Jimmy Wensiora: You'll Always Be In Style


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Jimmy (on the right) looking a little worse for wear. With him Andy Whitmore and Rob Marriott.

Well it has been a while since the last podcast but I’m back with a further instalment. This time a further podcast featuring the record sJimmy played during the mid 80’s Stafford & Rock City era. Jimmy has been one of the toughest to pin tracks down for as not many seem to remember too much about his spins despite a collection as good as any back in the day. Jimmy though never really pushed or promoted himself like some others. Here you will find some forgotten sounds, quite a few acetate and unissued gems but some cracking Rare Soul.

Ad-Libs – You’ll Always Be In Style - 10’ April & Blackwood Acetate
(Patti Austin)
B.B. Carter – Cool It Baby – Kris
(Baby Washington)
Berkshire 7 – Stop And Start Over – Stop
(Mel Wynn)
Bo Fowler – Now You’ve Got The Upper Hand – Unissued Studio Acetate
Vince & Connie – I Bear Witness – Virtue Acetate
Timothy Wilson – My Heart Belongs To You – April & Blackwood Acetate
(Actually Van McCoy)
Little Bobby Parker – I Won’t Believe It Till I See It – Unissued Shrine recording
Precisions – My Sense Of Direction (Is Blown) – Hen Mar
Fascinators – In Other Words – Bombay
Honey & The Bees – Be Yourself – Academy
Sea Shells – Quiet Home - Village
J.T. Carter – Closer To Your Heart – Decca
Eddie Holland – I’m On The Outside Looking In - Motown
Temptations – Angel Doll – Unissued Jobete Recording
Linda Griner – Goodbye Cruel Love – Motown
Linda Rae – Time For Love Is Now - Mike
C.V. Horn – Love Is A Situation – Della
Donnels – Everybody Don’t Know – Alpha
Springers -Nothing’s Too Good For My Baby – Wale
Johnny Summers – I’m Still Yours – Yorktown
Tommy Dodson III – Cooperate - Main Sound
Robert Tenard – Gotta Get Goin’ – Fabulos
Ambers – Funny Face Girl – 10” April & Blackwood Acetate
O.C. Tolbert – I’m Shooting High (I’ll Reach For The Sky) – Audiodisc Acetate
(Cleveland Wilson)