Jimmy Wensiora: You'll Always Be In Style


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Jimmy (on the right) looking a little worse for wear. With him Andy Whitmore and Rob Marriott.

Well it has been a while since the last podcast but I’m back with a further instalment. This time a further podcast featuring the record sJimmy played during the mid 80’s Stafford & Rock City era. Jimmy has been one of the toughest to pin tracks down for as not many seem to remember too much about his spins despite a collection as good as any back in the day. Jimmy though never really pushed or promoted himself like some others. Here you will find some forgotten sounds, quite a few acetate and unissued gems but some cracking Rare Soul.

Ad-Libs – You’ll Always Be In Style - 10’ April & Blackwood Acetate
(Patti Austin)
B.B. Carter – Cool It Baby – Kris
(Baby Washington)
Berkshire 7 – Stop And Start Over – Stop
(Mel Wynn)
Bo Fowler – Now You’ve Got The Upper Hand – Unissued Studio Acetate
Vince & Connie – I Bear Witness – Virtue Acetate
Timothy Wilson – My Heart Belongs To You – April & Blackwood Acetate
(Actually Van McCoy)
Little Bobby Parker – I Won’t Believe It Till I See It – Unissued Shrine recording
Precisions – My Sense Of Direction (Is Blown) – Hen Mar
Fascinators – In Other Words – Bombay
Honey & The Bees – Be Yourself – Academy
Sea Shells – Quiet Home - Village
J.T. Carter – Closer To Your Heart – Decca
Eddie Holland – I’m On The Outside Looking In - Motown
Temptations – Angel Doll – Unissued Jobete Recording
Linda Griner – Goodbye Cruel Love – Motown
Linda Rae – Time For Love Is Now - Mike
C.V. Horn – Love Is A Situation – Della
Donnels – Everybody Don’t Know – Alpha
Springers -Nothing’s Too Good For My Baby – Wale
Johnny Summers – I’m Still Yours – Yorktown
Tommy Dodson III – Cooperate - Main Sound
Robert Tenard – Gotta Get Goin’ – Fabulos
Ambers – Funny Face Girl – 10” April & Blackwood Acetate
O.C. Tolbert – I’m Shooting High (I’ll Reach For The Sky) – Audiodisc Acetate
(Cleveland Wilson)

Richard Searling: Seventh Heaven


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Podcast number 60!! I never imagined when I started this I would do 10, 60 is just amazing!

This is the final podcast covering the Modern Soul plays of Richard Searling, unless Sean Price comes up with another list! Many thanks to Sean for all his help with the Richard Searling plays, couldn’t have done it without him. Again many new releases which highlights the diversity and open mindedness of the 80’s all-nighter crowds.

Gwen Guthrie - Seventh Heaven – Island
Maurice Messiah – We Can Go To Your House – Quality
Alicia Myers - I Fooled You This Time – MCA
Angela Bofill – Is This A Dream – Arista
Lillo Thomas – You’re A Good Girl - Capitol
Atlantic Starr – Touch A Four Leaf Clover – A&M
Dayton – Promise Me – Capitol
Curtis Hairston – I Want You (All Tonight) – Pretty Pearl
Gwen Guthrie – Padlock – Island
Kashif – Help Yourself To My Love – Arista
Jeffrey Osborne – Don’t You Get So Mad – A&M
The Ronnie McNeir Experience – Keep Giving Me Love – Capitol
Howard Johnson – Keepin’ Love New – A&M
Lenny White – Didn’t Know About Love (Till I Found You) - Elektra

Richard Searling: Keep It Comin'


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A further selection of records as played by Richard Searling at The Top Of The World in Stafford. Again all Modern Soul.

Once again thanks to Sean Price for all his help.

The Jones Girls – Keep It Comin’ – Philadelphia International Records
The Ronnie McNeir Experience – Come Be With Me – Capitol EP
Lillo Thomas – Hot Love – Capitol
Ozone – (Our Hearts) Will Always Shine – Motown
Glenn Jones – Finesse – RCA
Kashif – Don’t Stop My Love – Arista
The Ronnie McNeir Experience – Is This What Happens To A Love – Capitol EP
Maurice Messiah – 50/50 Love – Quality
Melba Moore – Love Me Right – Capitol
Gladys Knight & The Pips – Save The Overtime (For Me) – Columbia
Michael Wycoff – Tell me Love – RCA
Jerry Knight – I’m Down For That – A&M
Peabo Bryson – Go For It - Capitol

Richard Searling: Smoothin’ Groovin’


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It has been a while since any Modern Soul was featured amongst these podcasts so it is time to redress the balance before I upset one side of the room! Here we have the first of three podcasts featuring the records Richard Searling was featuring around the time. Richard would finish presenting his show in Sheffield for Radio Hallam and head straight for Stafford, usually with a bunch of promos and new releases under his arm to unleash on the Stafford crowd.

Many thanks to Sean Price. Without his help and memory it wouldn’t have been possible to compile this and the upcoming two podcasts.

Ingram – Smoothin’ Groovin’ – Mirage
Lew Kirton – Talk To Me – Believe In A Dream
The Ronnie McNeir Experience – Light My Fire - Capitol
O’Jays – Extraordinary Girl – Philadelphia International
Kashif – Rumours – Arista
Bill Brandon – Space Age Lover – Studio Acetae
Maurice Messiah – How Long - Quality
Chuck Strong – Doin’ It cause It Feels Good – Invasion
Gary Taylor – Just What I Had In Mind – A&M
L.J. Reynolds – Don’t Let Nobody Hold You Down – Polygram
Kashif – I’ve Been Missing You – Arista
Gladys Knight – When You’re Far Away – CBS
O’Jays – Summer Fling – Philadelphia International
Billy Griffin – Be With Me – Columbia
Curtis Hairston – Summertime - Pretty Pearl

Chris Plant: My Oh My


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The title says it all when reading the following set list, My Oh My...or words to that effect! Chris Plant certainly had some records, monsters as most would describe them today. Today most DJ’s would give their right arm, a kidney and anything else they could manage without for a selection like this. Not all his own discoveries admittedly, but nonetheless it is one impressive selection that would still hold it’s own in any venue anywhere today. The majority of the set is made up from a top 30 chart of Chris’s from between 1982 and 1984 of records he was playing at p[laces like Stafford, The Cavendish Suite, Peterborough, Clifton Hall and all the other top venues where Chris played.

Greater Experience – Don’t Forget To Remember – Colony 13
Ramona Collins – You Been Cheating – Clark’s Bobby Wisdom – Handwriting On The Wall – Out A Site (Billy Kennedy) Yvonne Vernee – Just Like You Did Me – Sonbert Eddie Daye & The Four Bars – Guess Who Loves You - Shrine Magnetics – Lady In Green - Bonnie
Vondells – Hey, Girl You’ve Changed – Airtown Jimmy Delphs – Dancing A Hole In The World – Carla Eric Mercury – Lonely Girl - SAC
Gene Toones – What More Do You Want – Simco Martells – Where Can My Baby Be – Al-La-Carte Ray Agee – I’m Losing Again – Soultown Johnny Honeycutt – I’m Coming Over – Triode Jesse Davis – There’s Room For Me – Revere (Lenny Welch) Sequins – Try My Love – The Detroit Sound Virginia Blakely – Let Nobody Love You – Mojo Art Gentry – Merry-Go-Round – Onyx Del Tours – Sweet And Lovely – Starville Billy Floyd – My Oh My – Arctic Professionals – That’s Why I Love You – Groove City Al Williams – I Am Nothing – La Beat Lester Tipton - This Won’t Change – La Beat Jackie Beavers – I Need My Baby – Revilot Chandlers – Your Love Makes Me Lonely – Col-Soul Classics – So Glad That I Found You – Yan-G Majestics – I Love Her So Much It Hurts – Linda William Powell – Heartaches Souvenirs – Power House Sandy Wynns – I’ll Give That To You – Simco Roger Pace – The Minute My Back Was Turned - Select Betty Lloyd – I’m Catching On – BSC Barbara Acklin – I’m Not Mad Anymore – Special Agent
Soulettes - Bring Your Fine Self Home – Scope
Detroit Soul - All Of My Life – Music Town
Little Charles & The Sidewinders - It's A Heartache – Decca
(Sam Coltrane - Watch Out For The Heartaches)

Keith Minshull - I Still Remember The Feeling


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Stafford (2 of 26)
Keith with George Sharp on the left and Keb and Guy to his right at Stafford.

Keith Minshull, a somewhat unsung hero of the scene who rarely gets the recognition he deserves. Keith was running all-nighters at the Top Of The World prior to it becoming the Stafford we know. He teamed up with Dave Thorley and began promoting all-nighters under the Top Dog Soul Club banner in early 1982 up until May 1983 when the Drifters failed to perform. As with this set, not all are discoveries or first played by Keith. There are some Casino biggies, particularly for Richard Searling, some Stafford “oldies”, Dave Withers with the unissued Motown for instance and the odd spin or two for Gary Rushbrooke, all along side some plays made popular by Keith. One thing is for sure Keith’s last hour spots were enjoyed many many and he he certainly knew how to work a floor.

Holman’s Hero’s – Eddie’s My Name (Inst) - Unissued
Barbara Lewis – I Still Remember The Feeling – Atlantic
Originals – Suspicion – Unissued Motown
Marvelettes – The Boy From Crosstown – Unissued Motown
(Lillian Dupree - The Boy That I Love)
Marvelettes – Sugar’s Never Been As Sweet – Unissued Motown
(Patti Gilson & Tonettes – Sugar’s Never Been As Sweet)
Elbie Parker – Please Keep Away From Me – Veep
Admirations – You Left Me – Peaches
Danny Owens – I Can’t Be Your Fool Anymore – Manhatten
(Bell Boys – Can’t Be A Fool)
Paris – Sleepless Nights – Doc
Kenny Wells – Isn’t It Just A Shame – New Voice
Greg Perry – It Takes Heart – Alpa
Cody Marshall – The Thought Of Losing You – Sound Judgement
(Pierré Hunt)
NuRons – All Of My Life – NuRon
(Lamarr Thomas & The Chains That Bind – All Of My Life Waiting For You)
Jan Jones – Independent Woman – Daywood
Prince Philip Mitchell – I’m So Happy – Atlantic
Jimmy McFarland – Lonely Lover – RPR
Larry Laster – Go For Yourself – Loma
Kenny Carlton – Lost And Found – Blue Rock
Howard Guyton – I Watched You Slowly Slip Away – Verve
Johnny Watson – South Like West (Inst) – Okeh
Eddie Parker – I’m Gone – Awake
Damon Fox – Packin’ Up - Fairmount
Yvonne Vernee – Just Like You Did Me – Sonbert
Executive Four – We Got A Good Thing Going – Lu-Mar
Johnny Honeycutt – I’m Coming Over – Triode
Magnetics – Lady in Green – Bonnie
Seven Souls – I Still Love You – Okeh
Sam Fletcher – I’d Think It Over – Tollie
Deon Jackson – I Still Remember The Feeling – Deon Jackson LP track previously unissued Carla Recording.
Fabulous Moonlighters – For Granted – Blue Eagle
Twilights – You’re The One – Aqua
Magnetics – When I’m With My Baby – Sable
Martha Starr – No Part Time Love For Me – Thelma
Ty Karim – You Really Made It Good To Me – Senator
Soundmasters – Lonely, Lonely – Juliet
Terry Callier – Look At me Now - Cadet
Willie Tee – Please Don’t Go – Nola

Jimmy Wensiora: Everybody's Talking


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Steve Phyllis, Jimmy Wensiora, Keb & George Sharp (© George Sharp)
Steve Phyliss, Jimmy Wensiora, Keb And George Sharp @ Stafford

Been a while since last podcast, this time I feature another of the unsung heroes in my opinion. Jimmy not always getting the respect and credit he deserves. One thing for sure was Jimmy had some monster records back then, some of the rarest and most expensive. When he sold up around 87/88 Keb and Rob Marriott bought many of his biggies and it kept them going for a year or two for their playlists at the time.

Compiling Jimmy’s podcast wasn’t easy as it appeared not many could remember exactly what he played at Stafford, however a playlist was produced from Rock City from around that time and with other records we knew for sure he played we have a healthy list of tracks to compile the podcast. One or two I couldn’t source sound files or find out what they were, Baby Washington "Let It Be Me” (cover up I presume) and Vince And Connie "I Bear Witness” (one off acetate) being two.

Charmianes - Standing In The Need Of Love - April & Blackwood Acetate
Joan Baker - Everybody’s Talking - Diamond
(Bettye LaVette)
Bernard Williams & The Original Bluenotes - Tears Tell The Whole Sad Story - Virtue Acetate.
Re-Vells - I Want A New Love - Trent Town
Ty Karim - You Really Made It Good To Me - Romark
Tina Roberts - One Way Or The Other - Security
(Honey & The Bees)
Admirations - You Left Me - Peaches
Richard Anthony - Keep On Living On - Virtue
Jimmy Armstrong - Mystery - Shrine
James Wesley Smith - Talkin’ About Women - Angel Town
Cheques - Deeper - Heatwave
Van McCoy - Sing Yeah Sing - Unissued Studio Acetate
Boss Four - Walking By - RIM
(The Fascinators - Just Wakin By)
George Lemons - Fascinating Girl - Gold Soul
Janeen Henry - Baby Boy - Blue Rock
Mary Hunt - I Want To Love And Be Loved - Soul Mate
(Alice Clark)
Benny Harper - My Prayer - Harper Soul
Out Of Sights - For The Rest Of My Life - Saru
(Sammy Campbell - My Baby She's Gone)
Ralph Graham - She Just Sits There - Upfront
(Monster bit later for Colin Law covered up very briefly Tommy Navarro
as James Conwell)
Dynamic Three - She Said Yeah - Del Val
Magnetics - Count The Days - Sable
Del- Chontays - Baby I Love You - Steeltown
Debonaires - Come Back Baby - SouL Click
Speedlimit - Can’t Say No - Cutlass Acetate
Citations - (To Win The Race) Keep The Faith - Ballad
(Magnificent Men)
Soulettes - Bring Your Fine Self Home - Scope
Romona Collins - You’ve Been Cheating - Clark’s
Flairs - You Got To Steal It - RAP
Two Plus Two - Love Will Conquer All - Ditto
Gracie Dumas - Song Of A Woman - El Dorado Acetate/J-Gems
Betty Wilson - I’m Yours - Dayco
Chico Lamarr - What Do You Think I Am - Fuller
Eric Mercury - Lonely Girl - SAC
Jesse Davis - Gonna Hang On In There Girl - Era
J.D. Bryant - I Won’t Be Coming Back - Shrine

Guy & Keb: The Times We Had Together


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60's Mafia
6t’s Mafia Keb and Guy at the re-union in 2010

This podcast just about completes Keb and Guy’s contribution as far as I am concerned. Some great records amongst them some (cough) not so great but they are part of the history. Some of these are reactivations from previous years and the odd track played by one or the other previously.

There are still plenty of tracks from both as many were one two or three play only before getting dropped or so scarce I can’t find a recording and in some cases can’t identify some (including some cover ups and unreleased material), many that can’t even be remembered.. Some of these include an instrumental Guy called Al Kent “One Step Beyond”, Innocent Bysanders “Breaking Out” from Keb, another from Keb the instrumental played as Frank Foster “:Going To Detroit” (Bell Sound Acetate) and the instrumental of “Sweeter Than The Day Before” (Valentinos) that Guy played plus many more.

Sam Bowie & The Blue Feelings - (Think Of) The Times We Had Together - Wingate
Billy Robinson & The Burners - Shucks You Left The Fire Burning - Crazy Horse
(Gino Parks)
Lee Drummond - Baby I Know - Fontana
Purple Mundi - Stop Hurting Me Baby - Cat
Kenny Hamber - Time - De-Jac
(Artie Wheeler - I Said Time)
Van McCoy & Friends - Ain’t Got No Love - Acetate (Dress Rehearsal)
Johnny Wyatt - I Wouldn’t Change A Thing About You - Challenge
Edie Walker - I Don’t Need You Anymore - Mew
Bill Horton - I Wanna Know - Kayden
Faithful Wonders - Ol’ John (Behold Thy Mother) - Checker
The Victors - Not Only The Girl Knows - Philips
Wesley Paige - You Turn Me Around - RoJac
Z.Z. Hill - What More - Kent
Z.Z. Hill - That’s It - Kent
(Both ZZ Hill Guy first as far as I am aware and then Keb)
Lonnie Lester - You Can’t Go - Nu-Tone
Tony Hestor - Watch Yourself - Karate
Wilbur Reynolds - Who’ll Cry - Resist
(Carol Waller -
Kalendars - It Takes Two - Tee Vee
(Guy as well)
Johnny Cobb & The Attractions - Forget Him - Jaguar
(Ohio Untouchables - Keep on for both Keb and Guy) Sticks & Fingers - Baby Doll - Flash
The Fugitives - I Love You More Than Anything - Path
The Embers - Where Did I Go Wrong - Atlantic
Big Frank And The Essence - I Won’t Let Her See Me Cry - Blue Rock
(Big Joe’s Ivory Brass - She Won’t See Me)
Blenders - Your Love Has Got Me Down - Mar-V-Lus
Sam Anderson & The Telstars - Standing At The Edge Of The Sea - Deck/King

Keb Darge: Someday


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Another set of 6t’s Mafia Soul from Keb Darge.

