Dave Withers And Rod Shard: Forever In My Heart

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Continuing the Stafford Story we now turn to a duo who between them discovered and introduced to the scene some amazing and exciting records. Although Dave Withers is the one who takes the credit as he was very much the public face being the DJ it was very much a partnership, Rod preferring to stay behind the scenes and source records, not just with and for Dave but for other DJ's as well as future podcasts will show.

Thanks to George Sharp who passed on a venue report I have been able to produce a podcast that reproduces what Dave played at Stafford on May 1st/2nd 1982. A look at the list and it shows just how exciting it must have been in the early Stafford days when all the unreleased Motown turned up and with a mix of late Wigan biggies the set still stands up today with almost all the records still featuring on today's scene and many most DJ's would love to have in their record boxes.

The Originals and Temptations must be in everyones top 50 if not higher up the ranks and many of the records that did see a release still remain extremely rare to this day.

Originals - Suspicion

Dave DJ'ed at Stafford from the very first one but stood down a year or so later. Shame he became disillusioned with it all and decide to call it a day he could have been and should be better remembered than he is as a DJ and talked about in the same breath as other top DJ’s by everyone and not basically the collectors, dancers and fellow DJ’s who were there or who have a passion for the music of the time.

The list shows the original artist with the cover up name/title in brackets)

Originals - Suspicion aka Baby Have Mercy On Me (Prophets)
Temptations - Forever In My Heart aka Come On Back To Me Baby (Detroit Emeralds)
Marvin Gaye - This Love Staved Heart (Is Killing Me) (JJ Barnes)
Topic - Have Your Fun - Dream (Phil Orsi - With Me You'll Want To Stay)
Gladys Knight & The Pips - It's Too Late For YoU and Me (Lorraine Chandler)
Marvelettes - Sugar's Never Been As Sweet As You ((Patty Gilson & Torments or Little Lisa) Played twice on the night.
Holland, Dozier, Holland - On The Avenue (Duke & Detroit Sounds - It's Uptown Night)
Velvelettes - Let Love Live (A Little Bit Longer) (Adorables)
Velvelettes - Love Is Good (Adorables)
Mr Caldwell - Love Bandit - Scorpio (Bud Harper - Treasure That Can't Be Found)
Marvelettes - The Boy From Crosstown (Lillian Dupree - He's The Boy I Love)
COD's - She's Fire - Kellmac (Mickey Valvano - She's Fire, She's My Burning Desire)
Shadows - My Love Is Gone - USA (Jimmy Georgetowns - Stars Above)
John & The Weirdest - No Time - Tie (Spyder Turner & Webs)
Exectutive Four - Gotta Good Thing Going - Lu Mar (Robert L Martin)
John & The Weirdest - Can't Get Over These Memories - Tie (Spyder Turner & Webs)
Judy Hughes - Fine Fine Fine - Vault (Judy Street - He's So Fine)
Main Change - Sunshine Is Her Way - Nebula (Rock Candy)
Court Davis - Try To Think What You're Doing -East Coast
Monique - If You Love Me Show Me - Maurci (Martha Starr - Love Me Or Let Me Go)
Royal Robins - Something About You Sends Me - Tru Glo Town (Imaginary Visions - There's Something About You)
Jimmy Wallace - I'll Be Back - Alpha (Chip Tyler)

Dave Thorley: Room Full of Tears

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Ok, last two sets from Dave were Modern and Crossover Soul (hope you enjoyed them) so it is now time to redress the balance and get some
60’s in the mix. We have what I think is a fantastic selection for your listening pleasure so get downloading and enjoy.

Mel Wynn - I Don't Want To Lose You - Wand
Turks - The Bad Brought The Good - DJO
Empires - You're On Top Girl - Candi (Johnny & Mondells c/u)
Larry Davis - I've Been Hurt So Many Times - Kent (came from Neil "Nogger" Allen)
Fabulous Apollos - Determination - Valtone
Fabulous Moonlighters - For Granted - Blue Eagle
Porgy & The Monarchs - Congratulations - Bell Sound Acetate
Ringleaders - Win You Over - Int. Recording Co. Studio Disc
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - I Care About Detroit - Standard Groove
Mamie Galore - No Right To Cry - Sack
Roger Hatcher - Sweetest Girl In The World - Excelllo
Black & Blue - What I Got - Mercury (came from Tim and Butch)
Gino Washington - Rat Race - Test pressing (Detroit Five)
Otis Leavill - I'm Amazed - Limelight
Sam Dees - Lonely For You Baby - SSS International (Dan Brantley c/u, came form Ady Pountain)
Houston Outlaws - Ain't No Telling - Westbound
Classics - So Glad That I Found You - Yan-G
Ringleaders - All Of My Life - Int. Recording Co. Studio Disc
Billy Kennedy - Sweet Things - Thelma
Blenders - Your Love Has Got Me Down - Mar-V-Lus (Dave originally played an alternate take from a Studio Disc)
Charlotta Tillman - Baby I'm Serious - Josie
Oscar Perry - Face Reality - Feron
Moments - You Said - Deep (Sweethearts c/u, Late Yate/Early Stafford)
Chuck Holiday - Just Can't Trust Nobody - Gloria
Kell Osborne - Quicksand - Titanic (came from Rob Moss)
Johnny Gilliam - Room Full of Tears - Cancer (Charles Johnson c/u)

Dave Thorley: Something New To Do

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I hope you enjoyed the first podcast highlighting the music Dave Thorley played at the Stafford All-Nighters.

