Richard Searling: Call On Me

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Following on from Richard’s Stafford set from February 1983 is a selection of other plays from his time at Stafford.
As you will see again a good number are Modern Soul and again a healthy dose of quality 60’s Soul. Quite a broad mix of music which again set Stafford apart from many other places.

Active Force - Give Me Your Love - A&M
Attitude - Love Me Tonight - Atlantic
Tony Fox - Love, Let Love And Be Loved - Blaster
Softones and First Class - Candy - Parkway
Jeffrey Osborne - I Really Don't Need No Light - A&M
Randy Brown - I'm Always In The Mood - Mr Moo
Marc Sadane - One Minute From Love - Warner Brothers
Teddy Pendergrass - Heaven Only Knows - Philadelphia International
Family Of Eve - I Wanna Be Loved By You - Full Sail
Ike Strong - Your Love Keeps Me Dancing - Maple
Larry Brown - Breaking Training - Fireworks
Curtis - How Can I Tell Her - Charm City
Chris Bartley - I Go Out Of My Mind - TM Acetate
Temptations - A Tear From A Woman's Eye - Unissued
Tommy Frontera - You're My Leading Lady - Hi-Lite
Court Davis - Try To Think What You're Doing - East Coast
Deadbeats - No Second Chance - Strata
(Phantom Janitor)
Soul Blenders - Tightrope - Knight (Charles Thomas)
Marvin Gaye - Lonely Lover - Unissued
(Willie Hatcher)
Temptations - Angel Doll - Unissued
(The Arabians)
Eddie Holman - Where I'm Not Wanted - Unissued
Martells - Where Can My Baby Be - A-La-Carte
(Jimmie Williams - Won't Somebody Please)
Four Reputations - Call On Me - Millage
Eddie Holman - Hurt - Unissued
Little Ann - What Shall I Do - Unissued
(Rose Valentine - When He's Not Around)

Richard Searling: What Happened To Yesterday?

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Richard (at The Mecca).

Now it’s time to feature one of the greatest and most influential DJ’s of all time on the Northern or Rare Soul Scene, Richard Searling. This podcast is what he actually played at Stafford TOTW on February 26th 1983.

Richard had been at the top of the tree for getting on 9 or 10 years but with John Anderson behind him his sets the last couple of years or so at Wigan changed the face of Northern Soul. Many exclusive plays that still remain firm favourites to this day. Several were what can be considered ground breaking for the time and they were also a breath of fresh air after some of the what went before during the mid 70’s at Wigan.

Come Stafford though many of his big 60’s plays had gone to other DJ’s, Dave Withers for example, and Richard seemed to be changing direction totally for a more commercial sound. Many of his sets featured records freshly released, David Joseph was actually on Top Of The Pops with “You Can’t Hide Your Love” the month after the date of this set at Stafford. There was still quality 60’s featured in the sets at Stafford an almost all remain highly sought after and still to this day are as hens teeth.

Richard’s radio show at the time was at Sheffield’s Radio Hallam and Richard would then hot foot it over to Stafford to get behind the decks around midnight. It wouldn’t be long though before Richard would turn his back on the All-nighter scene and concentrate on his radio show.

Maxine Nightingale - You Can't Run From love - Connection
Norman Connors & Adaritha - Take It to The Limit - Arista
Walter Jackson - Touching In The Dark - Kelli Arts
Jerry Knight - Nothing Can Hold Us Back - A&M lp
David Joseph - You can't Hide Your Love From Me - UK Island
Doug Parkinson & Southern Star Band - I'll be Around - Southern Star
Sunfire - Stop In The Light - Warner Brothers lp
Marlena Shaw - I Just Want This Feeling - South Bay
Webster Lewis - Let Me Be The One - Epic
Webster Lewis - Touch My love - Epic
Janice McLain - Smack Dab In The Middle - Warner Brothers RFC Records
Mr Soul - What Happened To Yesterday - Genuine (Maurice McAllister)
United Four - Baby Don't You Do It - Unissued Acetate (Leo Wright & The Elbejays)
Johnny Honeycut - I'm Coming Over - Triode
Herman Hitson - Love Slipped Through My Fingers (Herman Hitson)
Q - Thats The Way - Hound (James Lewis & Case of Tyme)