The Tempests - Someday - Smash
(Bobby Paris)
Roy Roberts - I Know What To Do To Satisfy You - Tina
Bobby Byrd - Lost In The Mood Of Changes - Smash
Charles Farren - You Changed My Whole Life Around - Hawk
Johnny Jackson & The Blazers - What You Gonna Do - J-Mer
Johnny K. Killens & The Dynamites - I Don’t Need Help - Deep City
Casuals On The Square - Till The End Of Time - London Square Production
The Lyrics - Keep Me Closer To Your Heart - J.W.J.
Miki Farrow - Could It Be - Karate
O’Jays - I’ll Never Forget You - Imperial
Ron Baxter - I Gotta Know - Olé 9
The New Holidays - My Baby Ain’t No Plaything - Westbound
Patty & The Emblems - You Took Advantage Of A Good Thing - Herald
Charlotte O’Hara - What About Me - Ava
Ronnie Mislap - Total Disaster - Princess
Volumes - One Way Lover - American Arts
Skip Easterling - Keep The Fire Burning - Alon
Bobbie Jean Bland - I’m Satisfied Just Loving You - Sack
Rose St. John & The Wonderettes - Fool Don’t Laugh - Veep
(Barbara Angelle?)
Barbara Jean & The Lyrics - Any Two Can Play - Big Hit
A.C. Poston - I’m So Full Of Love - Odessa
Bob & Gene - I Really Love You - Mo Do
Art Benton - Sweet Loving - Chris
Ad Libs - Think Of Me - Karen
Ambassadors - Do You Ever Think Of Me - Debrossard
Beverley Brown - You Got Me Helpless - ABS
Tony Daniels - How Lonely - Sport
Jimmy Delphs - I’ve Been Fooled Before - Carla

Guy Hennigan: Hurry Back


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Guy with Colin Law (at Allanton ℅ Andy Dennison)

It’s been a wee while since I did a podcast to celebrate this great all-nighter. Here is another front the great Guy Hennigan. Took me an age to track down a Toni Ross sound-file which I wanted to complete this podcast. Enjoy

Toni Ross - Hurry Back - Har-Town
Cicero Blake - If I Had My Way - Brainstorm
Charles Spurling - She Cried Just A Minute - King
Calvin & The Twilites - Bashful Boy - Har-Low
(Serviceman" - In The Twilight Zone)
Gladys - Can’t Get You out Of My Mind - O-Gee
Jo Ann Garrett - Whole New Plan - Chess
Herb & Doris - Somebody Somewhere Needs You - HIP
Gigi & Charmaines - G.I. Joe - Fraternity
Clarence Green & The Rhythmaires - Ground Hog - Duke
(Soul Riders - On The Up Stroke)
Jimmy Church - Right On Time - Southern Artists
Ollie Jackson - Gotta Wipe Away The Teardrops - Magnum
Little Ron Johnson - I Keep Telling You - Hard Times
Perfections - So Lonely - Big B
Kindly Shepherds - Lend Me Your Hand - Checker
Franciscans - Walk To The Bottom Of The Sea - Jimbo
Emorise “Schoolboy” Kelly - The Biggest Fool - Peacock
Johnny Gilliam - Baby Take Me Back - Modern
Wade & Jamie - Don’t Put Off Till Tomorrow - Palomar
(Smokey & The Fabulous Miss Blade)
The Strands - The Breeze From The Trees - Tarx
Bobby & Betty Lou - Soul Stirrer - Old Town
Richard Brown - Sweet & Kind - Steeltown
Ritchie Brown - Uptight - Twin Hits
Splendors - Please Don’t Go - Karate
(Bill Medley & The Wall Of Sound)
Steve Flanigan - I’ve Arrived - Era
Ray & Dave - Wrong Wrong Wrong - Mica
Ultimations - Would I Do It Over - Mar-V-Lus
Wade Flemons - That Other Place - VeeJay

Dave Thorley: Shake Your A-S-S-E-T-S


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Steve Smith & Dave Thorley (© Catriona Smith)
Steve Smith & Dave Thorley (Courtesy of Catriona Smith).

A second podcast this weekend and again it is Dave Thorley who is the focus but this time it focus’s entirely on the modern side of the Scene from the days of Stafford. Quality Modern Soul!

Hudson People - Trip To Your Mind - Hit House (12”)
C-Brand - Shake Your A-S-S-E-T-S - Detroit International
Magic Lady - Betcha Can’t Lose With My Love - Motown
Avatarr - Depression - Mystic Insight
Frazelle - Today is The Day (You've Got To Love Somebody) - Chocolate Cholly’s
Miroslav Vitous - New York City - Warner Brothers
Oliver Cheatham - Bless The Ladies - MCA
Patti Labelle - It’s Alright With Me - Epic
Lonnie Liston Smith - A Song For The Children - Columbia
George McCrae - Take It All Off - Soul City
Bobby Womack - Gypsy Woman - MCA
Ronn Matlock - You Got The Best Of Me - Cotillion
Ronnie Dyson - All Over Your Face - Cotillion
Donn Thomas - How Can I Help But Love You - Myrrh
Michael Smith - A Love That’s Heavenly Inspired - Pharaoh
Jerri Jackson - I Can Almost Believe - Parallax

Dave Thorley: The Beating Of My Lonely Heart


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Stafford (19 of 26)
Photo courtesy of Neil Salter.

32 years ago this month (April 1982) The Stafford all-nighters under the banner of the Top Dog Soul Club opened it’s doors. We celebrate that fact with the 50th podcast in the series that tell that story of the all-nighter through the music. I started these podcasts in 2011 and never for one minute thought I would be hear 50 podcasts later, I originally thought 10, maybe 15 but once I had started I couldn’t stop as I just got more and more information the more I delved into this period of history on the UK Northern Soul Scene. There has been some great, fantastic music, there has like any period in history of the scene some poor ones too but that just makes all the more interesting. I hope like me you have enjoyed this story so far. Stick with it though as there are still motte to come.

We celebrate the 50th podcast fittingly with none other than it’s driving force behind the night Dave Thorley. A great selection of across the board tracks. The odd carry over from Yate and Wigan amongst them, and the odd track or two that might be best forgotten. But none the less an interesting and enjoyable selection.

P.W. Cannon - The Beating Of My Lonely Heart - Hickory The Star Treks - Gonna Need Magic - Veep
The “Q” - That’s The Way - Hound
(Richard’s James Lewis & Case Of Time cover up late Wigan, massive at Stafford for Dave)
Del-Larks - Job Opening (Part 2) - Queen City
Willie & Mighty Magnificent's - Check It Baby - All Platinum
(Willie Kendricks)
The Nite-Liters - Cherish Every Precious Moment - RCA
Three Shades Of Soul - Being In Love - Enjoy
James Conwell - Another Sundown In Watts - Guiness
Ty Karim - Lighten Up - Romark
Hattie Winston - When This Battle Is Over - Unissued Studio Acetate
Mel Williams - Sweet Girl Of Mine - Buddah
The California Playboys - Trying To Become A Millionaire - Loadstone
Ivan Neville - Dance Your Blues Away - Cookie
Four Sonics - If It Wasn’t For My Baby - JMC
Willie & Mighty Magnificent's - Soulin’ - All Platinum
Steve Mallory - Wanted For Love - Garrett
Little Henry Lee - Better Use Your Head - Gismo
Ral Donner - Mr Misery - Studio Acetate
Jimmy Raye - Philly Dog Around The World - KKC
Del Reys - Mama Was Right - New Breed
The Embers - Where Did I Go Wrong - Atlantic
The Servicemen - Are You Angry - Wind Hit
SouL Communicators - Those Lonely Nights - Fee Bee
The M&M & The Peanuts - The Phillie - Money

Ian Clark: Can't Get Over These Memories


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Stafford (26 of 26)
Ian in the oldies room, 2nd Anniversary 1984.

The second instalment of Ian Clark’s selection of tracks from the Yate/Stafford era. Again many sought after rarities amongst the selection and just about everyone any DJ would love in their set!

Eddie Jasper Daye’s Four Bars - Lean On Me (When Headaches Get Rough) - Dayco
Chuck Holiday - Just Can’t Trust Nobody - Gloria
Jimmy Holiday - Shield All Around - KT
Premonitions - In Love Together - Jade
Eddie Daniels - Is He Better Than Me - Boots
Delettes - Look At Me - Blue Rock
Barbara Jean & The Lyrics - Why Weren’t You There - Big Hit
Entertainers - I’m In Love With You - HMC
Charles Sherrell - Things You Do For Love - Muscle Records
Glenda McCloud - No Stranger To Love - H.G.E.I.
J.P. Robinson - Our Day Is Here - Blue Candle
Bobby Rich - There’s A Girl Somewhere For Me - Sambea
Montclairs - Wait For Me - Sunburst
John & The Weirdest - No Time - Tie
Don Varner - Tear Stained Face - Quinvy
Chi-Lites - She’s Mine - Blue Rock
The Ideals - You Lost I Won - Satellite
Bobby Reed - You Are - Claytown/Brunswick
Charles Perry - How Can I (Keep From Crying) - Magnum/MGM
Lord Luther - My Mistake - Schireck
Montclairs - Hey You! Don’t Fight It - Arch
Ruby Andrews - Just Loving You - Zodiac
Lonnie Russ - Say Girl - Kerwood
Ozz & His Spurlings - Can You Qualify - Goldenway
Garland Green - Ain’t That Good Enough - Revue
Bobby Hutton - Come See What’s Left Of Me - Philips
John & The Weirdest - Can’t Get Over These Memories - Tie

Ian Clark: Trick Bag


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Stafford (10 of 26)
an at Stafford 2nd Anniversary 1984

Ian Clark one of the best and nicest DJ’s of his time, dare I say it sorely missed from the decks. One of the hardest working DJ’s, always working to source dance floor delights. Not always exclusives (although he did have these as well) but he had many of the day’s big records and he had a good ear and knew what the dance floor needed. Ian was one of those who came with Dave from Yate to Stafford and carried on with the same attitude and spirit of Yate and helped make Stafford what it was. A popular DJ during the late 70’s and 80’s, as well as Yate and Stafford he was a regular at the 100 Club into the later 80’s.

Norma Jenkins - Airplane Song - Maltese
Antiques - Go For Yourself - LaSalle
Vondells - Hey Girl You’ve Changed - Airtown
Utopias - Girls Are Against Me - Lasalle
Excuses - Trick Bag - Vivace
Tommy Knight - Don’t Bring Back Memories - Abtone Acetate
Eddie Holman - Hold Me In Your Arms - Unissued Acetate
Frank Everrett - Spellbound - Big Smokey
Great Lakes Orchestra feat. Lou Ragland - This Is The Night For Loving - Great Lakes Recording Inc
Prince Philip Mitchell - I’m So Happy - Atlantic
Bobby Kline - Say Something Nice To Me - MB
Margie & The Formations - Sad Illusion - COED
Jimmy Castor - Just You Girl - Smash
Virgil Murray’s Tomorrow’s Yesterday - I Still Care - Kool Kat
Joanne Courcy - I Got The Power - Twirl
Little ann - Lean Lanky Daddy - Unissued Acetate
The Professionals - That’s Why I Love You - Groove City
Eric Mercury & The Soul Searchers - Lonely Girl - Sac
Seven Souls - I Still Love You - Okeh
Cashmeres - Showstopper - HEM
Argie & The Arketts - You’re The Guy - Ronnie
Tony Middleton - Spanish Maiden - Storm/Speed
Shadows - My Love Is Gone - USA
Kell Osborne - Small Things - New Bag
Bobby Wisdom - Handwriting On The Wall - Out A Site
Willie Tee - Please Don’t Go - Nola
Springers - Nothings Too Good For My Baby - Wale

Dave Thorley: Dancing In The Night


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Stafford (18 of 26)
Photo courtesy of Neil Salter

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy new year and I hope 2014 brings you all you wish for.

We start the New Year by returning to the music played by the Top Dog himself Mr. Dave Thorley. This set comprises of Modern Soul that Dave used to spin, many new releases or just a year or two since release. Thanks to Dave and Sean Price for remembering the records, enjoy the music.

The Jones Girls - On Target - RCA
Five O’Clock - Hold On Tight- O'Clock
Aretha Franklin - Jump To It  - Arista
Terry Wells - You Make It Heaven - Philly world
Kitty Haywood - Givin' It Up- Lance
Ren Woods - Get It Right - Elektra
Evan Rogers - Secret Love - RCA
Unique - What I Got Is What You Need - Prelude
Johnnie Taylor - Seconds Of Your Love - Beverley Glenn
Fishburn & Francis - Give Me Some Love - AIP International
Majik - Back In My Heart - Hi (Frank Beverly & Maze - I’m Running)
Jeff Tyzik - New York Woman - Polydor
High Frequency - Summertime - NIA (7”)
Peabo Bryson - Make Up Your Mind - Capitol
Lainer & Co - Dancing In The Night - Waylo

Ady Croasdell: Welcome To Dreamsville


Pasted Graphic

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Pasted Graphic
Ady Croasdell at Leighton Buzzard (photo courtesy of Jon Buck)

For this podcast we take a bow to 100 Club and 6t’s Rhythm & Blues co-founder Ady Croasdell, aka Harboro’ Horace. Although not a resident he did make guest appearances at The Top Of The World. He was and still is responsible via Kent/Ace records for some truly wonderful discoveries. Many at the time given to Keb and to a lesser extent Guy to give them more exposure, Melba Moore, Peggy Woods, Maxine Brown etc etc.

Much of the podcast is based on a set Ady actually played at TOTW, the rest made up of his other spins from that time, approx. 1985.

Tommy Hunt - Pretty Part Of You - Unissued
Sammy Ambrose - Welcome To Dreamsville - Musicor
Marvelows - Your Little Sister - ABC Paramount
Bunny Sigler - For Crying Out Loud - Decca
(Lee Valentine & Bluesmen)
Moments  - Baby Baby Need You - Hog
(Unreleased Edgewood Acetate at the time, the Hog 45 didn’t surface until the early 90’s.)
Hector Rivera - I Want A Chance For Romance - Barry
Melba Moore - Magic Touch - Unissued
(Mary Love)
Peggy Woods - Love Is Gonna Get You - Unissued
Maxine Brown - I Want A Guarantee - Unissued Alt Vocal
Trends - Not Too Old To Cry - ABC Paramount
Tommy Hunt - New Neighbourhood - Unissued
Wally Cox - This Man Wants You - Mono Take
Chuck Flamingo & The Kansas City Playboys - Whats My Chances - Rojac
Chuck Jackson - Little By Little 
Maxine Brown - It’s Torture - Unissed
(Jackie Day)
Little Tommy - Baby Can't You See -Sound Of Soul
Drapers - Your Love Has Gone Away - Gee
(Three Strangers)
Tony Mason - Take Good Care - RCA
Rubies - Spanish Boy - VJ
Harvey Averne Dozen - Never Learned To Dance - Uptite
Two People - Stop Leave My Heart Alone - Revue
Steinways - You’ve Been Leading Me On - Oliver
Roosevelt Grier - Pizza Pie Man - D-Town
The Megatrons - The Detroit Sound - Laurie
(Fred Scrunge)
Boston Hitesmen - Let It Ride - MTA
Johnny Maestro - Stepping Out Of The Picture - Scepter

Pasted Graphic 1
Ady with 6t’s co-founder Randy Cozens.

Soul Sam: I'm Your Superman


Pasted Graphic
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Best of buddies, two legends of the scene Sam & Arthur
(Photo courtesy of Patrick Clugston)

Here is the second podcast featuring more Modern Soul magic the Godfather of the Rare Soul scene “Soul Sam” featured in his sets during his brief stint behind the decks at Stafford in around 1984.

Major Lance - Are You Leaving Me - Kat Family
Lenny Welch - You Picked A Fine Time (To Change Your Mind) - Big Apple
Julius Brown - Never Too late - West End
Al McCall - Hard Times - West End
Samson & Delilah - I Can Feel Your Love Slipping Away - Saturn
Mel Stewart - No Work, No Play - Mercury
Ivan Neville (Neville Brothers) - Dance Your Blues Away - Cookie
Bill - Space Lady - Dollar Bill
Richard Caiton - Where Is The Love - J.B.’s Records
Ronnie Dyson - All Over Your Face - Cotillion
Timmy Thomas - Gotta Give A Little Love - Gold Mountain
Mother Fox - Fallen Into Love - Shabang
Luther Vandross - For The Sweetness Of Your Love - Epic
Circle City Band - Magic - Circle City Records
Pure Energy featuring Lisa Stevens - Love Game - Prism
Jan Leslie Holmes - I’m Your Superman - Jay Jay Records
Jamie Lynn - You Ain’t Got No Money - Salsoul
Kinky Foxx - So Different - Sound Of New York

Thanks to Sean price for his help with what Sam was playing back in the days of Stafford.

Soul Sam: Get Into The Groove


Pasted Graphic

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Stafford (9 of 26)
Stafford’s Modern Soul Masters Robin Salter and Soul Sam. (photo courtesy of Neil Salter).

It has been a while since Modern Soul was featured amongst these podcasts with the focus having been on the 60’s and the 6t’s Mafia. Buy we now turn our attention to some Modern Soul and the first of two podcasts to feature the Grandfather of the northern and modern Soul scene Martin Barnfather....or as he is better known to most Soul Sam. Sam’s spell at Stafford wasn’t for very long, approximately 6 months or so but for some he was the highlight of the night with his blend of Soul, Disco and Boogie. Many of his set were at the time new releases.

The following podcast is what Sam played at a one off Modern and Funk all-nighter at the Top Of The World on Friday 4th May 1984.

4th May 1984 Modern & Funk All-Nighter

The Latest - Starting Over - Ransom Records
Bridget Cooper - Get into The Love Groove - Birdie
Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes - Don’t Give Me Up - Philly World
The Chi-Lites - I Keep Coming Back To You - Private I
Junior Walker & The All-Stars - In And Out - Motown (Blow Your House Down Lp)
Terri Wells - I’ll Be Around - London/Philly World
Clarence Jackson - Wrap It Up - R&R
The Jones Girls - You Can’t Have My Love - PIR
The Fresh Band - Come Back Lover - Ar ’N Be Records
Bobby Womack - Tell Me Why - Beverley Glen
Rome Jeffries - Good Love - Rain records
Jocelyn Brown - Somebody Else’s Guy - Vinyl Dreams
The Detroit Spinners - Right Or Wrong - Atlantic
The Ritchie Family - Real Love - RCA (All Night All long Lp)
Funk Deluxe - This Time - Salsoul
Evan Rogers - Stay Here With Me - RCA
Starpoint - It’s All Yours - Elektra

Stafford 4th May 1984
(Flyer courtesy of Megan Willsher)

Steve Smith: Jerk It With Soul


Pasted Graphic

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Steve Smith & Dave Thorley Satfford

Steve and Dave Thorley (Photo courtesy of Catriona Smith)

I hope you enjoyed the last podcast featuring the records of Steve Smith, we are back with the second of Steve’s, again featuring a nice selection of “oldies” and “newies”. As with the first podcast the comments show that the so called “oldies” room was responsible for many main room biggies.

Enjoy the music...some modern soul will be the feature for the next few podcasts, many new releases at the time.

Willie Walker - Jerk It With Soul - Taste
Sunlover’s - My Poor Heart - Breakthorugh
Sam Dees - Lonely For You baby - SSS
(Dan Brantley)
Chuck Holiday - Just Can’t Trust Nobody - Gloria
Calvin & The Twilights - Bashful Boy - Har-Low
(Sold to Keb or Steve Phyllis ?)
Exceptions - Baby You know I Need You - Groovey Groove
Rees Flores - Look Into My Heart - M&H
Soul Bros Inc - Pyramid - Golden Eye
George Smith - I’ve Had It - Turntable
Gene Barbour & The Cavaliers - I Need A Love - HIT
Sweet Three - That’s The Way It Is (When A Girl’s In Love) - Decca
Tate - Love Shop - Cloverstreet
Lee Edwards & His Continentals - (I’ve Got To have Her) Need I Say More - Lantic Gold Sound
(Continental, sold to Dave Thorley)
The Ramblers featuring Little Preston - So Sad - Trumpet
The Turks - The Bad Brought The Good - DJO
(Sold to Dave Thorley)
Joey Gee - It’s More Than I Deserve - ABC Paramount
Gambrells - You Better Move - Carla
(Detroit Girls)
Demures - Raining Teardrops - Brunswick
Betty Wilson - I’m Yours - Dayco
Charlotte Tillman - Baby I’m Serious - Josie
Fabulous Moonlighters - For Granted - Blue Eagle
(Sold to Dave Thorley)
Dickie Wonder - Nobody Knows - Sounds Of Soul
Les Chansonettes - Don’t Let Him Hurt You - Shrine
The Enticers - Calling For Your Love - Cotillion
Linda Queen - I Feel The Pain - Rod

Steve Smith: It's Better


Pasted Graphic
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Steve Smith
Steve on a digging’ trip to the USA (thanks to Catriona Smith for the photo)

Carrying on with our unsung heroes from the days of Stafford who don’t tend to get the recognition they deserve. Here we feature one of the scenes characters, from Gloucester, Steve Smith. Steve a some what veteran of the scene having been attending venues since the beginning of the 70’s. Steve was given responsibilities by Dave to look after the “oldies” room. Bit of an oxymoron the term oldies at times as this room was often every bit as upfront as the main room with many of the DJ’s keeping the records fresh and upfront. Here we have a great selection for Steve’s first podcast, a good mix of the new and old but underplayed.