Here is set two featuring more Modern Soul, Crossover Soul and a couple a little on the funky side.
Manhattans - Crazy - CBS/Columbia
Jewel - Paradise - Jewel (Late Yate/Early Stafford)
Bobby Womack - Trying To Get Over You - Beverley Glen
Richard "Popcorn" Wylie - How did I Lose You - ABC
Bobby Womack - So Many Sides Of You - Beverley Glenn
Jessie Henderson - I Did It Again - Land Of Hits/Lasso
Johnnie Taylor - What About My Love - Beverley Glen
Earl White Jnr - Very Special Girl - Cygnet
Mel Williams - Sweet Girl Of Mine - Buddah (came from Tim Ashibende and Butch)
Rochelle Rabouin - This Is My Year - Cygnet
Sir Henry Ivy - He Left You Standing There - Future Dimension (came from Mick Godfrey)
James & Truitt - What's Wrong With It - Juca
Memphians - South Memphis - Bluff City (late Yate/Early Stafford)
Whispering Shadows - Stop The World - Mr D's
21st Century - Your Smallest Wish - BeeGee
Wali Ali - (Oh i) Need Your Lovin' - Jobete
TSU Tornadoes - What Good Am I - Atlantic
Guitar Ray - You're Gonna Wreck My Life - Shagg (came from Tim Ashibende and Butch)
Bobby Sheen - Something New To Do - Warner Brothers (came from Tim Ashibende and Butch)
Soul Brothers Inc - Pyramid - Golden Eye (Mel Britt c/u)

Dave Thorley: I Just Want This Feeling To Last


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Welcome to my series of Podcasts dedicated to the music of the Stafford All-nighters.

The Stafford all-nighters held at The Top Of The World club in Newport Road and ran under the Top Dog Soul Club banner and it’s promoters were Dave Thorley and Keith Minshull. It opened it’s doors in April 1982 and closed it’s doors on the 22nd/23rd February 1986.

To begin with it can be best described as a coming together of two legendary venues, the recently closed Wigan Casino and The Yate All-Nighters with a line consisting of and including the best DJ’s from both venues, Richard Searling, Dave Thorley, Ian Clark, Gary Rushbrooke, Ady Pountain and Dave Withers. Upstairs featured Mick Smith, Nick Marshall, Pet Widdison, Budgie and Dave Alcock.

Over the time the all-nighter ran Dj’s came and went, Adam Buchanan, Robin Salter, Soul Sam, Chris Plant, Pat Brady and of course the 60’s Mafia Keb Darge and Guy Hennigan. Many others also featured over the years in both rooms. Many many new records were introduced to the scene and the crowd were eager to lap them up and new records were continually sought by all the Dj’s and many have since gone on to be classics still played up and down the country, many records from the era are still unknown to many who missed out when they left the scene after Wigan closed, later returning in the mid 90’s.


The venue was also truly across the board featuring 60’s right up to new releases, probably the last venue where this was done on a regular basis in the same room.

Now rather than ramble on I thought I would let the music tell the story so I decided to do a series of podcasts, each about an hour long but each one will be music from one of the DJ’s, collectors and movers and shakers of the time, those who found some of the music from the time. My aim is to do at least one podcast of all the DJ’s and I am pleased to say the first three will be of the music played by Top Dog himself Dave Thorley.

I did wonder if Dave would agree as he is one that doesn’t dwell on the past, always moving forward but he was more than happy to help, providing a list of records and sound files for some I couldn’t locate so I am grateful to Dave for this, and also to the others who have already helped me with lists of what they played back then, they probably think I’ve been a pain pestering them.

The music of the era is what I love the most it is what has shaped by beliefs, ideals and attitude to the scene as a collector and later as a DJ myself.

Now all that is left to do is download and enjoy the music.

Paul Simpson Connection - Use Me Lose Me - Rams Horn
Marlena Shaw - I Just Want This Feeling To Last - South Bay (Hot Traxx remix one spun by Dave)
Kathy McFarland - Memories - Jobete
Baiser - Summer Breeze - Polystar
Colorblind - Crazy - Capitol
Colors - Am I Gonna Be The One - First Take
O'Jays - Put Your Heads Together - PIR
David Joseph - You Can't (Hide Your Love From Me) - Island
Ze-Brazz - Feels So Good - Atlantic
Bobby Womack - Tell Me Why
Loveman Ronnie Stokes - Touch You Again - Philly Town
Vivilore Jordan - All Work And No Play - Task
Family Affair - You Can't Stop My Loving - Jobete
Glenda McCloud - No Stranger To Love - HGEI (came from Stuart Cosgrove)