Guy & Keb: The Times We Had Together


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60's Mafia
6t’s Mafia Keb and Guy at the re-union in 2010

This podcast just about completes Keb and Guy’s contribution as far as I am concerned. Some great records amongst them some (cough) not so great but they are part of the history. Some of these are reactivations from previous years and the odd track played by one or the other previously.

There are still plenty of tracks from both as many were one two or three play only before getting dropped or so scarce I can’t find a recording and in some cases can’t identify some (including some cover ups and unreleased material), many that can’t even be remembered.. Some of these include an instrumental Guy called Al Kent “One Step Beyond”, Innocent Bysanders “Breaking Out” from Keb, another from Keb the instrumental played as Frank Foster “:Going To Detroit” (Bell Sound Acetate) and the instrumental of “Sweeter Than The Day Before” (Valentinos) that Guy played plus many more.

Sam Bowie & The Blue Feelings - (Think Of) The Times We Had Together - Wingate
Billy Robinson & The Burners - Shucks You Left The Fire Burning - Crazy Horse
(Gino Parks)
Lee Drummond - Baby I Know - Fontana
Purple Mundi - Stop Hurting Me Baby - Cat
Kenny Hamber - Time - De-Jac
(Artie Wheeler - I Said Time)
Van McCoy & Friends - Ain’t Got No Love - Acetate (Dress Rehearsal)
Johnny Wyatt - I Wouldn’t Change A Thing About You - Challenge
Edie Walker - I Don’t Need You Anymore - Mew
Bill Horton - I Wanna Know - Kayden
Faithful Wonders - Ol’ John (Behold Thy Mother) - Checker
The Victors - Not Only The Girl Knows - Philips
Wesley Paige - You Turn Me Around - RoJac
Z.Z. Hill - What More - Kent
Z.Z. Hill - That’s It - Kent
(Both ZZ Hill Guy first as far as I am aware and then Keb)
Lonnie Lester - You Can’t Go - Nu-Tone
Tony Hestor - Watch Yourself - Karate
Wilbur Reynolds - Who’ll Cry - Resist
(Carol Waller -
Kalendars - It Takes Two - Tee Vee
(Guy as well)
Johnny Cobb & The Attractions - Forget Him - Jaguar
(Ohio Untouchables - Keep on for both Keb and Guy) Sticks & Fingers - Baby Doll - Flash
The Fugitives - I Love You More Than Anything - Path
The Embers - Where Did I Go Wrong - Atlantic
Big Frank And The Essence - I Won’t Let Her See Me Cry - Blue Rock
(Big Joe’s Ivory Brass - She Won’t See Me)
Blenders - Your Love Has Got Me Down - Mar-V-Lus
Sam Anderson & The Telstars - Standing At The Edge Of The Sea - Deck/King