Reggie Alexander - Its Better - Boss
William Cummings - Make My Love A Hurtin´ Thing - Bang Bang
Jess Johnson - Left Out - Old Town
Kell Osborne - Law Against A Heartbreaker - Highland Willie Hightower - Because I Love You - Capitol
(Robert Banks cover up bought from Pete Lawson)
De-Vons - Someone To Treat Me - King
(King sisters)
Linda Queen - Where Can My Baby Be - Rod
Bobby Sheen - Something New To Do - Warner Brothers
Valerie Lamar - Shame
(Ann Sexton, sold to Dave Thorley)
Moses Smith - Come On, Let Me Love You - Cotillion
Jades - Lucky Fellow - Mode
Jim And Lee - Let Go Baby - Smash
(Shirley and Jessie)
Bands Of Gold - It’s Over - Smash
Billy Storm - Please Don´t Mention Her Name - HBR
(sold to George)
The Witches - She’s Got You Now - Bang
Wooden Nickels - Nobody But You - Omen
Duke and Leonard - Just do the best i can - Stomp Town
Edwin Riley - I love my baby - Sunni
Charles Drain - Stop & Think It Over - Top Track
Karmello Brooks - Tell Me Baby - Milestone
Oracles - I Ain’t Got Time - O-M
Tee Fletcher - Thank You Baby - Josie
Jive Five - You’re A Puzzle - Untied Artists
Maurice Jackson - Forever My Love - Weis
Mark Lloyd - When I’m Gonna Find Her - Parlophone
(Borrowed from Gilly and played three times one night)

George Sharp: It'll Never Be Over For Me


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Jackie and George Sharp (© Gis Southworth)

George Sharp with his better half Jackie.

More Stafford Top Of The World memories from the records played by George. Many a biggie in his sets, classic rarities, “newies” and the odd Stafford classic as well. When pestering George for as much as he could remember he went on to say as he was there early he would get many a first pick from Butch and Tim and he would “test” them out during his set. Many he says didn’t last long The Channels being just one which was quickly dropped. Some though still highly sought after today.

Capitols - Ooh What You’re Doing To Me - Omen
Relatives - I’m Just Looking For A Love - Almont
Larry Laster - That’s Just What You Did - Duo Virgo
Lee Harvey - Only True Love - J-Gems
Audrey Atkins - Down Came My Tears - Petal
Johnny Rome - Let Me Pour All My Love Into Your Heart - Philips
Versatiles - Cry Like A Baby - Staff
The Expressions - You Better Know It - Federal
Ron Baxter - This Is It - Ole 9
The Channels - I’ve Got My Eyes On You - Groove
Gary & Gary - I’m Leaving (For Parts Unknown) - Arock
The Brooks Brothers - Looking For A Woman - Tay
Danny Moore - Somebody New - Allrite
Larry Clinton - She’s Wanted - Dynamo
Ray Agee - I’m Losing Again - Soultown
Bob & Earl - Baby Doll - Tempe
Bill Miranda - Could’ve Had A Good Thing Going - Queens
Other Brothers - I’m Gonna Find Love - Pet
(Oscar Jackson)
Headlines - He’s Looking For A Love - Luau
AC Reed - My Baby’s Been Cheatin’ - Cool
Kenard - What Did You Gain - Doré
Sequins - Try My Love - Detroit Sound
Connie Van Dyke - Don’t Do Nothing I Wouldn’t Do - Wheelsville
The Exceptions - Baby You Know I Need You - Groovy Grooves
Jo Ann Garrett - Whole New Plan - Chess
Jim Nabbie - Look Here Girl - RPI
Ron Baxter - I Got To Know - Ole 9
Phonetics - Don’t Let Love Get You Down - Trudel
Betty Turner & The Chevelles - The Winds Kept Laughing - Crescent
Capitols - Can’t Deny That I Love You - Omen
Bill Miranda - Count Your Teardrops - Queens
Rufus Wonder & The Additions - Under The Moon - Lendo
Timi Yuro - It’ll Never Be Over For Me - Liberty

George Sharp: The Feeling Is Real


Pasted Graphic

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Steve Phyllis, Jimmy Wensiora, Keb & George Sharp.
Steve Phyllis, Jimmy Wensiora, Keb & George Sharp at Stafford.

We now turn the attention to a couple of DJ’s who it is fair to say that when Stafford is mentioned fail to get the attention the likes of Keb, Guy & Pat etc. For this podcast the attention is shining brightly on George Sharp. Well known collector and DJ on the scene from Bradford. George began DJing at Stafford around the time Guy and Keb came on board and would alternate with Jimmy Wensiora. George’s collection was well known and his tapes in Shades of Soul legendary and a way to hear many big records you would otherwise have to travel to hear. George’s collection was as you will see very impressive with many “newies” as well as major rarities from the likes of Wigan that George would include in his sets if they fitted the Stafford ethos. Enjoy!

George Pepp - The Feeling Is Real - Coleman
Norma Jenkins & The Dolls - The Airplane Song - Maltese
Telma Lavern - Baby Don’t Leave Me - Northern De-La
Connie Van Dyke - The Words Won’t Come - Wheelsville
Albert Williams - I’m In Your Corner - Checker
Dusty Wilson - Can’t Do Without You - Bronze
Blues Busters - I Can’t Believe That You’ve Gone - Bra
(Jimmy Docket - I’m Worried)
Andy Mack - Later Than You Think - Chess
Damon Fox - Packin’ Up - Fairmount
Lester Tipton - This Won’t Change - LaBeat
E. Williams - Trade My Soul - Jaadee
Bob & Fred - I’ll Be On My Way - Big Mack
Big Frank Murphy - It’s All Over But The Pain - Philips
George Tinley & The Modern Redcaps - I Ain’t Gonna Worry About You - Doo Wopp
Buster & James - Count The Tears - CeeJam
Blue Jays - (It Depends On The) Point Of View - Jay
Gino Washington - Like My Baby (Inst) - Do De Re
Arin Demain - Silent Treatment - Blue Star
Jackie Beavers - A Love That Never Grows Cold - Revilot
Sonny Fishback - Heartbreaking Man - Out A Site
Tootsie Rollers - Give Me Love - Me-O
(Silky Hargreaves - Gotta Have Love)
The Tempos - I’ll Never Forget You - Diamond Jim
Misty Moore - Little Things - Pzazz
Maria Tynes - The Queen is On Her Knees - Uptown
Roy Hamilton - You Can Count On me - MGM
Seminoles - I Can’t Stand It - Checkmate
The Righteous Brothers - Bring Your Love To Me - Moonglow
George Smith - I’ve Had It - Turntable
Paris - Sleepless Nights - Doc
Pat Lewis - No One To love - Solid Hit
Compliments - The Time Of Her Life - Congress
(Arin Demain)
Brooks O’Dell - You Better Make Your Mind Up - Bell

Pat Brady: Show Me The Time


Right Click to Download

Gary Rushbrooke, Russ and Pat Brady.

I never for once imagined that once I started this it would last so long…I though 10 or so podcasts but here we are with podcast 39 believe it or not!!

Here once again we have the Stafford memories of Pat Brady with his fourth podcast and I have to say I enjoyed this one as much as any of the others. Some real underplayed tracks alongside some classics and finishing with a few late Stafford spins that went on to become Northern Scene monster sounds. Enjoy.

Teddy Greene - Gotta Love You More - Capitol
Faustus - Baby Please - Gamble
August Moon - You're Together Baby - O-Gee
(Moving Parts)
Wilee McEwen - Hello Darling - STBY
(Freddie Williams - Goodbye Baby)
Charades - You Better Believe It - Hit Parade
(Mad Dog & The Pups)
Arabians - Let Me Try - Staff
Eddie Foster - Closer Together - Ocampo
Danny Woods - You Had Me Fooled - Correc-Tone
Montclairs - Wait For Me - Sunburst
Cannonball - No Good To Cry - Knightsbridge
Tommy Tate - What Gives You The Right - Sundance
Unlimited Four - I Wanna Be Happy - Chanson
Rayford Tucker - If You Need More Time (Time Will Tell) - Sandpiper
(George Blackwell - Time Will Tell)
Whispering Shadows - Stop The World - Mr D's
Theo-Coff Invasion - Lucky Day - Dearborn
James Carr - Fools Run Away - Goldwax
Bill Coday - Right On Baby - Cajon
Oscar Boyd - Little Sweet Things You Do - Hermes
(Eric Lomax & The Lovers - The Things You Do For Love)
Reggie LaMont - Can't Get Along Without You - Mamies
Finnegan's Wake - You Blew It - Val
Kenny Smith & The Maximum Feeling - Everybody Knows I Love You - Kogan
(James Phelps)
Leroy Horne - Don't Come Back - Pompeii
(Billy Hambric??)
Otis Lee - Hard Road To Hoe - Quaint
(Lee Blackmore & The Soul Searchers - It's A Hard Road To Hoe)
Michael Christian - If I Can't Have You - Concept
(Nolan Chance & The Constellations - No One Else Will Do)
Maurice Williams - What Can A Man Do - Unissued Beltone Acetate
Willie Tee - Please Don't Go - Nola
(George Wydell)
Sir Caesar - Show Me The Time - Ride
(Big Joe Turner - That's The Kinda Man I Am)

Photos courtesy of Mark “Binsy” Taylor

Mark Binsy Taylor and Dean
Mark and Dean.

Matt Simpson, Colin Roughly, Paul Franklin and Nick Brown
Matt Simpson, Colin Roughly, Paul Franklin and Nick Brown

Paul Franklin & Matt Simpson Stafford
Paul Franklin & Matt Simpson

Mark Walmsley
Mark Walmsley (courtesy of Mark Walmsley)

Pat Brady: Pure Unadulterated Love


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Dave, Guy, Keb & Pat
Dave T, Guy, Keb & Pat.

Welcome to A bank Holiday treat and Pat’s third podcast. Like buses you don’t get one for a while then three come along. Quite a few lesser heard gems in this one, many probably not so well known to todays scene.

Leon Farrell - Pure Unadulterated Love - Nation
(The Love Bandit - You're My One And Only)
Johnny Adams - One Day (You Gonna Come My Way) - Modern
Johnny Moore - You're The One To Blame - Bright Star
Josephine Taylor - Ain't Gonna Cry No More - Mar-V-Lus
Revlons - Oh Oh Oh (What A Love This Is) - Toy
Kontets/Kinettes - You Got Me Baby - International Studios Acetate
(Stanley Mitchell - Now You've Got Me Baby)
Louie Palmer - Don't Leave Me - Boot Heel
Lil Ernie Johnson & The Soul Blenders - Loving You - Ride
Larry Birdsong - Somebody Help Me - Sur-Speed
Wallace Johnson - Baby Go Ahead - Sansu
Stratoliners - What Do You Want With My Love - Federal
Cecil Lyde - I'll Make It On My Own - Alwest
(Charles Johnson. Oldie from Snaith)
Lady M - Please (Don 't Break My Heart) - Blue Parrot
The Monzas - Instant Love - Pacific
(Seven Souls - As True As Can Be)
Neil Kimble - If It Wasn't For The Children - TRC
(George Kirby - Just Can't Let You Go)
Soul Shakers - You're Turnin' - Teri De
The Sweet Delights - Baby Be Mine - Atco
Sam Hawkins - Hold On Baby - Blue Cat
Thelma Jones - Oh-Oh, Here Comes The Heartbreak - Barry
Gwen Stewart - You Took Me For A Fool - Call Me
Herbert Hunter - The Big Oak Tree - Poncello
Al & Jet - Nothing To Hide - Philips
Joe & Mack - Don't You Worry - One-Derful
Uniques - Not Too long Ago - Paula
Teddy Greene - Cry - Capitol

Photos courtesy of Gis Southworth

Barrie Wad, Matt Simpson Stan and Dave Ferguson
Stuart Raith just peeking in I think, Barrie Waddington, Matt Simpson, Stan & Dave Ferguson.

Ady Harley, Sue Roebuck, Jackie Sharp, Mick Howard and Ozzie
Ady Harley, Sue Roebuck, Jackie Sharp, Mick Howard and Ozzie

Colin Law
Colin Law

Dave Molloy & Rob Marriott
Dave Molloy & Rob Marriott

Dean And Barrie Waddington
Dean Anderson & Barrie Waddington

Guy and Gary Thomas (Oldham) in his trendy holiday shirt!

Jackie and George Sharp
Jacki and George Sharp

Jock, Gilly and Tommo
Jock O’Connor, Gilly and Tommo

Pat Brady: It's A Heartache

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Stafford (17 of 26)

Here is the second podcast featuring the records played at Stafford by Pat Brady. As you will see there are not just some Stafford classics but all time Northern SOul classics, Johnny Rogers, Jimmie Reed, The Accents, Jimmie & The Entertainers, Nat Hall to name just a few…all still some of the rarest records to obtain and many still high on today’s DJ’s playlists.

Accents - Who You Gonna Love - One-Derful
(Don Gardner)
Paramount Four - You Don't Know - Southern City
(Lost Souls - You Don't Know My Love)
Benny Freeman - Come On And Tell Her - Soundex
(Fortune Seekers - That's No Answer)
Accents - You Better Think Again - One-Derful
(Don Garnder)
Ascots - Sometimes I Wonder - Mir-A-Don
(Casanova Two)
Sorokas - Gentle Touch - Sorokas
L.C. Robinson - Free And Easy - USA
Bobby Bowens & The Shades Of Magic - Gonna Love Somebody - Galactic Star
Jerry Cook - Blue Since I Lost My Baby - Audiodisc Studio Acetate
Donald Jenkins & The Daylighters - I've Settled Down - Cortland
Johnny Rogers & The Nu-Tones - Make A Change - Amon
(Chandlers - Gonna Take A Chance)
Jimmie & The Entertainers - New Girl - Toddlin' Town
(Johnny Hampton - Got To Know Her Name)
Nat Hall - Why (I Wanna Know) - Loop
(Jerome Artis & The Journeymen - Tell Me Why)
Tina Florence - Too Much For Me Baby - APT
(Cindy Scott - You're Too Good For Me Baby)
Jimmie Reed Jnr - I Ain't Going Nowhere - Mercury
(Emanual Laskey - My Baby (Ain't Going Nowhere)
The Bell Brothers - Give It Up - Bell-O-Sound
Jhamels - Road To Nowhere - Liberty
Softones - That's What Love Can Do - H&L
The Sheppards - Little Girl Lost - ABC Paramount
Billy Hambric - Talk To Me Baby - Fury
Buster Benton - Do As You Please - Twinight
Little Charles & The Sidewinders - It's A Heartache - Decca
(Sam Coltraine - Watch Out For The Heartache)
Cookie Scott - Your Love It Won Me Over - Orr
Contessa - I Need Your Love - Las-Bar
The Dream Merchants - Stop (You're Breaking My Heart) - Renee
(Walter & The Admerations - You're Breaking My Heart)
Frankie Karl - Don't Sleep to Long - Liberty
(Gene McDaniels - Stop Tearing Me Apart)
Clarence Reid - I Refuse To Give Up - Dial

Photos Courtesy of Mick Howard (Spinner)

Chris Brennan & Craig Butler at Allanton
Chris Brennan & Craig Butler

Chris Brennan & Joan at Allanton
Chris Brennan & Jumping Joan

Chris, Dave, Kate & Annette Brennan at Allanton
Chris, Dave, Kate & Annette at Allanton

Kitch & Julia, Karen ? at Hinkley
Kitch, Julia & Skip (Karen)

Skip, Alf and Tommy
Skip, Alf & Tommy

Stafford - Geoff mid 80's
Geoff Gallagher

Stafford - Mick Connolly mid 80's
Mick Connolly

Pat Brady: Somebody New

Right Click to Download

Stafford (16 of 26)

So far I’ve covered all the major DJ’s at Stafford except one, Pat Brady. Time to address that I think. Pat was already an established DJ by the time Dave Thorley got involved at Stafford and Pat was already DJing at Top Of The World for Keith prior to the Top Dog Soul Club taking over. He was also a former Wigan and Leeds Central DJ as well as a Clifton Hall resident, some pedigree don’t you think?

Although Pat’s output at Stafford on the face of it might not have been as prolific as some of the other DJ’s, Guy and Keb in particular, the quality of what Pat played was right up there in my opinion. He played some absolute monster records back then which brave remained rot this day every bit as big and in demand on the Northern Soul scene and some of them still extremely rare. Although I knew Pat played modern as well as the 60’s I didn’t realise until compiling these podcasts just how much modern Pat did play. And of course Stafford along with the likes of Clifton hall was open minded enough to allow the DJ’s to play modern and in some cases new releases alongside the 60’s.

Pat probably doesn’t get the same recognition as say Keb and Guy who are when people are asked about Stafford are often the first two names that some think of, but Pat was every bit as influential with some of the biggest records ever played on the scene. He certainly had a huge influence on me throughout the mid to late 80’s and into the 90’s with what he played and recording this podcast and compiling the other to come certainly reminded me why. One of his post Stafford spins, Sir Caesar on Ride was the first record I paid a three figure sum for. Anyway sit back and enjoy this selection of some of Pat’s finest from Stafford, or at least I hope you enjoy!

