Pat Brady: Somebody New

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Stafford (16 of 26)

So far I’ve covered all the major DJ’s at Stafford except one, Pat Brady. Time to address that I think. Pat was already an established DJ by the time Dave Thorley got involved at Stafford and Pat was already DJing at Top Of The World for Keith prior to the Top Dog Soul Club taking over. He was also a former Wigan and Leeds Central DJ as well as a Clifton Hall resident, some pedigree don’t you think?

Although Pat’s output at Stafford on the face of it might not have been as prolific as some of the other DJ’s, Guy and Keb in particular, the quality of what Pat played was right up there in my opinion. He played some absolute monster records back then which brave remained rot this day every bit as big and in demand on the Northern Soul scene and some of them still extremely rare. Although I knew Pat played modern as well as the 60’s I didn’t realise until compiling these podcasts just how much modern Pat did play. And of course Stafford along with the likes of Clifton hall was open minded enough to allow the DJ’s to play modern and in some cases new releases alongside the 60’s.

Pat probably doesn’t get the same recognition as say Keb and Guy who are when people are asked about Stafford are often the first two names that some think of, but Pat was every bit as influential with some of the biggest records ever played on the scene. He certainly had a huge influence on me throughout the mid to late 80’s and into the 90’s with what he played and recording this podcast and compiling the other to come certainly reminded me why. One of his post Stafford spins, Sir Caesar on Ride was the first record I paid a three figure sum for. Anyway sit back and enjoy this selection of some of Pat’s finest from Stafford, or at least I hope you enjoy!

Junior McCants - Try Me For Your New Love - King
(Little Carl Carlton - Hey Girl We Are In Love)
Danny Moore - Somebody New - Allrite
(Leon Washington & Paris - You Found Someone New)
Herbert Hunter - Happy Go Lucky - Spar
Out Of Sights - My Woman's Love - Saru
(Clyde McPhatter - She Tried So Hard)
Hytones - You Don't Even Know My Name - Southern Arts/Bell
(Lee Otis Valentine & The Lost Souls - I Love You Just The Same)
Esther Grant - Let's Make The Most Out Of Love - Wilstone
(Pat Lewis - State Of Mind)
Barbara Carr - Messing With My Mind - Bar-Car
Vernon Garrett - I'm At the Crossroads - Ica
Roscoe Shelton - You're Still The One - T-Jaye
Lee Bates - Overnight Sensation - Magnolia
Brilliant Korners - Three Lonely Guys - Modern
Carl Henry Hall - Let Me Down Slowly - Mercury
(Howard Guyton - Don't Let Me Down)
Brooks Brothers - Looking For A Woman - Tay
(The Agents - I Can’t Take It)
Johnny Curtis - Born For You - Sumpter
(Marvin Stinton - Born A Fool)
James Carr - Lovers Competition - Goldwax
Timothy Wilson - (Hey Girl) Do You Love Me - Veep
Timmie Williams - Competition - Mala
Little John - Just Wait And See - GoGate
(Jimmie Raye - I'm The Only One. Played first by Pat before selling to Keb)
Gail Anderson - Be So Proud (You're In love) - Salvador
Nat Hall - Watch Yourself - Soul Boss
Little Charles - I Guess I'll Have To Take What's Left - Jewel
(Darrell Banks - Can't Get You Off My Mind)
Padded Cell - Mr Misery - Toddlin' Town
(Robbie Lawson)
Little John (The House Rocker) - Heartbreakin' Time - Martay
Johnny Curtis - The Soul Kind Of Love - Sumpter
(Brice Coefield)
Johnny Adams - Your Kind Of Love - Modern
Preston Peters - Got To Have Peace Of Mind - MM
(Eddie Jefferson - You Caused Me Heartches And Pain)
The Ovations - Won't You Call - Goldwax

The following photos courtesy of Gis Southworth.
On the coach to Glenrothes…..

Gilly and LindaPete Lawson on wat to Glenrothes

Part of the West Yorkshire mafia, Mick Howard, Ady Harley and Ozzie.

?, Dave Molloy, ?, Jacki Green, Brad
Carl Edmondson, Dave Molloy, Paul Franklin, Jacqui Green (Bicknell) and Brad

Billy and Stan (with short hair)
Billy and Stan

Dave Molloy & Rob Marriott
Dave Molloy and Rob Marriott

Keb and Gaz Kellett with Robs bolts
Keb and Gaz Kellett (with Rob’s bolts)

Shona and Penny
Shona & Penny

Barrie Wad, Matt Simpson Stan and Dave Ferguson
Looks like Stuart Raith’s eye? Barrie Waddington, Matt Simpson, Stan and Dave Ferguson chin stroking.

Clik, Dave Malloy, Dave Thorley, Dave 'His Imperial Dimness' Lawton Gilly  on decks
Clik, Dave Molloy, Dave Thorley and Dave “His Imperial Dimness” Lawton and Gilly on the decks.

Linda, Weasel, Tommo, Ady Harley (just)
Linda, weasel, Tommo, Ady harley just sneaking in with the cap, Ion in the records.