Dave Thorley: First Taste Of Hurt

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Stafford Advert 1984

Marshall Donavon & Broomfield - Since I Found My Baby - Augusta
James Walsh Gypsy Band - Cuz It's You, Girl - RCA
Valerie Lamar - Shame - Dee Dee
Debby Dobbins - Glad I Found You - Spirit (1981)
Willie Tee - First Taste Of Hurt - Gatur
The Vines - Hey Hey Girls - Sutter
Carl Holmes & The Commanders - Soul Dance Number 3 - Blackjack
Kontetts - You Got Me Baby - Audio Sound Acetate
Bobby Wisdom - Handwriting On The Wall - Out A Site
Thee Chekkers - Lack Of Love - Look
Accents - Who You Gonna Love - One-Derful
The Globeliters - The Way You Do - Philtown
Bobby Wisdom - Girl I Cll My Baby - Out A Site
Gene Barbour & Cavaliers - I Need A Love - Hit
Albert Jones - Up To The Sun - Bumpshop 153
Willie Tee - Please Don't Go - Nola 737
Matt Brown - Thank You Baby - JarVal 0006
Attractions - Why Shouldn't A Man Cry - Bell
Dave Blocker - Nothing's Gonna Change Me - Robere
Samuel Moore & The TNT’s - I'm So Jealous - DJO
Preston Peters - Got To Have Piece Of Mind - Markhap 6467
Tommy Hunt - Words Can Never Tell It - Dynamo
Charades - You Better Believe It - Harlem Hitparade
Kenny Gamble - (I'll Just) Keep On Smiling - Arctic
Dena Barnes - Who Am I - Inferno
Lee Edwards & His Continentals - (I've Gotta Have Her) Need I Say More - Lantic Gold
Edwin Johnson - Ain't That Enough To Make A Man Cry - Post
Fabulous Apollos - Some Good In Everything Bad - Valtone
Four Tracks - Like My Love For You - Mandingo
Kenny Gamble - Chains Of Love - Arctic

Dave Thorley Soul On The Modern Side

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Been a few weeks since I’ve added to this story so though it was about time I put that right. Been a few hours of 60’s posted since we focused on the Modern side of Stafford so time to redress the balance with almost an hour and half of Modern, 70’s Soul and a bit of Crossover from Dave Thorley.

Stafford Echoes Ad 1982

Johnny Scott - Let Me Be A Winner (Spoken Intro) - Portra
Anacostia - What Kind Of Love - Columbia (Van McCoy cover up)
Exportations - I Want You - Vir-Ro
Storm - Can't Nobody love Me Like You Do - Rosette
Webster Lewis - Let Me Be The One - Epic
Hiroshima - Never Ever - Arista
Jerome Jones - Don't Change - Jham For Life
David Martin - You're Mighty Right - Jay Pee & Rekord
Pheeroan Aklaff (Michael Gregory on Vocals) - Fits Like A Glove - Gramavision
Kashif - Just Gotta Have You (Lover Turn Me On) - Arista
Geater Davis - Don't Give Up - MT
Marc De Noel - Heartaches - Marc
Fantastic Shakers - Biggest Mistake - Fantastic Shakers 17041(Dexter Jones - My Mistake)
Centre Stage - Hey, Lady - RCA
Reo Lane - Give Me Your Love - Bren
Willie Johnson - What Am I Gonna Do Without Your Love - Savannah
Five Special - The More I Get Top Know You - T.E.A.I.
Electric Express - Hearsay - Key Vac
Gene Dozier & The United Front - You're The Best Girl I Ever Had - Mercury
Chuck Brooks - You Can't Be In Two Places At The Same Time - Chimneyville
Brand New - Thousand Years - DuVern
John Simeone - Who Do You Love - TNT 1001
William Bell - Tryin' To Love Two - Mercury