Junior McCants - Try Me For Your New Love - King
(Little Carl Carlton - Hey Girl We Are In Love)
Danny Moore - Somebody New - Allrite
(Leon Washington & Paris - You Found Someone New)
Herbert Hunter - Happy Go Lucky - Spar
Out Of Sights - My Woman's Love - Saru
(Clyde McPhatter - She Tried So Hard)
Hytones - You Don't Even Know My Name - Southern Arts/Bell
(Lee Otis Valentine & The Lost Souls - I Love You Just The Same)
Esther Grant - Let's Make The Most Out Of Love - Wilstone
(Pat Lewis - State Of Mind)
Barbara Carr - Messing With My Mind - Bar-Car
Vernon Garrett - I'm At the Crossroads - Ica
Roscoe Shelton - You're Still The One - T-Jaye
Lee Bates - Overnight Sensation - Magnolia
Brilliant Korners - Three Lonely Guys - Modern
Carl Henry Hall - Let Me Down Slowly - Mercury
(Howard Guyton - Don't Let Me Down)
Brooks Brothers - Looking For A Woman - Tay
(The Agents - I Can’t Take It)
Johnny Curtis - Born For You - Sumpter
(Marvin Stinton - Born A Fool)
James Carr - Lovers Competition - Goldwax
Timothy Wilson - (Hey Girl) Do You Love Me - Veep
Timmie Williams - Competition - Mala
Little John - Just Wait And See - GoGate
(Jimmie Raye - I'm The Only One. Played first by Pat before selling to Keb)
Gail Anderson - Be So Proud (You're In love) - Salvador
Nat Hall - Watch Yourself - Soul Boss
Little Charles - I Guess I'll Have To Take What's Left - Jewel
(Darrell Banks - Can't Get You Off My Mind)
Padded Cell - Mr Misery - Toddlin' Town
(Robbie Lawson)
Little John (The House Rocker) - Heartbreakin' Time - Martay
Johnny Curtis - The Soul Kind Of Love - Sumpter
(Brice Coefield)
Johnny Adams - Your Kind Of Love - Modern
Preston Peters - Got To Have Peace Of Mind - MM
(Eddie Jefferson - You Caused Me Heartches And Pain)
The Ovations - Won't You Call - Goldwax

The following photos courtesy of Gis Southworth.
On the coach to Glenrothes…..

Gilly and LindaPete Lawson on wat to Glenrothes

Part of the West Yorkshire mafia, Mick Howard, Ady Harley and Ozzie.

?, Dave Molloy, ?, Jacki Green, Brad
Carl Edmondson, Dave Molloy, Paul Franklin, Jacqui Green (Bicknell) and Brad

Billy and Stan (with short hair)
Billy and Stan

Dave Molloy & Rob Marriott
Dave Molloy and Rob Marriott

Keb and Gaz Kellett with Robs bolts
Keb and Gaz Kellett (with Rob’s bolts)

Shona and Penny
Shona & Penny

Barrie Wad, Matt Simpson Stan and Dave Ferguson
Looks like Stuart Raith’s eye? Barrie Waddington, Matt Simpson, Stan and Dave Ferguson chin stroking.

Clik, Dave Malloy, Dave Thorley, Dave 'His Imperial Dimness' Lawton Gilly  on decks
Clik, Dave Molloy, Dave Thorley and Dave “His Imperial Dimness” Lawton and Gilly on the decks.

Linda, Weasel, Tommo, Ady Harley (just)
Linda, weasel, Tommo, Ady harley just sneaking in with the cap, Ion in the records.

Guy Hennigan: The Handwriting On The Wall!

Right Click to Download

Guy with Dean Anderson who seems to be choking himself! Thanks to Mick Howard for the photo.

Welcome to Guy’s 7th podcast. I’ve now featured almost 200 tracks as played by Guy at Stafford which for a two or three year period is quite a turnover especially considering nowadays it generally takes longer than that to break a record on this scene and DJ’s rotate their sets very little over a two or three year period. I think throughout the 80’s we were really spoilt for choice musically.

Vicky Styles - The Tears Won't Stop Falling - Odex
Ghetto Boys - The Handwriting On The Wall - Tarx
Chester Mayfield & The Casuals - Throw It Out Of My Mind - Game
(Case Of Tyme - Going Out)
Chester St. Anthony - Together - A&M
(Chester Fields)
Curtis King - So Nice While It Lasted - Columbia
Debbie Rollins - Who Cares What People Say - Ascot
Marion James - That's My Man - Excello
Jimmy Norman - You Crack Me Up - Little Star/Polo
Wilbur Reynolds - Tenderizer - CB
(Butch Baker & Mylestones - I've Only Got Myself To Blame)
Mike Varo - Watch Your Step - Unissued Acetate
Lee Bates - You Won't Do Right - Instant
Sonny Childe - Love Is In The Air - Music Factory
Monroe Taylor - Proud Guy - Chesapeake
Casinos - How Long Has It Been - Fraternity
Jimmy Norman - This I Beg Of You - Samar
Albert Jones - 15 Cent Love - Kapp
Joe King - Speak On Up - Prix
Soulful Two - Fi-Yi Dance - Pure Soul Music
Ann Heywood - Crook His Little Finger - Hondo
Crystals (featuring La La Brooks) - Are You Trying To Get Rid Of Me Baby - United Artists
(Honeybees - Do You Want My Love)
Donald Jenkins with Heart and Soul - Happy Days - Duchess
Earl Gaines - Is It Worth Anything - HBR
John Wesley & The Four Tees - Love Is Such A Funny thing - Melic
Ozz & His Spurlings - Somebody To Love - MIOB
(Franky Jones - Need Somebody To Love)
Master 4 - Love Has Taken Wings - Tayster
Barons - I Got A Feeling - Etah
(Taylor Brooks & The Emperors - Gonna Be Loved)
Benny C Oliver & The Mellow Men - Make It Now - Ojobco
(Ray Agee - If You're Ever Gonna Love Me)
Victoria Williams & J.D. Leadbetter - Show Some Sign - Verve
Tommy Collins - I Wanta Thank You - TNT/Verve
(Jesse Herring & The Tru-glos - Thank You)

One thing about this wonderful scene is it has or had more than it’s fair share of characters. Everywhere you turned there was another larger than life character and many with name instantly recognisable today even though they are no longer part of the scene or have sadly passed away. This podcast is dedicated to those widely known as the Preston Cybermen. A bunch from in or around Preston but also some honorary Cybermen.

Back row L:R - Larry, Teff, Colin, Billy, Bruce, Stewart Blackburn.
Front Row L:R - Click, Stu Raith, Stan, “Pilky” Gaz and Butch!
I believe Louis who according to Gaz would never be a Cyberman having been born wrong side
of Pennines and a Leeds supporter took the photo?

Billy Mercer ,Penny and Rob Marriott TOW Stafford Mid 80s
Billy Mercer, Penny the Preston Cyberwoman and Rob Marritott at TOTW.

Billy Mercer and Gaz TOW Stafford. Billy One Eye!!
Billy Mercer and the legend that is Gaz Kellett.

Billy Mercer, Stu and Rob Marriott TOW Stafford mid 80s
Billy Mercer, Stuart Raith and Rob Marriott at the TOTW

Stu Raith, Gis Southworth and Rob -TOTW Stafford mid 80s
Stu Raith, Gis Southworth and Rob at TOTW

Stuart Raith and Gaz Kellet TOTW Mid 80s
Stuart Raith and Gaz Kellet

Very Sweaty Stu.. Stan to the right..Eddie Parker and Lorraine Chandler night TOTW
Very Sweaty Stu.. Stan to the right..Eddie Parker and Lorraine Chandler night TOTW

Stafford Dancefloor Gaz Kellet
Gaz Kellett on the floor at Stafford.

Barrie Waddington, Stephen “Brad” Bradley, Jacqui Bicknell, Dave Molloy,
Gis Southworth and Pete Lawson.

I would love more photos if anyone has any. The more Staffor regulars on this site the better.

A few stories of the Cybermen…

“Crazy years but funny as F***. The journeys were the funniest - nighters consisted of Major record talk and other bollox, dancing with a bit of chaos added for good measure.
Gaz Kellet always wearing some kind of implement on his head from a saucepan to a WW1 Metal helmet that he use to call his drinking hat. He pinched my daughters toy pull along dog to go to Tonys in Blackburn once, and apparently looked after it all night - that dog met some crazy people! Gazs car splitting in 2 on the way to a nighter on the motorway! 
The photo Stuart posted of them outside the 100 club was followed by a 12 hour journey back to Preston - Bruce and Teff words when I saw them at Mickey Cruises funeral was "we booked the mini bus until Monday morning so decided to go for a drive round the country!"Of course thats what they wanted to do, Stuart and Billy Mercer nearly hijacked the bus and wanted to kill them. Arrived home at midnightish. Think they stopped at every services they could find from London to Preston causing mayhem, and a couple of dodgy places on the way. Bruce never answered the question why they went to Stamford and Leicester??
They had lot of honorary members like Dave Molloy, Rob Marriott,  Jock, Col Law, Shaun Pawsey just to mention a few.”


The story behind the Albanians cover up (thanks to Dave Rimmer and his wonderful site Soulful kinda Music for this….
In Guy's own words....." The Albanians ", wonderful story about how that came about, that's another one that came from George from Derby as did 'Out Of Sight Loving' as well. The Albanians came to be covered up basically when me, Tim, Claire obviously Margaret and a guy from Clitheroe and old mate of mine and his mate Sag, Brian and his mate cycled over to Corfu and we had arranged to meet (we were on holiday there) and on his way cycled through Benitsit you came to the little resort where me, Margaret Tim end Claire were. He was cycling through this town and who should he see wandering about in the middle of the road( I think as this story goes) with terrorist balaclavas on at about 3 o'clock on an extremely hot midsummer's afternoon in Corfu but Gaz Kellet under the influence, possibly of beer, I don't know, which he couldn't believe because he nearly knocked him over, then when Brian told us who he had seen we actually took off one day down that coast line to try and find out where they were stopping and we got to a place called Khyser Bridge which basically is a place which is over looking and 10 mile across the water from Albania and there behind a hedge just on the aide of the road jud off the coast on the sea line there, who should we see all creeping about kind of thing terrorist style, but some of the Preston Cybermen as they were later to be known, all wearing terrorist type balaclavas from some reason, (never got to the bottom of that) and some of them wearing foreign legion type headgear as well and they me all on holiday and after a day spent with them hence the cover up of the Albanians. Bernie Golding went there as well, Gordon from Preston, they were the lads on tour definitely.

Andy Dennison…
“I remember we'd stopped a services on the way back from Mexboro or Chesterfield and Gaz Kellet had a pair of kids sunglasses on...then proceeding to stuff buscuits between his eyes and the sunglasses, and telling us the need to be individual.....Jock was actually on the floor laughing so hard, but managed enough to say can you believe this guys is a bank manager....I literally wet myself!!”


“Bruce brining a cabbage to Allanton, putting it on the middle of the dance floor and dancing round it lol.. Preston Cyber Men were hilarious”

Now you don’t get entertainment like that in your local night club!!

Guy Hennigan: Go-Go

Right Click to Download


Been a little while since the last podcast but I’m back with a Bank Holiday cracker in my opinion. Another great selection from Guy, most of them top quality with a fair few Stafford classics in amongst the selection, couple of what could be considered dodgy but that just shows the diversity of music at Stafford in the pursuit of the next biggie!

Dedicated to the ex pats down under.

1. A.C. Reed - My Baby's Been Cheating - Cool
(Fred Goldsmith - Back Door Runner)
2. Buena Vistas - Go-Go - Unissued
3. Monique - I Wouldn't Believe - Maurci
4. Billy Lee Riley - Happy Man - Atco
(Otis Brown - Down The Road)
5. Curtis King - Bad Habits - Columbia
6. Joey Gee - Don't Blow Your Cool - ABC Paramount
(Tommy Bush)
7. Bunny Sigler - Comparatively Speaking - Decca
8. Jimmy Helms - You're Mine, You - Symbol
9. Castle Royal Band - The Little Floridy - Castle
(Herb Ward Orchestra - Theme From The Innocent Man)
10. Crystals (
Featuring La La Brooks) - Are You Trying To Get Rid Of Me - Untied Artists
11. Elsie Strong - The Girl Rated Triple X - Le Grand
12. Gene Vell - I'm Calling My Baby - Whiz
(Oscar Toney Jnr - Depending On You)
13. Roscoe Gordon - You Got My Bait - Jomada
14. Haywood Lee - It's A Sin To Tell A Lie - Scamm Sound
15. Dan & The Clean Cuts - One Love, Not Two - Scepter
16. Johnny Cobb & The Attractions - Forget Him - Jaguar
(Ohio Untouchables" - Keep On)
17. Pal Rames/Rakes & The Prophets - Can't Deny The Hurt - Verve
(Court Davis - I Can't Deny)
19. Ray Zeiner - You Know You love - Poison Ring
20. Paulette - Love You Babe - Contact
(Patti J & The Contacts - Honest I Do)
21. Lonnett - Blue Jeans - M&S
(Thelma Lavern - I'm Coming Back Someday)
22. Compliments - Beware, Beware - Midas
23. James Kelly Duhon - In School - Jude
(Jimmy "Peaches" Johnson - Monday To Friday)
24. Charmers - Lookin For Trouble - PIP
25. Marva Lee - If You Can't Be True - Atco
(Martha Starr - Part Time Love)
26. Formations - Lonely Voice Of Love - MGM
(Ritchie Rome & The Empires - Lonely Voice)
27. The Shades Of Jade - It Was Wrong - Cenco
(New Yorkers - I Was Wrong)
28. Sonny Childe - Two Lovers - Polydor
(Daniel Day - She Needs Two Lovers)
29.The Tempests - Someday - Smash Lp.
(Bobby Paris) (Discovered by Martin Maylor, given to Keb but Keb gave it to Guy who managed to get the earlier set at the next Stafford and play it first!)
30. The Kalendars - It takes Two - Tee Vee
(Superbs - Taking A Gamble)
31. Robert "Red Top"Young - Your Future - Soulsations
(Danny Woods)
32. Vito & The Salutations - I'd Best Be Going - Sandbag
33. Jimmy Norman - This I Beg Of You - Samar

Thanks to Sue Molyneux and Andy Newman for the photos.

Sue Molyneux
Sue Molyneux

Tommo Sue Ozzy at Manch Carousel
Tommo, Sue & Ozzy

Daz Sue Pete Mna Carousel
Daz, Sue and Pete

Mol, Teff, Ady and Lorraine at Allenton
Mol, Teff, Ady and Lorraine at Allanton

Teff and Mol at Allenton
Teff & Mol at Allanton

Sue & Woody
Sue & Woody

Pete Lawson & Nick Birch
Pete Lawson & Nick Birch

The Bommo
Tommo The Bommo

Sedge Woody & Jo
Sedge, Woody & Jo

Gaz Keen & Andy Newman TOTW
Gaz Keen & Andy Newman

Robin Salter: Where You Gonna Be Tonight

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Smog, Robin, Donny and Lowey at TOTW

Smog, Robin, Donny & Lowey at TOTW

A bumper podcast from Modern Soul main man Robin Salter. This just about winds up what I have for Robin and his contribution to the Stafford Story. There will be more, some modern “oldies” I haven’t included, some other spins already included on other Dj’s podcasts and some that are simply forgotten about at this stage. Anymore that get remembered will be included later at some point.

I have really enjoyed recording the podcasts of Robins, many of the tracks simply forgotten and ignored today due to the current state of the scene even though many stand the test of time, some do find there way on to certain DJ’s playlists though! Anyway I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did.

Jeffrey Osborne - I Really Don't Need No Light - A&M
Rose Royce - Best Love - Epic
Oliver Cheatham - Bless The Ladies - Mca
Willie Collins - Where You Gonna Be Tonight - Capitol
Smooth & Co - Half Stepping - UK Move
Lonnie Hill - Cold Winter In The Ghetto - Urban Sound
The Mad Lads - You Blew It - Champion
Bridge - Baby Don't Hold Your Love Back - Atlantic
Gerald Mallory - Lay It Down On Me - Prelude
John Simmons - Ain't Nothing Like The Love - Sabina
Marc Sadane - One Minute From Love - W.Bros
Booker Newberry III - Love Town - Boardwalk
Theresa Davis & Jerry Butler - I Can't Stop Lovin' You Either - DJ
Gangs Back - You Got What It Takes - Handshake
Dunn & Bruce Street - Shout For Joy - Devaki
The Dealers - Don't Keep Me Waiting - CBS
Jerome Jones - Don't Change - Jham For Life
Geater - Breathtaking Girl - House Of Orange
Lonnie Robinson - Sunshine Baby - Sunshine Movement
The Creators - I can't Believe It's True - Coconut
Brothers Gilmore - I Feel A Song - Bantu
Three Shades Of Soul - Being In Love - Enjoy
Brothers By Choice - Girl I Need You Too - Ala
Jessie Butler - Getting' ready For The Get Down - Bound Sound
Entertainers - I'm In Love With You - HMC
George McCrae - Take It All Off - Soul City
Hugh Boynton - We're Gonna Make It - Soul-Po-Tion
Bill - Space Lady - Dollar Bill
Aretha Franklin - Whole Lot Of Me - Arista

Robin Salter: Slippin' Dippin'

Right Click to Download


More Modern Soul memories from the Top Of The World And Robin Salter. Again a great selection and forgot how good some of these sound, The Aristocrats for instance. Hope you enjoy listening as much as I did compiling.

Front Row - Wanting You - TBC
Aristocrats - IP Slippin' Dippin' - Warner Brothers
Brothers Gilmore - I Feel A Song - Bantu
Starpoint - Wanting You - Chocolate City
Family Circle - I Hope You Really Love Me - Sky Disc
Buddy Ace - It's All For You - Teardrop
Troy Johnson - I Want You - Soul Beat
WQBC - Love Me Anyway - Thunderbay
Willie Darrington - Never Should Have Walked Away - RAV
Beloyd - Get Into My Life - 20th Century
Bobby Thurston - Just Ask Me - Mainstream
Mixed Emotions - Gold Of My Life - Rock Way
Clarence Carter - Messin' With My Mind - Ichiban
Perfections - Can This Be Real - Calgar
Philharmonics - I Need, I Need Your Love - Soulin'
Towana & The Total Destruction - Wear Your Natural, baby - Romark

Robin Salter: Night After Night

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Photo courtesy of http://www.independentmovement.co.uk

The Modern Soul seems to have taken a bit of a back seat whilst the 6t’s Mafia were racketeering their way through Stafford with their 60’s “newies”. But Robin and Dave T were both still introducing Modern Soul, both new and the odd classic or two to the Stafford crowd. We have here another hour of what Robin was playing during the mid 80’s at Stafford and other places and again if I don’t say so myself an excellent selection of 70’s and 80’s soul.

