Ady Croasdell: Welcome To Dreamsville


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Ady Croasdell at Leighton Buzzard (photo courtesy of Jon Buck)

For this podcast we take a bow to 100 Club and 6t’s Rhythm & Blues co-founder Ady Croasdell, aka Harboro’ Horace. Although not a resident he did make guest appearances at The Top Of The World. He was and still is responsible via Kent/Ace records for some truly wonderful discoveries. Many at the time given to Keb and to a lesser extent Guy to give them more exposure, Melba Moore, Peggy Woods, Maxine Brown etc etc.

Much of the podcast is based on a set Ady actually played at TOTW, the rest made up of his other spins from that time, approx. 1985.

Tommy Hunt - Pretty Part Of You - Unissued
Sammy Ambrose - Welcome To Dreamsville - Musicor
Marvelows - Your Little Sister - ABC Paramount
Bunny Sigler - For Crying Out Loud - Decca
(Lee Valentine & Bluesmen)
Moments  - Baby Baby Need You - Hog
(Unreleased Edgewood Acetate at the time, the Hog 45 didn’t surface until the early 90’s.)
Hector Rivera - I Want A Chance For Romance - Barry
Melba Moore - Magic Touch - Unissued
(Mary Love)
Peggy Woods - Love Is Gonna Get You - Unissued
Maxine Brown - I Want A Guarantee - Unissued Alt Vocal
Trends - Not Too Old To Cry - ABC Paramount
Tommy Hunt - New Neighbourhood - Unissued
Wally Cox - This Man Wants You - Mono Take
Chuck Flamingo & The Kansas City Playboys - Whats My Chances - Rojac
Chuck Jackson - Little By Little 
Maxine Brown - It’s Torture - Unissed
(Jackie Day)
Little Tommy - Baby Can't You See -Sound Of Soul
Drapers - Your Love Has Gone Away - Gee
(Three Strangers)
Tony Mason - Take Good Care - RCA
Rubies - Spanish Boy - VJ
Harvey Averne Dozen - Never Learned To Dance - Uptite
Two People - Stop Leave My Heart Alone - Revue
Steinways - You’ve Been Leading Me On - Oliver
Roosevelt Grier - Pizza Pie Man - D-Town
The Megatrons - The Detroit Sound - Laurie
(Fred Scrunge)
Boston Hitesmen - Let It Ride - MTA
Johnny Maestro - Stepping Out Of The Picture - Scepter

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Ady with 6t’s co-founder Randy Cozens.