Robin Salter: Freeway To Stafford!

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Stafford (9 of 26)
Modern Soul Masters

I hope you enjoyed the first set of Modern Soul that was amongst the playlist opt Robin’s over his tenure as a Stafford DJ. A second set is here for your listening pleasure featuring the very best of the then current Modern Soul monsters with the odd oldie thrown in for good measure. Most of this set, and many records from the period have remained very rare and in-demand or finding favour amongst those who missed out during this period.

Arnold McCuller - Freeway To Monterey - AVI
Prince Phillip Mitchell - In Her Own Way - Ichiban
Chuck Roberson - I've Got To Have Your Love - Bluesong
Longo Brothers - Coast To Coast - People City
Nina Simone - Touching And Caring - VIP LP
Frankie Gearing - Spinning Top - Beale Street
Tony Troutman - What's The Use - Jerri
Lou Ragland - What Should I Do? - SMH
James Govan - Uphill Climb - Envelope
Hugh Boyton - We're Gonna Make It - Soulpotion
Jimmy Burns - Can't Get Over - Dispo
Eugene Smiley & The Essence Of Love - Yes It's You - K-City
Sonic Explosion - We Belong Together - Big Hit
Serenade - When Love Is Gone - Out Front
Joe Simon - Love Look At Us Now - Posse
Luther - Don't Wanna Be A Fool - Cotillion
Winfield Parker - I Wanna Be With You - P&L
Willie C - I Just Can't Get Enough Of You - Hot Ass
Ultimates - Girl, I've Been Trying To Tell You - BrRoma
Satin - Your Loves Got Me - Shell