  1. Creators - Just You And Me - RCA
  2. Scheer Music - Falling Back In Love - TBA
  3. Khemistry - Can You Feel My Love - Columbia
  4. Elegants - Show Me - Real Music
  5. William Bell - Passion - Wilbe
  6. Curtis Hairston - The Morning After - Atlantic
  7. David Sea - Night After Night - Crown Limited
  8. Loveman Ronnie Stokes - Touch You Again - Philly town
  9. Maurice Jackson - True Love Is You - Parrall
  10. Oscar Perry - We're Gonna Make It - Quazar
  11. Tony Aiken & Future 2000 - Good Things - Kimsha
  12. Will King - Backed Up Against The Wall - Total Experience
  13. Java Lewis - Get It On - Golden Stable
  14. Luther Ingram - Do You Think There's A Chance - KoKo
  15. Randy Brown - I'm Always In The Mood - Mr. Moo
  16. Richard Caiton - It's Hard To Make It - Sho-Boat

Keb Darge: Keep The Faith

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This is probably the last full podcast of Keb’s and a great selection if I don’t say so myself. There are tracks of Keb’s that are forgotten, tracks I can’t source and tracks no matter how hard I’ve looked and how many times I’ve asked I can’t identify. There will be odd Keb tracks in various DJ podcasts when I have completed all the DJ’s and left with odds and sods o until them this will probably be the last Keb podcast. As I mentioned before, Keb did pick up 45’s other’s dropped, he did reactivate some classic Stafford and Wigan oldies he though fitted in the with the attitude, spirit and the essence of what Stafford was about, they will have been featured by and large in other podcasts in this Story, Dave Withers, Guy etc etc.

1. Citations - (To Win The Race) Keep The Faith - Ballad
2. Eugene Church - Dollar Bill - World Pacific
3. Johnny Wyatt - Any Kind Of Love - Challenge
4. Billy Adams - Go (Go On, Get Out Of Here) - Amy
5. Daphine Williams - I'm Your Man - Yodi
6. Johnny Sayles - Anything For You - Minit
(Accents - Just For You)
7. Kenny Smith & The Lovelighters - One More Day - Flo-Roe
8. Joe & George - No One Loves You - Now
9. Fugitives - Good Lovin' If You Can Get It - Sandman
10. Dynettes - New Guy - Constellation
(Brooklyn Babies - Girl Don't Cry)
11. Ebonies feat Roy Williams - You Got What I Want - Mid West
(Chandlers - Baby You Know It)
12. Sheila Ferguson - How Did That Happen - Landa
(Susan Coleman)
13. Clydie King - He Always Comes Back To Me - Imperial
14. Margaret Williams - Baby Please Help Me - Downey
(Vandellas - Spellbound)
15. Tammy Wayne - Have A Good Time - Boom
16. Gillettes - Same Identical Thing - J&S
17. Jackson Brothers - I Got To Hear It From You - Providence
(Rufus Lumley - Somebody Told Me)
18. King Cobras - Thank You Baby - Sen Town
19. Limelights - Don't Leave Me Baby - Uncle
20. August Moon - You're Together Baby - O-Gee
(Moving Parts)
21. Reginald Day - Lost Love - Midas
22. Bob Meyer & The Rivieras - You Got To Tell Me - Lawn
23. The Singers - Just A Little Further - LeBam
24. Soul City - I Shot For The Moon - Mercury
25. Technics - Cause I Really love You - Chex
26. Rosebuds - Say You'll Be Mine - Tower
(The Cooperettes - Things I Do For Love)
27. Startones - Lovin' You Baby - Billie Fran
28. Ted Wilson - My Aim Is To Please - Sierra
29. Sam & Dave - Lotta Lovin' - Alston
(Short Kuts - Whole Lotta Lovin')
30. Sam Green - It's Time To Move - Goldsmith TCB
31. Willie Mason & All The Kings Men - Why - Ka-La-Ma
(Lou Pride - I Wanna Know)

Keb Darge: Shy Guy!

Right Click to Download

Stafford (2 of 26)

Here we are with more great sounds ( and a couple best forgotten) from Keb Darge. Some have long since been forgotten for the wrong reasons mind and some of the so called DJ’s of today could do no worse than look amongst this story for some inspiration rather than following the pack as seems to be the norm these days.

Anyway I’ve one more podcast to do and that will just about cover Keb’s input at Stafford. Obviously some records have been forgotten, others I have on live recording but no one knows what they are so until I find out what they are and get a decent sound file then on the l;I’ve recordings they shall remain. Both Keb and Guy would pick up records each of them dropped, they would also feature rare quality oldies that they thought captured the spirit and essence of what Stafford was about.

1. Delcos - Arabia - Showcase/Ebony
(Performers - This He Said To Me)
2. The Atlantics - Baby I Need You - Marquee
3. Bobby Mac - Shy Guy - Vended
4. Connie McGill & The Visions - I Can't Stop My Love - Sugar
5. Gidian - There Isn't Everything - Columbia
(George Kirby)
6. Charles Hodges - I'll Never Go To A Party Again - Philips
7. Help, Truth & The Portraits - Emotions - Truelove
(Terrible Tom)
8. Enchantments - I'm In Love With Your Daughter - Faro
(Detroit Shakers - I’m In Love)
9. Fiestas - Think Smart - Old Town
(International GTOs - Gotta Think Smart)
10. Soul Set - Please Don't Make Me Cry - Bi-Me
11. Georgia Gibbs - You Can Never Get Away From Me - Bell
12. Les Cooper - Motor City - Dimension
13. Little Ben & The Cheers - I'm Gonna Get Even With You - Penny
14. The Persianettes - Run Run - Unissued Swan
(Sequins - You Better Get Away)
15. Patty Livingstone - I've Got My Baby - Dimension
16. Penny North - Thought I Had A Good Thing - Luau
(Carol Anderson - You've Done Me Wrong)
17. The Strands - The Breeze From The Trees - Tarx
18. Marvellows - Your Little Sister - ABC Paramount
(Johnny Vanellli)
19. Matadors - Say Yeah Baby - Chavis
(Chavis Brothers - Say Yes Baby)
20. Dynamic Three - You Said Yeah - Del-Val
(Agents - She Said Yes)
21. William Cummings - Make My Love A Hurrying Thing - Bang Bang
22. Patty & The Emblems - (The Sound Of) Music Makes Me Want To Dance - Herald
23. Honey & The Bess - Be Yourself - Academy
24. Rose St John - I Know The Meaning - Veep
(Barbara Angelle)
25. Nick Allen - Hard Way To Go - Walas
(Jimmy Georgetowns or Eric Mercury & The Vondells)
26. Richard "Popcorn" Wylie - Do You Still Care For Me - Epic
27. Ron Baxter - This Is It - Ole 9
(Vernon Garrett - I'm Leaving You Now)
28. Brad Lundy - I'm At The Breaking Point - _ Julmar/Lundy
29. Professional - My Heart Belongs To You - Action Pac

Keb Darge: Don't Put Out The Fire

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I would like to wish each and everyone of you a very Happy New Year and I hope 2013 brings you everything in life you wish for.

Here is the first podcast of the year and it see another from the records Keb Darge featured at Stafford. The turn over during this period was quite something, blink and you would often miss a record, some records didn’t get the chance they deserved or maybe weren’t right for the time. Some were massive during the period and have remained firm favourites to this day, Tony Galla for example. Either way I hope you enjoy this selection, I’ll be back shortly with another selection of Keb’s before rounding off the modern side with the remainder of Robin’s plays.

1. Tony Galla & The Rising Sons - In Love - Swan
(Winfield Parker - Being In Love With You)
2. Jesse Davis - Gonna Hang On In There Girl - Era
(James Vanelli)
3. Roy Roberts - Got To Have Your Love - Bo Ro/Ninandy
(Kenny Smith - You'll Never Know)
4. Lenis Guess - For All You've Been - DPG
(Ronnie Forte)
5. June Bateman Noble Watts and His Band - I Don't Wanta - Arrawak/Clamdike
6. Johnny Rome - Let Me Pour All My Love Into Your Heart - Philips
7. The Occasions - There's No You - Big Jim
8. Chuck Wells - The Love Knot - Gold Leaf
9. Betty Turner & The Chevelles - The Winds Kept Laughing - Crescent
(Virginia Blakely & The Pussycats - Laughing At Me)
10. Bill Lucas - Cause I Know You're Mine - Dionn
(Gene McDaniels)
11. Gene & Eddie - It's No Sin - Mon'Ca
12. Ben & The Cheers - Since You Came Into My Life - Mocha
13. Trey J's - I Found It All in You - Tee Gem
14. The Conquistadors - Can't Stop Loving You - Act IV
15. The Wanderers - You Can't Run Away From Me - United Artists
(Showmen - No No No)
16. Ray Jimenez - I'll Keep On Loving You - Columbia
(Mickey Newbury & The Soul Men - There She Goes)
17. The Natural Facts - Girl Don't Cry - Lucky Lou
(Del Capris)
18. Tony Birchett - Don't Put Out The Fire - LBJ
19. Tony Frontera - (You're My) Leading Lady - Hi-Lite
(T.D. Valentine - Leading Lady)
20. Lee Wilson - Lonely Boy - USA
21. James Wesley Smith - Talkin' Bout Women - Angel Town
(Big Joe Hamilton)
22. Joe Simon - Just Like Yesterday - Irral
23. Chuck Bridges - Don't You Make Me Cry - Scoop
24. Variations - I Wanna Take You Uptown - Right-On
(Detroit Wheels)
25. Johnny Daye - I'll Keep Loving You - Blue Star
(Charles Johnson)
26. Johnny McCall - I Need You - Alteen
27. Tommy Turner - I'll Be Gone - Elbam
28. Lou D. Washington - Smokey - Steel Town
(Gino Washington)
29. James Conwell - The Trouble With Girls - 4J
(Tony Galla)
30. James Bowens & His Agents feat Bill Smith's Hitchhikers - Baby I Want You -
Roosevelt Lee
31. The Hun's Review - Don't Make Me Love You - Sorro
32. James Jones - Whatever It is You Got It - Virgo
33. Claude Huey - Feel Good All Over - Early Bird

Guy Hennigan: King For A Day

Right Click to Download

Dean Anderson & Guy Hennigan (photo courtesy of Mick Howard)

Two podcasts in two days…Christmas has come early. Another selection from the maestro that is Guy Hennigan. A mixture of the unissued Detroit instrumentals he had around the mid 80’s, beat ballads and some cracking 60’s dancers. Look out for Guy’s famed cover up titles, they were a source of entertainment in themselves. The photos of some characters from the time are courtesy of one of the nicest blokes you could wish to meet Dave Molloy.

I’d just like to thank everyone for taking the time to listen to these podcasts and I hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as I have enjoyed making them. Plenty more to come in 2013…hopefully another one or two in 2012 whilst I am on holiday.

Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you and all the best for 2013.

1. Fantasions - G.I. Joe We Love You - Thomas
2. Keith Curtiss - I Gotta Keep You baby - Smoke
(Ernest Blackwell" - "Keep Your Baby)
3. Stewart Ames - King For A Day - J&W
(Whit Williams)
4. Romeos - Mon Petite Chow- Loma
(Thaddeus Crawford & The Fi-Yi Band)
5. Willie Small - How High can YoU fly - Jessica
(Spencer Jones - How High)
6. Lebaron Taylor & The Revilot Strings - In The Pocket - Unissued
7. Susan Rewis - they Say You Found A New Baby - Columbia
(Denita James & The Wildside - All The Hurt And You)
8. Edward St Ann - More Luck To You Baby - USA
(Tony Michaels" - "Good Luck To You)
9. Jay T - The Road Ahead - Bel-Ad
10. Elsie Strong - You Cut The Love Line - Empire
11. Stewart Ames - Angelina Oh Angelina - J&W
(Clay McMurray & The Brothers Just - Angelina)
12. Richard Moorhead - Don't Try To Use Me - Aura
13. Outsiders - We Ain't Gonna Make It - Capitol
14. Faye Crawford - What Have I Done Wrong - RCA
(June Edwards - Come On And Tell Me)
15. Matt Brown - Sweet Thing - Jar Val
(Curtis Harrington - Such A Sweet Thing)
16. Motor City Sound - Shake Me Break Me - Unissued
(Motown Brass)
17. Ad Libs - Johnny My Boy - Blue Cat
(Magnetics Maybe Maybe)
18. Decrescendos - One Of The Crowd - Prism
19. The Blockbusters - Muddy Pt 2 - Rockin
(Lord Thunder)
20.The Stunners - Nobody But Me - Renfro
21. The Tribulations - You Gave Me Up For Promises - Liberty
22.Billy Lee Riley - Happy Man - Atco
(Otis Brown - Down The Road)
23. Ollie McLaughlin Band - Don't Say Maybe Baby - Unissued
24. Betty Willis - Gone With The Wind (Is My Love) - Mojo
25. Spidells - Pushed Out Of The Picture - Coral
(James & The Four Souls)
26.The Stunners - Without You - Renfro
27. The Motor City Runners - Watch Your Step - Unissued Jobette Recording
28.Righteous Brothers - It's Up To You - Verve Souled Out LP
(Jack Montgomery & The Believers)
29. Jimmy Norman - I'm Leaving - Mercury
(Robert Ward & The Ohio Untouchables - Ain't Got Nothing To Lose)
30. Joey Gee - It's More Than I Deserve - ABC Paramount
(Don Adams - I'm Glad You Gave Me One More Chance)

Guy Hennigan: "Wait For The Beat"

Right Click to Download

Guy at Allanton in the 80’s (thanks to Mick Howard)

This set has been one of my favourite to record. Just about every track has “Stafford” written all over them. There was a period in the mid 80’s when Guy was just about untouchable as a DJ and it is clear to see why when you look at this set and the three previous podcast before it. Guy was well known for his instrumentals and here we get to hear the crop of unissued Detroit material he had in the mid 80’s. Michigan Move and Backstreet probably the two best known of the lot. Hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I did recording it.

1. George Jackson - Tossin' And Turnin' - Mercury
(Rockin' Ritchie Adams)
2. Vidalia - True True Lover - Abtone Acetate
(Robert Bateman)
3. Jaggerz - No Time For You - Unissued Acetate
(Phil Terrell - Long Time Girl or No Time)
4. Van McCoy - Hold On Help Is On The Way - Friends LP
5. Chuck Carter - He's A Lover - Unissued Brunswick Recording
6. Eric & The Vikings - Hurting - Unissued
7. Detroit Rhythm Section - Saving My Loving For My Baby - Unissued
(Ollie McLoughlin Band)
8. Clyde McPhatter - Lonely People Can't Afford To Cry - Amy
(Ernie Andrews - Neither WIll I)
9. Mel Hueston - Searching - Cez Vista
(Steve Mancha)
10. Phrentics Band - Michigan Move - Unissued Washpan Recording
11. Detroit Rhythm Section - Back Street - Unissued Ric Tic
12. Margie Hendrix - One Room Paradise - Mercury
(Geraldine Jones & The Floorshakers - That's All I Need)
13. Gerri Diamond - Only You (Can Feel The Loss) - Counterpart
(Cindy Scott)
14. Van McCoy - Ain't Got No Love - Friends LP
(Chris Bartley)
15. Bobby Whitlock - And I Love You - HIP
(Art Gentry & The Intros - YoU got What it Takes And I Want It)
16. Mark III - Should I Believe You - Stop
17. Maurice Williams - Don't Be Half Safe - Deesu
18. Finley Brown - Like I Love You - M.O.C.
(Danny Wagner)
19. Anita Humes & The Essex - What Did I Do - Roulette
(Brenda Lee Jones - Why Make Me Suffer)
20. Soul Joe Clements - Ever Ever - Plexium
21. Troy Dodds - Try My love - El Camino
22. Sonny Daye - Long Long Road To Happiness - Power
(Frank Wilson)
23. Contessa - I Need Your Love - Laz Bar
24. Judy Clay - Upset My Heart - (Got Me So Upset) - Unissued Scepter
25. Orthea Barnes - Picture On The Wall - Mickays
(Barbara Mercer - Nothing At All)
26. Bunny Sigler - For Crying Out Loud - Decca
(Lee Valentine & The Bluesmen - Crying Clown)
27. James Kelly Duhon - In School - Jude
(Jimmy "Peaches" Johnson - Monday To Friday)
28. Z.Z. Hill - What More - Kent
29. June Conquest - Almost Persuaded - Fame
(Laura Greene)

Pasted Graphic

Guy Hennigan: Gettin' T'Gether, Man

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Stafford (24 of 26)

Guy Hennigan, the other major player in the 6t’s Mafia alongside Keb returns with a third podcast of 45’s he played at Stafford. Quite an eclectic mix, Some are stone Stafford classics that are massive still to this day, Tommy Navarro for instance. Others remain a popular talking point and spilt opinions such as Twelve 76. Others remain pretty much unknown to may who missed out on the 80’s and some deserver reactivation from the more adventurous DJ’s who unlike many do the same as many others, wouldn’t have happened in the 80’s where every DJ had his own identity and strived to find the next “newie”. Amongst this mix you will come across some Guy’s imaginative cover up names, they always brought a smile to many and more often than not there was a clue in the name and title. Enjoy.

The Classitors - Gettin' T'Gether, Man - Black & Blue
(Maskmen - Agents Beat)
Twelve 76 - The Way You Make Me Feel - Critique
Terri Goodnight - They Didn't Know - Phelectron
Sylvia St Clair - Just Love Me - Brunswick
(Patti Austin - Come Back To Me)
Scotty Williams - Fear - Mona Lee
(Robert Walker & Soul Strings - Losing You)
Jesse Slaughter - I Had A Dream - Les Stan
(Otis Valentine - You're Loving Somebody New)
Emory & The Dynamics - Let's Take A Look At Our Life - Peachtree
(Marvin & The Main Men - Take A Look)
Vernon Harrell & Little Gigi - Baby Don'tcha Worry - Decca
(Prince & Princess)
Wilbur Reynolds & The Masters - Sweete'n - Resist
Walter B & The Untouchables - I Can't Stop Loving You - Apollo
TSU Tornados - Only Inside - Ovide
(Dellacardos - Girl, I Need You)
Freddie Williams - Things Are Looking Better - Hollywood
Tommy Navarro - I Cried My Life Away - De Jac
(Tony Gallo & The Showmen - Cry Cry Everynight)
Phonetics - Don't Let Love Get You Down - Trudel
(Willie Hutch)
Blendells - Did You Mean - Dontee
Cleveland Robinson - Work Song - Nosnibor
No No Starr - Swing Your Love My Way - Midas
(Lena & Deltanettes)
Ketty Lester - Love Me - Tower LP "When A Woman Loves A Man"
(Melba Marshall)
Romance Watson - Where Does That Leave Me - Coral
(Henry Jerome - In Your Eyes)
Kenard - What Did You Gain - Dore
Little Stanley - Out Of Sight Loving - Vance
(Earl Harrison)
Little Tony & The Hawks - Give Me Your Sweet Love - Etah
(Little Darrow Fletcher - An Angel Up Above)
Lloyd & Glen - What You Got - Wirl
(Maurice Simon & The Piemen)
Masquaders - That's The Same Thing - Soultown
Louis Younger - Night Chick - Spectrum
(Billy Sha-rae - Night Time Woman)
Bee Gee Stans of Detroit - Front Page Love - Tal-Vert)
(Bettye Lavette - I'll Be Yours)
Ernest Sparks - I'll be Glad - Soul "O" Sonic
(Tate - Saving All My Loving Just For You)
Johnny Gilliam - Tell Your Friend It's Over - Cancer
(Clarence Andrews Band - I Can't Stand This Pain)
Chuck Hampton - No Sign Of Love - Royal Shield
(Arin Demain - I Can't See)
Jackey Beavers - Bring Me All Your Heartaches - Grandland
(Emanual Laskey - All Your Heartaches)

Keb Darge: You Shook Me Up

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Stafford (3 of 26)
Keb in 1985 at Stafford. Photo courtesy of Neil Salter.

