Baby's Love
King George & The Fabulous Souls I Need You
Harry Moon A Woman's Man
Johnny Gilliam & The Headlines Girl I've Change
Mary Gresham I'll Never Let You Walk Alone
Emulations Move A Little Slower Girl
Pam Bowie He's All I Need
Thomas East Follow The Rainbow
Vee Gees Talkin
The Steel City Band Reality

Come On With It

Final found time to dip into the box and pull a few 70’s dancers and Crossover tracks out for your listening pleasure. Unlike the (mainly) rarities in the previous podcasts, all these are pretty easy to obtain and in most cases cost less than £50 with many cheaper.

The podcasts kicks off with four of those funk tinged dancers that are all the rage at many venues before moving into strictly 70’s Soul, Crossover and dancers alike and finishing with a great 70’s ballad by Lew Kirton, one of my favourite 70’s tracks.

Enjoy :-)


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Bobby Patterson - Right On Jody - Paula
Endeavours - I Know You Don't Want Me - Stop
Dyke & The Blazers - Runaway People - Original Sound
Final Seconds - Society - Boo-Kou
Chimes - The Beginning Of My Life - Down To Earth
Hesitations - Is That The Way To treat A Girl (You Bet It is) - GWP
Newsounds - Bet You never Thought About it - Scorpion
Frederick Knight - Uphill Peace Of Mind - Castle
Passions - High Jacked Part 1 - Tower
Willey Wiley - Just Be Glad - King
Natural High - Tha's Why - Malaco
Leon Collins - I Just Want To Say I Love You - Elf (short version)
Hesitations - No Brags Just Facts - GWP
Fantastic Four - I Got To Have Your Love - Westbound (7")
La Jay Alexander - Say So - Black Gold
Little Royal - I Don;'t Want Nobody Standing Over Me - Trius
Judy Green - I Can't Get Along Without You - Klondike
Tommy Tate - I Remember - KoKo
Nightingales - You'er Moving Much Too Fast - Stax
Tony Owens - (When You're Wrong) You Got To pay The Price - Listening Post
Wilson Pickett - How Will I Ever Know - Wicked Pickett
Lew Kirton - Come On With It - Marlin

Let's Get On Down


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Well it’s been a while since the last podcast but I hope the wait is worth it. Haven’t checked the dates on all the tracks but most if not all are post Dec 31st 1969!! Some genuine rarities in amongst the selection and everyone in my opinion a goodie!!! Hit the word podcast above to down load and enjoy.

Ice - Reality - Ice
Rising Sun - Good Loving - Kingston
Mellow Madness - Save The Youth - Mega
Chocolate Buttermilk Band - Head Games - CBM
Mixed Sugar - It's A Bad Feeling - FSS
Percy Stone - Chained - RAM
Lil Major Williams - Girl, Don't Leave Me - Williams 111/Palladium
Richard Marks - Don't Take It Out On Me - Shout
Richard Paradise - Let Me Stay - A&T
Doc Peabody - Here Without You - Best Both Sides
Brenda Southall - I'm Just An Average Girl - Doing Our Thing
Carolyn Champion - Am I Your Woman, Lover Or Friend - Molly Jo
Lil Major Williams - Girl (You're So Sweet, You're So Fine) - Williams 111/Palladium
Jerry Washington - Don't Waste My Time - Glades
Joseph Webster - My Loves So Strong - Crow
Black Aces Of Soul - Let's Get On Down - Black World
Spade Brigade - I'm Your Man - Spade
Richard Marks - Love Is Gone - Shout
Notations - Now I Know - Cash
Marion Javius - Waiting In The Wings - Encore
Barbara Stant - My Mind Holds On To Yesterday - Shiptown
Barbara St Claire - Teacherman - Cross Eyed Bear
Sweet Charlie Simmonds - Save The World - Hitsound
D Watson - Say What's On Your Mind - RAC
Percy Stone - Spreading Love - RAM
Eldridge Holmes - Let's Go Steady - Kansu
Tommy Tate - If You Got To Love Somebody - KoKo
Promatics - I Think I'm Gonna Let You Go (Slow Take) - Brown Door

Karl “Chalky” White (March 2011)