Well I’m sorry for the wait, things have been hectic and quite a lot on but I’m back with another super instalment in the Stafford Story.

I’ve recently featured Robin Salter for three fantastic sets off Modern Soul but the its Mafia are getting restless and not wishing to end up sleeping with the fishes I though it better to hit back with a fantastic set of tracks from the legendary Keb Darge. one listen to this, and the previous two podcasts, and you realise why Keb, along side Guy twas the business back in the mid 80’s and pretty much untouchable for a period of time in the amount and the quality of 60’s “Newies” they discovered and turned over. Sit back and enjoy.

Soul Set - Will You Ever Learn - Bi Me
Freddie Houston - Soft Walking - Toto
(Ray Pollard - We’re On Our Way)
Roy Hamilton - You Shook Me Up - RCA
(Milt Grayson - You Turn Me Around)
Tommy Hunt - Pretty Part Of You - Unissued
June Jackson - You're Welcome - Musette
(Eddie Lyons)
Shirley Edwards - Dream My Heart - Shrine
(Rita & Tiaras - Dream)
James Dockery - My Faith In You is All Gone - Soul Craft
King George - So Long Johnny - RCA
(Syng McGowen - Wartime Breakdown)
Phonetics - Don't Let Love Get You Down - Trudel
Cairos - Stop Overlooking Me - Shrine
King George & TIMP's - I'm Thru Losin' You - Midtown
(Chessmen - Baby We're Through)
Barbara Christian - Not Like You Boy - Brownie
Tammy Levon - Clothes Don't Make A Man - Nation
Ellie Greenwich - Baby - Red Bird
(Ronnie & Robyn - The Reason Why)
King George - Ah Huh - RCA
(Syng McGowen - Gonna Put You Down)
Lee McKinney & Magnetics - I'll Keep Holding On - Sable
Tony Mason - Take Good Care - RCA
Marty Thompson - Whirlpool - Sir Ben
Barry White & The Atlantics - Tracy (All I Have Is You) - Faro
Sherli Allen - Think It over - X-Tra
(Lady G)
Betty Lou And Bobby Adams - Dr. Truelove - Trax
Audrey Slo - Gonna Find The Right Boy (Instrumental) - Swan
Tammy Levon - It Takes Two - Nation
Gladys Knight & Pips - Stop And Get A Hold Of Yourself - Maxx
(Ruby Stackhouse)
Clydie King - My Love Grows Deeper - Imperial
The Trends - Not Too Old To Cry - ABC Paramount
(Soul Set)
Jerry And His Uniques - Yes He Will - Lennan
(Detroit Soul Bandits - Don't Break My Heart)
Ravins - Where Is Love - Ravin
Universals - Diamonds & Pearls - Cooking
Anthony & The Aqualads - I Remember - Aqua
Bernard Smith & The Jokers Wild - Gotta Be A Reason - Groove

Robin Salter: Welcome To The Real World


Right Click to Download

Well it’s been a while since the last podcast, so little spare time of large but we are back with another Modern Soul set from Stafford’s Modern main man Robin Salter.

A great little set it is as well if I don’t say so myself. Just listening to some of these just shows you how “current” Stafford and Robin was back in the mid 80’s. Hope you enjoy.

Percy Larkins - I Can Love You Better - Move
Alexander O'Neal - What's Missing - Tabu
Jerry Bell - Tell Me You'll Stay - MCA
Sho Nuff - Hold On For Love - Jamila
Chaz - For Your Love - Zanzibar
Chapter 8 - It's My Turn - Beverley Glen
Andrew Barrax - Just Can't Seem To Forget - Bama
Bobby Bowens & The Shades Of Magic - Gonna Love Somebody - Galactic Star
Dennis Rowland & Mike Braden - I Want You For Myself - Saxville
David Diggs - Welcome To the Real World - PAJ
Eddie Parker - Dream - RJ
Corky Hale - I'm The One - Affinity
Dany Hunt- Love Me Too - La Cade
Chosen Few Band - What it Takes To Live - Buffaloes Reflection
Jessie James - I Can Feel Your Love Vibes - Midtown
Young Divines - Deep in My Heart - New London/Cotillion
Gayle Adams - Plain Out Of Luck - Prelude

Robin Salter: Freeway To Stafford!

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Stafford (9 of 26)
Modern Soul Masters

I hope you enjoyed the first set of Modern Soul that was amongst the playlist opt Robin’s over his tenure as a Stafford DJ. A second set is here for your listening pleasure featuring the very best of the then current Modern Soul monsters with the odd oldie thrown in for good measure. Most of this set, and many records from the period have remained very rare and in-demand or finding favour amongst those who missed out during this period.

Arnold McCuller - Freeway To Monterey - AVI
Prince Phillip Mitchell - In Her Own Way - Ichiban
Chuck Roberson - I've Got To Have Your Love - Bluesong
Longo Brothers - Coast To Coast - People City
Nina Simone - Touching And Caring - VIP LP
Frankie Gearing - Spinning Top - Beale Street
Tony Troutman - What's The Use - Jerri
Lou Ragland - What Should I Do? - SMH
James Govan - Uphill Climb - Envelope
Hugh Boyton - We're Gonna Make It - Soulpotion
Jimmy Burns - Can't Get Over - Dispo
Eugene Smiley & The Essence Of Love - Yes It's You - K-City
Sonic Explosion - We Belong Together - Big Hit
Serenade - When Love Is Gone - Out Front
Joe Simon - Love Look At Us Now - Posse
Luther - Don't Wanna Be A Fool - Cotillion
Winfield Parker - I Wanna Be With You - P&L
Willie C - I Just Can't Get Enough Of You - Hot Ass
Ultimates - Girl, I've Been Trying To Tell You - BrRoma
Satin - Your Loves Got Me - Shell

Robin Salter: Take Another Look


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Robin Salter
Robin today, still got the bug!!

With the 60’s Mafia revitalising the 60’s scene, Modern Soul wasn’t forgotten about. Dave Thorley was still featuring it during his across the board sets but it was around the time Keb and Guy came on board, probably a little later, that Robin Salter was introduced to the Top Of The World crowd as one of the residents. The highly respected and much liked Robin featured some of the best of the modern oldies to many of his own discoveries and other that were practically new releases, one of Stafford’s true innovators of soul music as Dave Thorley said.. A popular figure then and now and his records are still highly sought after, some with just a few known copies. Many are once again finding favour on today’s scene.

Here is a set of quality Modern Soul of the day, from his first ever Stafford play, Pro Fascination right through to one of my favourite records ever, the killer track from Frankie Sanders on Juana from 1981, probably the cheapest of the bunch. Hope you enjoy the selection.

Pro-Fascination - Try Love Again - MOT (Robin’s first record he played at TOTW)
Willie Johnson - What Am I Gonna Do Without Your Love -
Savannah Int.
Target - Give Me One More Chance - Kama
Larry Wedgeworth & Clique - No More Games - Groovehall Records (Boston Celtics)
Lifestyle - Trying To Make It Up To You - MCA
Terry Callier - I Don't Want To See Myself - Erect
Michael Prowtle - What You're Looking For Is Here - Castle
Mind And Matter - Under Your Spell - M&M
The Bitter And The Sweet - I Won't Have Any Babies For You - The Anything, Everything Records
Prophecy - Rain In My Life - All Platinum
Allan Harris & Perpetual Motion - Get Ready - Exact Change
Frederick - Move On - Heat
Oscar Perry - Just What You Ordered - New Horizon
Dysons Faces & Hard Times - Welcome To All This Love Again - DDR LP
Sammy Gaha - Thank You, Thank You - Right On
Sir Henry Ivy - He Left You Standing There - Future Dimension
Charisma Band - Ain't Nothing Like Your Love - Buddah
Florence Trapp - Love Came Into My Life - You And I
Frankie Sanders - Take Another Love - Juana

Keb Darge: The Guessing Game

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Stafford (4 of 26)

Keb October 1985 at Stafford. Photo courtesy of Neil Salter.

Welcome to the second podcast of Keb Darge’s Stafford output. From the list below and from listening it is apparent why and how Keb established himself as one of the best DJ’s of the 80’s Northern Soul Scene. Alongside Guy they came to the rescue of the 60’s Northern Soul Scene with a commitment to play new discoveries. 45’s wouldn’t last too long even if they were fantastic, if they got little reaction they were soon dropped and I believe in one or two cases thrown from the decks!! It all added up to a vibrant resurgent rare Soul Scene….even if numbers were down at times, the music was right back up there.

You will also see from the last three podcasts (two from Guy and one previous one from Keb) that Beat Ballads were starting to make a name for themselves. Although they have always been around the scene it was around this time that they took centre stage, especially from Keb and Guy. Having said that in the grand scheme of things there wasn’t really that many although as soon s Stafford is mentioned people automatically think Beat Ballads!

If it was good enough and had SOUL it was played!!

Arthur Alexander - Keep Her Guessing - Dot
(Johnny Honeycutt - The Guessing Game)
Andy Fisher - A Wee Bit Longer - Fat Fish
(Earl Jackson - Just a Little Longer)
Joan Baker - Everybody's Talking - Diamond
(Betty Lavette & The Big Wheels) ("A F*cking Monster" as keb describes it on a "live" tape I have)
Sebastian Williams - Hometown Boy - Sound Of Soul
(Lester Tipton - I'm Gonna Stay)
Marsh Gee - Peanut Duck - Virtue Acetate
Atlantics - Baby I Need You - Marquee
Hayes Cotton - Black Wings Have My Angel - Resist
(Lou Pride)
Preston Peters - You Can't Measure Love - M&M Enterprises
(Saxie Russell - Dirty Hearts)
Vince Apollo - I Bear Witness - Pentagon
(Danny Williams - I Love You Baby)
Soul Brothers - Keep It up - Blue Cat
Ray Marchand - Ship Of Fools - Dore
Turbines - We Got To Start Over - Cenco
(Temptones - Starting Over)
Cairos - Don't Fight It - Shrine
(Al Williams & Masquerades - You Can't Win)
Jimmy Wonderful - Tonight - Blue Star
(Covered as Brad Lundy and then played for a second time in the same night a few records later and Keb changed his mind and covered it as Hector Rivera!)
Billy Storm - Please Don't Mention Her Name - HBR
(Gene McDaniels - Please Don't Mention Her Name)
Enjoyables - Shame - Shrine
Colt 45's - Lady Lady - Jerry
Joe Frazier - The Bigger They Come (The Harder They Fall) - Cloverlay
Trent Sisters - A Letter A Day - GoGate
Wesley Paige - Trapped - 635
Jewel Akens - I've Arrived - Era
Larry "Chubby" Reynolds - Sweet Tooth - Tri-Spin
Cash McCall - You Ain't To Cool - Thomas
Freda Payne - Easy Street -
J.E. Morgan - By My Side - Theoda
(Four Voices - By My Side)
Maxine Brown - Torture - Unissued
(Jackie Day)
Melba Moore - Magic Touch - Unissued
(Mary Love)
Candy & The Kisses - Tonight's The Night - Unissued
Moments - Baby I Want You - Hog
(First played from an uncredited Edgeware acetate. The Group remained unknown until around 1990 when the first Hog 45 turned up.)
Charles Mann - Hey Little Girl - Lanor
(Tangeers - You're On My Mind)
Freddie Houston - If I Had Known - Old Town
(Herb Ward - I Wouldn’t Have Gone)
Andy Fisher - Heart's Beating Stronger - Fat Fish
(Earl Jackson - Heart Beating Stronger)

Keb Darge: You Better Watch Out

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Photo courtesy of Gr0uch0 (flickr)

I've already featured two podcasts from Guy, one of the 6t's Mafia, another member of the 6t’s mafia and just as influential was Keb Darge.

Keb and Guy were very good friends and shared the same vision as to what the music should be at an all-nighter. They considered themselves rivals but in a good way, and agreed between them to push the boundaries and predominately feature new discoveries in their sets.

This was fantastic as it meant you was hearing new records on a practically weekly basis but it did have its downfalls. If you missed a set you often missed a record because more often than not if they didn't appeal almost instantly they were dropped for something else, you also had the regular turn around of records even if they did work.

Many though have gone on to be classic Northern Soul and are still sought after by collectors and featured frequently by DJ's.

Many of those who left the scene after Wigan shut and returned in the mid 90's say they don't like what was played at Stafford but in reality they really don't know what was played there and don't even realise that a good size of the records featured today were first introduced to the scene at Stafford an d like minded venues in the 80's.

Anyway on with the music. This podcast (and the one to follow when time allows) are made up mainly of what Keb was playing in his sets during 1985.

There are plenty more to follow for both Keb and Guy so keep checking the site.

Dorothy Berry - You Better Watch Out - Planetary
Art Falls - I Want YoU Baby - Nautilus
(another Keb covered up and used two different cover up names. Jimmy Jackson or Bill Hambric - Got To Have You Baby)
Don & Juan - Heartbreaking Truth - Mala
(Jack Montgomery - I Always Will)
Atlantics - What's So Good About Goodbye? - Marquee
Peggy Woods - Love Is Gonna Get You - Unissued
The Changing Scene - When The City Sleeps - Jo-Vee-Jo
Little Charles & The Sidewinders - Talking 'Bout You Babe - Decca
(Danny Woods - I'm Talkin' To You)
Danny Harrison - Girl, Girl, Girl - Coral
(Jesse Davis - Girl)
Phonetics - Pretty Girl - Trudel
Vince Carey - Don't Worry - Turntable
(Gerald Simms - I Belong To You)
H.B. Barnum - It Hurts To Much To Cry - RCA
(George Kennedy - It Hurts Too Much)
Jimmy Seals - The Yesterday Of Our Love - Challenge
(The Moving Parts)
Willie Harper - But I Couldn't - Alon
(Ammbassadors - Trying)
J.D. Abram - Doctor Of Love - Reena
Tommy Turner - Lazy - Elbam
Kenny Shepherd - What Difference Does It Make - Maxx
Joe Phillips - I Just Can't Help Thinking About You - Omen
Gwen Davis - My Man Don't Think I Know - SS7
(Betty Turner)
Tami Lynn - You My Love - Atco (French E.P.)
Ruby Rowe - We Love Each Other - Resist
Royal Five - My Baby Just Cares For You - Tyler
(Fenways - Open Your Eyes I'll Be There)
Freddie Scott - Mr Heartache - Columbia
Rufus Wonder - Under The Moon - Lendo/Lando
Gwen Davis - I Can't Be Your Part Time Baby - SS7
(Betty Turner)
Joyce Davis - Hello Heartaches, Goodbye Love - Okeh
Four Arts - Who Do You Think You Are - Shee
Headlines - He's Looking Fort A Love - Luau
(Brooks Brothers - I'm Still looking)
The Changing Scene - You Can't Destroy My Love - Jo-Vee-Jo
(Steve Mancha)
Jimmy Armstrong - Mystery - Shrine
Little John - Just Wait And See - GoGate
(Jimmy Raye - I'm The Only One (briefly played by Pat Brady but it was that good Keb had to have it)
Turbines - What More Can I Say - Cenco

Guy Hennigan: Pleasing You

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I hope you enjoyed the first podcast of the Stafford plays of Guy. Here is Guy’s second and it perfectly highlights the turnover of records at Stafford with just three 45’s remaining from his first set. Thanks to Eddie Hubbard for the playlist.


Guy Hennigan April 1984
Cover up details are in brackets

Gracie Dumas - The Song Of A Woman - Eldorado Studio Disc/J-Gems
Groovettes & The Bob Reed Orchestra - Think It Over Baby - Reness
(Rose Battiste - Think It Over)
Miller Sisters - Your Love - GMC
(Vonettes - Your Love Is Guarenteed)
LMNOPS - Callin’ - J.B.P.
(Volumes - Can't You Hear Me Calling)
Oscar Perry - Face Reality - Feron Rod Keith - Like The Lord Said - Preview
Wilbur Reynolds - Who’ll Cry (In A Love Affair) - Resist
(Carol Waller - I Only Have Myself To Blame)
Venturas - Heart Of Love - Green Light Donald Jenkins & The Delighters - Somebody Help Me - Courtland
(Clifford Binns - I Walk Alone)
Sam Cox - Life Is Love - Renfro
(Randolph Wright - So They Say)
Big Frank - I Won't Let Her See Me Cry - Blue Rock
Chaumonts - Now You've Gone - Bay Sound
George Jackson - That Lonely Night - Double R/Cameo
(Otis Pollard - Remember Hurting Me So)
Larry Laster - Thats Just What You Did - Duo Virgo
(Jay and The) Shufflers - Always Be Mine - Crackerjack
(Derek Martin - Say You'll Be Mine)
Oscar Wright - Fell In Love - Hemisphere/Fairmount
(Hudson Alexandra - I'm So Glad)
Buddy Ace - Pleasing You - Paula
(James Diamond And La Femmes - I'm Trying)
Bobby Wade - Flame In My Heart - Big Jim
Paradox - Ring The Changes - Polydor
(Ross Robinson Orchestra - Eve Of Destruction)
Kenard - What Did You Gain By That - Dore
(Graham Conwell - What Did You Gain)
Bobby “Guitar” Bennett - You Did It Again - Junior
(Harold Melvin - You Did It Again)

Guy Hennigan: Hook Line And Sinker

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The summer of 1983 saw changes not just at Stafford but across the all-nighter scene. Dave Withers, The DJ regarded by many as the best 60’s Northern Soul DJ decided to call it a day, disillusioned with his treatment by the scene/promoters in general and not getting the recognition he deserved at the time. Gary Rushbrooke would also make the same decision. Richard Searling basically gave up all-nighters to concentrate on his radio career.

There was also a feeling that 60’s “newies” were being ignored in favour of oldies and modern soul and some collectors/dealers and DJ’s on the scene decided enough was enough. Some decided it was time to get back to the ethos of what the whole Northern Soul scene was about, 60’s new discoveries and getting them heard. Out of this was born the 6t’s Mafia.

60's Mafia
Guy and Keb at the Stafford re-union 4th April 2010

Part of the 6t’s mafia was Guy Hennigan and Keb Darge and a lot of support was building for them in what they were doing around the country and for the pair to be given a chance at Stafford.

Guy’s chance came in August 1983 and he took it with relish.

This podcast feature what Guy played on the night or 12th August 1983 in his first set at Stafford. I’ve recorded the cast as it was planned/played including the repeat plays. Donald Jenkins received three spins, Big Frank, cal Green and Joe Moore two apiece. Below is a scan e of Guy’s notes made on the actual night. talking to Guy he thinks it was written on the way to Stafford in the car and/or at Stafford itself.

Guy Playlist 1st Stafford

Roy Wright, top of the list, was purchased that night from Dave Raistrick who played it at a soul night at The Meadows in Derby Guy ran. Guy said it was just the sort of record he needed to announce his arrival and make everyone’s ears prick up and ask “what the f*ck is this”, Guy did say he played this at least twice on the night. One record, Cal Green, actually had two cover up names, Guy changed his mind during the night. There are a few purchased from Dave Withers/Rod Shard that were already Stafford standards but many were “new” plays and have since gone on to be Northern Soul classics.

Guy Hennigan and Dave Malloy
Guy with Dave Malloy at I think Warrington. Photo courtesy of Robert Hitchcock

Guy Hennigan Stafford 12th August 1983
Cover up details underneath the actual details in brackets.

Roy Wright - Hook Line And Sinker - Mica
(Bobby Lee & The Crash Sounds)
Donald Jenkins & Delighters - Somebody help Me - Courtland
(Clifford Binns - I Walk Alone)
Kell Osborne - A Law Against A Heartbreaker - Higland
(Jimmy Gresham - Heartbreakers Law)
Cal Green & The Specials - I'll Give You Just A Little More Time - Filmtown
(Jay Traynor - More Time. Later that night changed to Scotty Williams)
Big Frank & The Essence - I Won't Let Her See Me Cry - Blue Rock
(Big Joe's Ivory Brass - She Won't See Me Cry)
Chris Morgan - Who Am I - Bell
Mr Caldwell - Love Bandit - Scorpio
(Bud Harper - Treasure That Can't Be Found)
Joe Moore - Hang Right In There - Tru-Glo-Town
(Shep & The TNT's - Hang On In There Baby)
Mike Vickers - On The Brink - Columbia
(Matt Parsons - Boogaloo Investigator)
Velvelettes - Let Love Live (A Little Bit Longer) - Unreleased
(Martha & Vandellas - Let Detroit Burn)
Buddy Conner - When You're Alone - Breakthrough
(George Jefferson - When Your'e Alone)
Bobby Hutton - Come See What's Left Of Me - Philips
(Casanova Bennett - Come See)
Toni Washington - Good Things - Kon-Ti
(Frankie & The Twans - Good Things Come)
Originals - Suspicion - Unreleased
Jagged Edge - Baby You Don't Know - RCA
Donald Jenkins & Delighters - Somebody help Me - Courtland
(Clifford Binns - I Walk Alone)
Gordon Keith - Look Ahead - Calumet
(Maurice Williams - You've Got To Look Ahead)
Larry Laster - That's Just What You Did - Duo Virgo
Bobbie Smith - Walk On Into My Heart - American Arts
Johnny James -Tell You About My Baby (Ain't That Lovin') - Circle M
(Terrible Tom - Ain't That Lovin')
Sammy Ridgley - Locked Up - Hit Sound
(Aaron Varnell - You Got Me Locked Up)
Jo Jo Petite - Joey - Boss
Mary Moultrie - They're Trying To Tear Us Apart - King
Jimmy Hart - Teahouse In ChinaTown - Mercury
(Ernest Mosley - I Left My Heart In Chinatown)
Big Frank & The Essence - I Won't Let Her See Me Cry - Blue Rock
(Big Joe's Ivory Brass - She Won't See Me Cry)
Joe Moore - Hang Right In There - Tru-Glo-Town
(Shep & The TNT's - Hang On In There Baby)
Donald Jenkins & Delighters - Somebody help Me - Courtland
(Clifford Binns - I Walk Alone)
Cal Green - I'll Give You Just A Little More Time - Filmtown
(Jay Traynor - More Time. Later changed to Scotty Williams)

Adam Buchanan: Heaven In The Afternoon

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The third (and for now) final podcast of Adam’s 80’s plays.

If I don’t say so myself a great collection of Modern Soul from the Stafford era.

Lew Kirton - Heaven In The Afternoon - Alston
Jackie Moore - Heart Be Still - Kayvette
Masterplan - Dance All Night - Amani
J. Blackfoot - Where is Love - Sound Town
Gary Glenn - Gonna Give You All My Love - PPL
Luther Vandross - I Wanted Your Love - Epic
Steve Arrington - Feel So Real - Atlantic
Kashif - Rumours - Arista
James Cobbin & Prime Cut - Caught In The Middle - Tuckwood
The Flakes - No One (Can Love You Like I Do) - Magic Disc/Salsoul
Donn Thomas - How Can I Help But Love You - Myrrh
Leon Ware - What's Your Name - Fabulous Records Inc
Lenny Williams - Messing, With My Friend - MCA
Marva Hicks - Looking Over My Shoulder - Infinity
Black Ivory - You Are My Lover - Panoramic
Laura Lee - Your Song - Fantasy

Karen & Adam
Karen ? (From Boston) and Adam

? Adam and Pete Robinson

Figgy (From Boston), Adam and Pete Robinson?

Adam Buchanan: No Tricks

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The second set of tracks from Adam featuring some great modern tracks from the day.

Chuck Jackson - No Tricks - EMI
Atlantic Starr - Cirlces - A&M
Bronner Brothers - Pretty Boys - Neighbor
Bobby Thurston - The Very Last Drop - Epic
Demetri - Got To Be Real - Stand By
Charles Veal - new Found Love - Capitol
Loveman Ronnie Stokes - Touch You Again - Philly Town
Lifestyle - Katrina - MCA
E.J. Rice - Will You Be Coming Back - Platinum Records
Alfie Davison - Love Is A Serious Business - Mercury (12”)
Bobby Womack - Home Is Where The Heart Is - Columbia
Gwen McCrae - Keep The Fire Burning - Atlantic
Chuck Jackson - Waiting In Vain - EMI
Sweet Cream - Flyin' High - Shady Brook
Ramsey Lewis & Nancy Wilson - Closer Than Close - CBS
Four Tracks - Charade - Note
Goldie Alexander - Go Back - Chaz Ro

Stafford’s Top Of The World in the 60’s!


Fish, Stafford regular Mark Randle and two of Staffords finest, Robin Salter and Adam. Thanks to Mark for the photo.

Adam Buchanan: Easy life

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We now turn the attention on to Adam Buchanan, or simply Adam. Very much in favour of progression and championed the Modern side of the Soul Scene. Adam was a popular DJ at the time, still is to this day although he has practically hung up the slip mats as I type. A great taste in music and knew how to work the floor Adam DJ’ed at all the big all-nighters of the day and as well as Top Dog Soul Club at Stafford he was resident for the Central England Soul Club at venues such as Nottingham Oddfellows in Leicester.

Woody and Adam

Woody and Adam.

James Walsh Gypsy Band - Cuz It's You Girl - RCA
Jim Mancel - Easy Life - People City Music
Annis - Don't Play Games - GTO
Moody Scott - My lovely Lady - Straight Ahead Records
Flight - Playing Your Games - SGA
Natural Four - I Thought You Were Mine - ABC Paramount
Admirations - You Left Me - Peaches
Soulville Allstars - I'm Gonna Get To You - Soulville
L. Allen - Can't We Talk It Over - Green Dolphin
Constellations - I Don't Know How To - Gemini Star
Bill Harris - Am I Hot Am I Cold - RCA
Betty Wright - Give A Smile - Epic
Harold Melvin - Prayin' - Source
Leroy Burgess - Heartbreaker - Salsoul
Mandrill - My Kind Of Girl (My Girl) - Arista
WQBC - Love Me Anyway - Thunderbay
Pretenders - Just Be Yourself - Carnival
Timeless Legend - I Was Born To Love You - Bright Light
Swiss Movement - I Wish Our Love Would Last Forever - Gold Records

Ady Pountain: I'm In With The Downtown Crowd.

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It has been a while since the last podcast, I’ve been busy chasing the DJ’s for what they played for future podcasts. I’m pleased to say that I managed to corner Ady and with his and others help I’ve managed to put together 31 tracks that Ady played in the early days of Stafford.

Ady a favourite DJ of mine and always look forward to hearing his sets, he has great taste and always has a few pleasant surprises in his sets.

Ady was one of the Yate DJ’s and one of the original Stafford DJ’s, he helped Dave secure the deal for the use of the Top Of The World Club for the all-nighters. As you can see from the playlist there is a mixture of late Yate spins, some that were considered oldies maybe although they’d only been played for a year or two at places like Wigan and some Stafford “newies”.

It is as you will see across the board as we would expect at Stafford and there is just shy of one and a half hours music for your listening pleasure.

Ady also had a full set of the Unissued Motown that appeared in the early 80’s but as I’ve included many in the podcasts of Dave Withers I didn’t use any for Ady’s podcasts. I’m also planning to do a podcast featuring just the unreleased Motown so keep an eye out for that one (or two).

  • Allan Sisters - I'm In With The Downtown Crowd - Quality
  • Soulettes - Bring Your Fine Self Home - Scope
  • Norma Jenkins & The Dolls - The Airplane Song - Maltese
  • Inticers - Since You Left - Baby Luv
  • Inspirations - No One Can Take Your Place - Midas
  • Detroit Soul - All Of My Life - Music Town
  • The Group featuring Cecil Washington - I Don't Like To Lose - Prophonics
  • Eddie Parker - I Love You Baby - Ashford
  • Chuck Holiday - Just Can't Trust Nobody - Gloria
  • Major IV - I Don't Believe In Losing - Venture
  • Charles Johnson - Never Had A Love So Good - Alston
  • Alfie Davison - Love Is A Serious Business - Mercury 12"
  • GQ - Make My Dream A Reality - Arista
  • Felix Cavaliere - Never Felt Love Before - Bearsville
  • Ed Summers - I Can tell - Soya
  • Dee Dee Sharp - Happy Bout The Whole Thing - TSOP
  • Patterson Twins - Gonna Find A True Love - Commercial
  • Solid Gold Revue featuring Roy Crumley - She's So Good - Castanet
  • Eldridge Holmes - Gone Gone Gone - Deesu
  • The Larks - Come Back Baby - Money
  • The Ascots - Another Day - MirADon
  • Gene Chandler - I Hate To be The One To Say - Constellation
  • Matt lucas - You Better Go Go - Karen
  • Nomads - Somethings Bad - Mo Groove
  • Smokey Robinson - I Care About Detroit - Standard Groove/Tamla
  • Margie Joseph - One More Chance - Volt
  • Jimmy Burns & The Fantastic Epics - You’re Gonna Miss Me (When I’m Gone) - Tip Top
  • Fabulous Apollos - The One Alone - Valtone
  • Willie Mallory - You Went Back (On What You Said) - Lanor
  • The Hytones - Bigger And Better - Abet
  • Chuck Holiday - I Still Love You - Gloria
  • Bobby Kline - Say Something Nice To Me - MB Records
  • Kenny Young - Ain't It Funny What Love Can Do - Share


Above: Ady (on the right)
Below: Stafford at the Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes gig.
Both photos courtesy of Ady. Flyer courtesy of Mark Randle.

Richard Searling: Call On Me

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Following on from Richard’s Stafford set from February 1983 is a selection of other plays from his time at Stafford.
As you will see again a good number are Modern Soul and again a healthy dose of quality 60’s Soul. Quite a broad mix of music which again set Stafford apart from many other places.

Active Force - Give Me Your Love - A&M
Attitude - Love Me Tonight - Atlantic
Tony Fox - Love, Let Love And Be Loved - Blaster
Softones and First Class - Candy - Parkway
Jeffrey Osborne - I Really Don't Need No Light - A&M
Randy Brown - I'm Always In The Mood - Mr Moo
Marc Sadane - One Minute From Love - Warner Brothers
Teddy Pendergrass - Heaven Only Knows - Philadelphia International
Family Of Eve - I Wanna Be Loved By You - Full Sail
Ike Strong - Your Love Keeps Me Dancing - Maple
Larry Brown - Breaking Training - Fireworks
Curtis - How Can I Tell Her - Charm City
Chris Bartley - I Go Out Of My Mind - TM Acetate
Temptations - A Tear From A Woman's Eye - Unissued
Tommy Frontera - You're My Leading Lady - Hi-Lite
Court Davis - Try To Think What You're Doing - East Coast
Deadbeats - No Second Chance - Strata
(Phantom Janitor)
Soul Blenders - Tightrope - Knight (Charles Thomas)
Marvin Gaye - Lonely Lover - Unissued
(Willie Hatcher)
Temptations - Angel Doll - Unissued
(The Arabians)
Eddie Holman - Where I'm Not Wanted - Unissued
Martells - Where Can My Baby Be - A-La-Carte
(Jimmie Williams - Won't Somebody Please)
Four Reputations - Call On Me - Millage
Eddie Holman - Hurt - Unissued
Little Ann - What Shall I Do - Unissued
(Rose Valentine - When He's Not Around)

Richard Searling: What Happened To Yesterday?

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Richard (at The Mecca).

Now it’s time to feature one of the greatest and most influential DJ’s of all time on the Northern or Rare Soul Scene, Richard Searling. This podcast is what he actually played at Stafford TOTW on February 26th 1983.

Richard had been at the top of the tree for getting on 9 or 10 years but with John Anderson behind him his sets the last couple of years or so at Wigan changed the face of Northern Soul. Many exclusive plays that still remain firm favourites to this day. Several were what can be considered ground breaking for the time and they were also a breath of fresh air after some of the what went before during the mid 70’s at Wigan.

Come Stafford though many of his big 60’s plays had gone to other DJ’s, Dave Withers for example, and Richard seemed to be changing direction totally for a more commercial sound. Many of his sets featured records freshly released, David Joseph was actually on Top Of The Pops with “You Can’t Hide Your Love” the month after the date of this set at Stafford. There was still quality 60’s featured in the sets at Stafford an almost all remain highly sought after and still to this day are as hens teeth.

Richard’s radio show at the time was at Sheffield’s Radio Hallam and Richard would then hot foot it over to Stafford to get behind the decks around midnight. It wouldn’t be long though before Richard would turn his back on the All-nighter scene and concentrate on his radio show.

Maxine Nightingale - You Can't Run From love - Connection
Norman Connors & Adaritha - Take It to The Limit - Arista
Walter Jackson - Touching In The Dark - Kelli Arts
Jerry Knight - Nothing Can Hold Us Back - A&M lp
David Joseph - You can't Hide Your Love From Me - UK Island
Doug Parkinson & Southern Star Band - I'll be Around - Southern Star
Sunfire - Stop In The Light - Warner Brothers lp
Marlena Shaw - I Just Want This Feeling - South Bay
Webster Lewis - Let Me Be The One - Epic
Webster Lewis - Touch My love - Epic
Janice McLain - Smack Dab In The Middle - Warner Brothers RFC Records
Mr Soul - What Happened To Yesterday - Genuine (Maurice McAllister)
United Four - Baby Don't You Do It - Unissued Acetate (Leo Wright & The Elbejays)
Johnny Honeycut - I'm Coming Over - Triode
Herman Hitson - Love Slipped Through My Fingers (Herman Hitson)
Q - Thats The Way - Hound (James Lewis & Case of Tyme)

Dave Thorley: First Taste Of Hurt

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Stafford Advert 1984

Marshall Donavon & Broomfield - Since I Found My Baby - Augusta
James Walsh Gypsy Band - Cuz It's You, Girl - RCA
Valerie Lamar - Shame - Dee Dee
Debby Dobbins - Glad I Found You - Spirit (1981)
Willie Tee - First Taste Of Hurt - Gatur
The Vines - Hey Hey Girls - Sutter
Carl Holmes & The Commanders - Soul Dance Number 3 - Blackjack
Kontetts - You Got Me Baby - Audio Sound Acetate
Bobby Wisdom - Handwriting On The Wall - Out A Site
Thee Chekkers - Lack Of Love - Look
Accents - Who You Gonna Love - One-Derful
The Globeliters - The Way You Do - Philtown
Bobby Wisdom - Girl I Cll My Baby - Out A Site
Gene Barbour & Cavaliers - I Need A Love - Hit
Albert Jones - Up To The Sun - Bumpshop 153
Willie Tee - Please Don't Go - Nola 737
Matt Brown - Thank You Baby - JarVal 0006
Attractions - Why Shouldn't A Man Cry - Bell
Dave Blocker - Nothing's Gonna Change Me - Robere
Samuel Moore & The TNT’s - I'm So Jealous - DJO
Preston Peters - Got To Have Piece Of Mind - Markhap 6467
Tommy Hunt - Words Can Never Tell It - Dynamo
Charades - You Better Believe It - Harlem Hitparade
Kenny Gamble - (I'll Just) Keep On Smiling - Arctic
Dena Barnes - Who Am I - Inferno
Lee Edwards & His Continentals - (I've Gotta Have Her) Need I Say More - Lantic Gold
Edwin Johnson - Ain't That Enough To Make A Man Cry - Post
Fabulous Apollos - Some Good In Everything Bad - Valtone
Four Tracks - Like My Love For You - Mandingo
Kenny Gamble - Chains Of Love - Arctic

Dave Thorley Soul On The Modern Side

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Been a few weeks since I’ve added to this story so though it was about time I put that right. Been a few hours of 60’s posted since we focused on the Modern side of Stafford so time to redress the balance with almost an hour and half of Modern, 70’s Soul and a bit of Crossover from Dave Thorley.

Stafford Echoes Ad 1982

Johnny Scott - Let Me Be A Winner (Spoken Intro) - Portra
Anacostia - What Kind Of Love - Columbia (Van McCoy cover up)
Exportations - I Want You - Vir-Ro
Storm - Can't Nobody love Me Like You Do - Rosette
Webster Lewis - Let Me Be The One - Epic
Hiroshima - Never Ever - Arista
Jerome Jones - Don't Change - Jham For Life
David Martin - You're Mighty Right - Jay Pee & Rekord
Pheeroan Aklaff (Michael Gregory on Vocals) - Fits Like A Glove - Gramavision
Kashif - Just Gotta Have You (Lover Turn Me On) - Arista
Geater Davis - Don't Give Up - MT
Marc De Noel - Heartaches - Marc
Fantastic Shakers - Biggest Mistake - Fantastic Shakers 17041(Dexter Jones - My Mistake)
Centre Stage - Hey, Lady - RCA
Reo Lane - Give Me Your Love - Bren
Willie Johnson - What Am I Gonna Do Without Your Love - Savannah
Five Special - The More I Get Top Know You - T.E.A.I.
Electric Express - Hearsay - Key Vac
Gene Dozier & The United Front - You're The Best Girl I Ever Had - Mercury
Chuck Brooks - You Can't Be In Two Places At The Same Time - Chimneyville
Brand New - Thousand Years - DuVern
John Simeone - Who Do You Love - TNT 1001
William Bell - Tryin' To Love Two - Mercury

Gary Rushbrooke: I'm Losing Again

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Gary & Robin
Gary & Robin at the reunion approx 2011

Welcome to Gary’s third and final podcast, this should just about complete what Gary played during the early part of Stafford give or take a few records. As one person commented Gary had his on unique style sticking mainly to 60’s dancers. Again a few oldies in amongst the section abut also a fair few Stafford classics and as with the other episodes many still played up and down the country to this day, some have remained extremely rare and are seldom heard which isn a shame really.

Bobbie Smith - Walk On Into My Heart - American Arts
Lee Bates - Why Don't You Write - Instant
(George Blackwell - Write Me A Letter)
Casinos - If I Told You - Del-Val
Little Ron & Esquires - I Found Someone - Charade
(Simms Twins)
Ray Agee - I'm Losing Again - Soultown
(James Conwell - Love Is A Losing Game)
Eric Mercury - Lonely Girl Part 1 - SAC
(Roy Hamilton)
Frankie Beverley & Butlers - I Want To Feel I'm Wanted - Fairmount
Kris Peterson - Just As Much - Top Dog
Magnetics - When I'm With My Baby - Sable
Lost Soul - Secret Of Mine - Raven
Fascinators - In Other Words - Bombay
Oracles - I Ain't Got Time - O-M
(Jackie Lee & The Tripps - Everybody's Doing The Jerk)
Moovers - One Little Dance - Brent
Porgy & The Monarchs - That's My Girl - Sylves
Specials featuring J Finch - Everybody Say Yeah - Satch SA 512 B
Soulville all Stars - Nobody To Blame (But Myself) - Soulville
Magnificent Seven - She's Called A Woman - Eastern
Nomads - Somethings Bad - Mo-Groove
Twilights - You're The One - Aqua (Bobby Diamond)
Passionettes - My Fault - Path
(Norma Jenkins & The Dolls - Nobody's Fault But Mine)
Yvonne Vernee - Does He Love Me Anymore - Correc-Tone
Ty Karim - You Just Don't Know - Romark
Bobby Valentin - Use It Before You Lose It - Fania (Rex Garvin)
Ascots - Miss Heartbreaker - MBS
Richard Anthony & The Blue Notes - No Good - Swan
Bobby Samson - Happiest Day Of My Life - Acta
Magnificent 7 - Never Will I (Make My Baby Cry) - Dial
(Frank Dell)
Bernie Moore - Oh No - SSI

Gary Rushbrooke: Keep On Climbing


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More tracks for your listening pleasure all from the early 80’s play-box of Gary Rushbrooke.
Again a mixture of the odd late Wigan spin (one or two ex Richard Searling biggies) and Gary’s Stafford “Newies”, many having gone on to be Stafford classics and still heard around the country today.

Bud Harper - Wherever You Are - Peacock
George Blackwell - Mr Loser - Smoke
Jeff Dale - Where Did I Go - Atco
Charades - Key To My Happiness - MGM Aspirations - You Left Me - Peaches
(Timothy Wislon) Leo Wright & ElbeJays - Baby Don't You Do It - Unissued/Cover Up.
(Actually the Barons Of Soul) Ascots - Another Day - Mir-A-Don Bobby Wisdom - Handwriting On The Wall - Out-A-Site 11 Les Chansonettes - Don't Let Him Hurt You - Shrine (Yvonne Vernee - Someone’s Gonna Do You)
Bell Boys - I Don't Want To Lose You - Jamar Gasoline Powered Clock - Forest Fire On Main Street - GPC
(Lord Sitar & The Baltimore Band - Running Away) John Edwards - Ain't That Good Enough - Unreleased Jackie Beavers - I Need My Baby - Revilot Arcades - There’s Got To Be A Loser - Triad Lonnie Russ - Say Girl - Kerwood Naturals - Don't Just Stand There - Path
(New Wanderers) 7 Sons - Don't You Dare Say No - IGL Specials - I Can't Find Another - Satch Cashmeres - Don't Let The Door Hit You Back - HEM Gene Toones - What More Do You Want - Simco Little Stanley - The Stran - Out-A-Site
(Jimmie Raye - C’mon Baby) Sophisticates - I Can't Stand It - Mutt Freddy Butler - You Better Get Hip Girl - Kapp Magnificent Men - Keep On Climbing - Capitol Wayne Anthony - You Ain't Wrapped Too Tight - Roulette Tommy Dodson - One Way Love - Uptown
(Sammy Seven)
Benny Mahan - She Knows How - Scratch Bernie Moore - I Wanna Be Loved To Death - Burdette Jimmy Ruffin - How Can I Say I’m Sorry - Soul

Gary Rushbrooke 1st/2nd May 1982

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Another DJ at the top of his game in the late 70’s and early 80’s made him an obvious choice for Dave Thorley as one of his leading “newies” Dj’s, that DJ was Gary Rushbrooke Whilst many others around him were moving towards newer releases Gary bar the odd exception stuck firmly to his belief in 60’s Rare Soul. The following podcast is what Gary actually played in May 1st 1982, inn the same order, right at the birth of the Stafford All-nighters. As expected given the time there are still some records that were big at Wigan yet still relatively new to the scene, also the odd big oldie giving us a set of records most DJ’s today would love to be able to deliver not 30 years ago.

Lamont Cranston - Takin A Chance - Waterhouse
(Williams & Watson - No One Ever Said It Was Gonna Be Easy)
Ree Flores - Look At My Heart - M&H
Cassadons - Two Sided Love - Beltone
Delettes - Look At Me - Blue Rock
Chuck Flamingo - What's My Chances - RoJac
(Bobby Sanders - Lost My Chances)
Vernon Greene - Look At Me Look At me - Minit
Creations - Just Remember Me - Globe
(Steinways - Remember Me)
Gary Sole - Holding On - Knight (Agents)
Mill Evans - Why Why Why - King
Moses Dillard - Pretty As A Picture - Mark V
(Little Richie)
Tee Fletcher - Happy Loving You - Shurfine
Frank Beverley - Because Of My Heart - Fairmount
Charles Brandy - Can't Get Enough - Blue Cat
(Bob Relf)
Magnetics - Lady In Green - Bonnie
Chryslers & I'm not Going To lose You - Je Jody
(Mad Dog & Pups)
Yvonne Vernee - Just Like You Did Me - Sonbert
Tamala Lewis - You Won't Say Nothing - Marton
Soul Blenders - Tightrope - Knight
(Soul Shakers - Walkin A Tightrope)
Johnny Watson - Ain't Gonna Move - Jowat (Billy Williams)
Vondells - Hey Girl You've Changed - Airtown
Willie Mallory - You Went Back (On What You Said) - Lanor
(Deon Jackson - I Might As Well Be Dead) (from Tim Ashibende late Wigan)
Elbie Parker - Please Keep Away From Me - Veep (Pookie Hudson)
Vontastics - I'll Never Say Goodbye - Satellite
(Eddie Daye & 4 Bars)
Royal Esquires - Aint Gonna Run - Prix
(Embers - Playing The Part Of A Fool)

Dave Withers And Rod Shard Part Two: All That's Good

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Okay, I hope you enjoyed the first set from Dave Withers which was what he actually played in May 1982 at Stafford. This second part features more records from late Wigan leading into Stafford with discoveries of his and his good mate Rod Shard. More from the Motown tapes to some great uptempo dancers. Again many of these are still in demand to this day and would coast a small fortune to acquire. Others in the set pretty much forgotten about and some probably unknown to those who missed out the whole of the 80’s, returning in the mid 90’s to what they left behind when Wigan shut.

Gordon Keith - Look ahead - Calumet (Maurice Williams)
Pat Thompson & Archie Powell - Darling Darling - Mir-A-Don (Ad-Libs)
Spoilers - Something About You - GMC
Ron Alston - Something Ain't Right - Philips (Bobby Robinson)
Blue Steam - I Want A Girl - Catamount
Cody Marshall - The Thought Of Loving You - Sound Judgement (Pierre Hunt - late Casino)
Buddy Conner - When You're Alone - Breakthrough (George Jackson)
Martha Reeves & Vandellas - Spellbound
Velvevettes - Stop Beating Around The Bush
Monitors - Words
Kim Weston - Absent Minded Lover
Kim Weston - After The Rain
Combinations - I'm Gonna Make You love Me - Kimtone
Combinations - What'ca Gonna Do - Kellmac (Chessmen)
Harthon Band - Eddie's My Name
Vivian Carroll - Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah - Merben (Roddie Joy)
Venturas - Baby Be Mine - Daniels
Martells feat Clifford Russell - Where Can My Baby Be - Al La Carte (Jimmie Williams - Somebody Please)
Lonzine Cannon - Quit While I'm Ahead - Philips (Earl Jackson)
Young Brothers - What's Your Game - Soul Power(Experienced Heartmenders)
Deltours - Sweet And Lovely - Starville (Earnest mMsley/Mel Wynn)
Classics - So Glad That i Found You - Yan-G
Richard Anthony - Keep On Living On - Virtue (Kenny Hamber)
Phonetics- Just A Boys Dream - Trudel
Little Tony Talent - All Thats Good - Symbol
Limelights - Don't Leave Me Baby - Uncle (Silhoutettes)
Young Brothers - Baby - Soul Power

Dave Withers And Rod Shard: Forever In My Heart

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Continuing the Stafford Story we now turn to a duo who between them discovered and introduced to the scene some amazing and exciting records. Although Dave Withers is the one who takes the credit as he was very much the public face being the DJ it was very much a partnership, Rod preferring to stay behind the scenes and source records, not just with and for Dave but for other DJ's as well as future podcasts will show.

Thanks to George Sharp who passed on a venue report I have been able to produce a podcast that reproduces what Dave played at Stafford on May 1st/2nd 1982. A look at the list and it shows just how exciting it must have been in the early Stafford days when all the unreleased Motown turned up and with a mix of late Wigan biggies the set still stands up today with almost all the records still featuring on today's scene and many most DJ's would love to have in their record boxes.

The Originals and Temptations must be in everyones top 50 if not higher up the ranks and many of the records that did see a release still remain extremely rare to this day.

Originals - Suspicion

Dave DJ'ed at Stafford from the very first one but stood down a year or so later. Shame he became disillusioned with it all and decide to call it a day he could have been and should be better remembered than he is as a DJ and talked about in the same breath as other top DJ’s by everyone and not basically the collectors, dancers and fellow DJ’s who were there or who have a passion for the music of the time.

The list shows the original artist with the cover up name/title in brackets)

Originals - Suspicion aka Baby Have Mercy On Me (Prophets)
Temptations - Forever In My Heart aka Come On Back To Me Baby (Detroit Emeralds)
Marvin Gaye - This Love Staved Heart (Is Killing Me) (JJ Barnes)
Topic - Have Your Fun - Dream (Phil Orsi - With Me You'll Want To Stay)
Gladys Knight & The Pips - It's Too Late For YoU and Me (Lorraine Chandler)
Marvelettes - Sugar's Never Been As Sweet As You ((Patty Gilson & Torments or Little Lisa) Played twice on the night.
Holland, Dozier, Holland - On The Avenue (Duke & Detroit Sounds - It's Uptown Night)
Velvelettes - Let Love Live (A Little Bit Longer) (Adorables)
Velvelettes - Love Is Good (Adorables)
Mr Caldwell - Love Bandit - Scorpio (Bud Harper - Treasure That Can't Be Found)
Marvelettes - The Boy From Crosstown (Lillian Dupree - He's The Boy I Love)
COD's - She's Fire - Kellmac (Mickey Valvano - She's Fire, She's My Burning Desire)
Shadows - My Love Is Gone - USA (Jimmy Georgetowns - Stars Above)
John & The Weirdest - No Time - Tie (Spyder Turner & Webs)
Exectutive Four - Gotta Good Thing Going - Lu Mar (Robert L Martin)
John & The Weirdest - Can't Get Over These Memories - Tie (Spyder Turner & Webs)
Judy Hughes - Fine Fine Fine - Vault (Judy Street - He's So Fine)
Main Change - Sunshine Is Her Way - Nebula (Rock Candy)
Court Davis - Try To Think What You're Doing -East Coast
Monique - If You Love Me Show Me - Maurci (Martha Starr - Love Me Or Let Me Go)
Royal Robins - Something About You Sends Me - Tru Glo Town (Imaginary Visions - There's Something About You)
Jimmy Wallace - I'll Be Back - Alpha (Chip Tyler)

Dave Thorley: Room Full of Tears

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Ok, last two sets from Dave were Modern and Crossover Soul (hope you enjoyed them) so it is now time to redress the balance and get some
60’s in the mix. We have what I think is a fantastic selection for your listening pleasure so get downloading and enjoy.

Mel Wynn - I Don't Want To Lose You - Wand
Turks - The Bad Brought The Good - DJO
Empires - You're On Top Girl - Candi (Johnny & Mondells c/u)
Larry Davis - I've Been Hurt So Many Times - Kent (came from Neil "Nogger" Allen)
Fabulous Apollos - Determination - Valtone
Fabulous Moonlighters - For Granted - Blue Eagle
Porgy & The Monarchs - Congratulations - Bell Sound Acetate
Ringleaders - Win You Over - Int. Recording Co. Studio Disc
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - I Care About Detroit - Standard Groove
Mamie Galore - No Right To Cry - Sack
Roger Hatcher - Sweetest Girl In The World - Excelllo
Black & Blue - What I Got - Mercury (came from Tim and Butch)
Gino Washington - Rat Race - Test pressing (Detroit Five)
Otis Leavill - I'm Amazed - Limelight
Sam Dees - Lonely For You Baby - SSS International (Dan Brantley c/u, came form Ady Pountain)
Houston Outlaws - Ain't No Telling - Westbound
Classics - So Glad That I Found You - Yan-G
Ringleaders - All Of My Life - Int. Recording Co. Studio Disc
Billy Kennedy - Sweet Things - Thelma
Blenders - Your Love Has Got Me Down - Mar-V-Lus (Dave originally played an alternate take from a Studio Disc)
Charlotta Tillman - Baby I'm Serious - Josie
Oscar Perry - Face Reality - Feron
Moments - You Said - Deep (Sweethearts c/u, Late Yate/Early Stafford)
Chuck Holiday - Just Can't Trust Nobody - Gloria
Kell Osborne - Quicksand - Titanic (came from Rob Moss)
Johnny Gilliam - Room Full of Tears - Cancer (Charles Johnson c/u)

Dave Thorley: Something New To Do

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I hope you enjoyed the first podcast highlighting the music Dave Thorley played at the Stafford All-Nighters.

Here is set two featuring more Modern Soul, Crossover Soul and a couple a little on the funky side.
Manhattans - Crazy - CBS/Columbia
Jewel - Paradise - Jewel (Late Yate/Early Stafford)
Bobby Womack - Trying To Get Over You - Beverley Glen
Richard "Popcorn" Wylie - How did I Lose You - ABC
Bobby Womack - So Many Sides Of You - Beverley Glenn
Jessie Henderson - I Did It Again - Land Of Hits/Lasso
Johnnie Taylor - What About My Love - Beverley Glen
Earl White Jnr - Very Special Girl - Cygnet
Mel Williams - Sweet Girl Of Mine - Buddah (came from Tim Ashibende and Butch)
Rochelle Rabouin - This Is My Year - Cygnet
Sir Henry Ivy - He Left You Standing There - Future Dimension (came from Mick Godfrey)
James & Truitt - What's Wrong With It - Juca
Memphians - South Memphis - Bluff City (late Yate/Early Stafford)
Whispering Shadows - Stop The World - Mr D's
21st Century - Your Smallest Wish - BeeGee
Wali Ali - (Oh i) Need Your Lovin' - Jobete
TSU Tornadoes - What Good Am I - Atlantic
Guitar Ray - You're Gonna Wreck My Life - Shagg (came from Tim Ashibende and Butch)
Bobby Sheen - Something New To Do - Warner Brothers (came from Tim Ashibende and Butch)
Soul Brothers Inc - Pyramid - Golden Eye (Mel Britt c/u)

Dave Thorley: I Just Want This Feeling To Last


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Welcome to my series of Podcasts dedicated to the music of the Stafford All-nighters.

The Stafford all-nighters held at The Top Of The World club in Newport Road and ran under the Top Dog Soul Club banner and it’s promoters were Dave Thorley and Keith Minshull. It opened it’s doors in April 1982 and closed it’s doors on the 22nd/23rd February 1986.

To begin with it can be best described as a coming together of two legendary venues, the recently closed Wigan Casino and The Yate All-Nighters with a line consisting of and including the best DJ’s from both venues, Richard Searling, Dave Thorley, Ian Clark, Gary Rushbrooke, Ady Pountain and Dave Withers. Upstairs featured Mick Smith, Nick Marshall, Pet Widdison, Budgie and Dave Alcock.

Over the time the all-nighter ran Dj’s came and went, Adam Buchanan, Robin Salter, Soul Sam, Chris Plant, Pat Brady and of course the 60’s Mafia Keb Darge and Guy Hennigan. Many others also featured over the years in both rooms. Many many new records were introduced to the scene and the crowd were eager to lap them up and new records were continually sought by all the Dj’s and many have since gone on to be classics still played up and down the country, many records from the era are still unknown to many who missed out when they left the scene after Wigan closed, later returning in the mid 90’s.


The venue was also truly across the board featuring 60’s right up to new releases, probably the last venue where this was done on a regular basis in the same room.

Now rather than ramble on I thought I would let the music tell the story so I decided to do a series of podcasts, each about an hour long but each one will be music from one of the DJ’s, collectors and movers and shakers of the time, those who found some of the music from the time. My aim is to do at least one podcast of all the DJ’s and I am pleased to say the first three will be of the music played by Top Dog himself Dave Thorley.

I did wonder if Dave would agree as he is one that doesn’t dwell on the past, always moving forward but he was more than happy to help, providing a list of records and sound files for some I couldn’t locate so I am grateful to Dave for this, and also to the others who have already helped me with lists of what they played back then, they probably think I’ve been a pain pestering them.

The music of the era is what I love the most it is what has shaped by beliefs, ideals and attitude to the scene as a collector and later as a DJ myself.

Now all that is left to do is download and enjoy the music.

Paul Simpson Connection - Use Me Lose Me - Rams Horn
Marlena Shaw - I Just Want This Feeling To Last - South Bay (Hot Traxx remix one spun by Dave)
Kathy McFarland - Memories - Jobete
Baiser - Summer Breeze - Polystar
Colorblind - Crazy - Capitol
Colors - Am I Gonna Be The One - First Take
O'Jays - Put Your Heads Together - PIR
David Joseph - You Can't (Hide Your Love From Me) - Island
Ze-Brazz - Feels So Good - Atlantic
Bobby Womack - Tell Me Why
Loveman Ronnie Stokes - Touch You Again - Philly Town
Vivilore Jordan - All Work And No Play - Task
Family Affair - You Can't Stop My Loving - Jobete
Glenda McCloud - No Stranger To Love - HGEI (came from Stuart Cosgrove)