Guy Hennigan: The Handwriting On The Wall!

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Guy with Dean Anderson who seems to be choking himself! Thanks to Mick Howard for the photo.

Welcome to Guy’s 7th podcast. I’ve now featured almost 200 tracks as played by Guy at Stafford which for a two or three year period is quite a turnover especially considering nowadays it generally takes longer than that to break a record on this scene and DJ’s rotate their sets very little over a two or three year period. I think throughout the 80’s we were really spoilt for choice musically.

Vicky Styles - The Tears Won't Stop Falling - Odex
Ghetto Boys - The Handwriting On The Wall - Tarx
Chester Mayfield & The Casuals - Throw It Out Of My Mind - Game
(Case Of Tyme - Going Out)
Chester St. Anthony - Together - A&M
(Chester Fields)
Curtis King - So Nice While It Lasted - Columbia
Debbie Rollins - Who Cares What People Say - Ascot
Marion James - That's My Man - Excello
Jimmy Norman - You Crack Me Up - Little Star/Polo
Wilbur Reynolds - Tenderizer - CB
(Butch Baker & Mylestones - I've Only Got Myself To Blame)
Mike Varo - Watch Your Step - Unissued Acetate
Lee Bates - You Won't Do Right - Instant
Sonny Childe - Love Is In The Air - Music Factory
Monroe Taylor - Proud Guy - Chesapeake
Casinos - How Long Has It Been - Fraternity
Jimmy Norman - This I Beg Of You - Samar
Albert Jones - 15 Cent Love - Kapp
Joe King - Speak On Up - Prix
Soulful Two - Fi-Yi Dance - Pure Soul Music
Ann Heywood - Crook His Little Finger - Hondo
Crystals (featuring La La Brooks) - Are You Trying To Get Rid Of Me Baby - United Artists
(Honeybees - Do You Want My Love)
Donald Jenkins with Heart and Soul - Happy Days - Duchess
Earl Gaines - Is It Worth Anything - HBR
John Wesley & The Four Tees - Love Is Such A Funny thing - Melic
Ozz & His Spurlings - Somebody To Love - MIOB
(Franky Jones - Need Somebody To Love)
Master 4 - Love Has Taken Wings - Tayster
Barons - I Got A Feeling - Etah
(Taylor Brooks & The Emperors - Gonna Be Loved)
Benny C Oliver & The Mellow Men - Make It Now - Ojobco
(Ray Agee - If You're Ever Gonna Love Me)
Victoria Williams & J.D. Leadbetter - Show Some Sign - Verve
Tommy Collins - I Wanta Thank You - TNT/Verve
(Jesse Herring & The Tru-glos - Thank You)

One thing about this wonderful scene is it has or had more than it’s fair share of characters. Everywhere you turned there was another larger than life character and many with name instantly recognisable today even though they are no longer part of the scene or have sadly passed away. This podcast is dedicated to those widely known as the Preston Cybermen. A bunch from in or around Preston but also some honorary Cybermen.

Back row L:R - Larry, Teff, Colin, Billy, Bruce, Stewart Blackburn.
Front Row L:R - Click, Stu Raith, Stan, “Pilky” Gaz and Butch!
I believe Louis who according to Gaz would never be a Cyberman having been born wrong side
of Pennines and a Leeds supporter took the photo?

Billy Mercer ,Penny and Rob Marriott TOW Stafford Mid 80s
Billy Mercer, Penny the Preston Cyberwoman and Rob Marritott at TOTW.

Billy Mercer and Gaz TOW Stafford. Billy One Eye!!
Billy Mercer and the legend that is Gaz Kellett.

Billy Mercer, Stu and Rob Marriott TOW Stafford mid 80s
Billy Mercer, Stuart Raith and Rob Marriott at the TOTW

Stu Raith, Gis Southworth and Rob -TOTW Stafford mid 80s
Stu Raith, Gis Southworth and Rob at TOTW

Stuart Raith and Gaz Kellet TOTW Mid 80s
Stuart Raith and Gaz Kellet

Very Sweaty Stu.. Stan to the right..Eddie Parker and Lorraine Chandler night TOTW
Very Sweaty Stu.. Stan to the right..Eddie Parker and Lorraine Chandler night TOTW

Stafford Dancefloor Gaz Kellet
Gaz Kellett on the floor at Stafford.

Barrie Waddington, Stephen “Brad” Bradley, Jacqui Bicknell, Dave Molloy,
Gis Southworth and Pete Lawson.

I would love more photos if anyone has any. The more Staffor regulars on this site the better.

A few stories of the Cybermen…

“Crazy years but funny as F***. The journeys were the funniest - nighters consisted of Major record talk and other bollox, dancing with a bit of chaos added for good measure.
Gaz Kellet always wearing some kind of implement on his head from a saucepan to a WW1 Metal helmet that he use to call his drinking hat. He pinched my daughters toy pull along dog to go to Tonys in Blackburn once, and apparently looked after it all night - that dog met some crazy people! Gazs car splitting in 2 on the way to a nighter on the motorway! 
The photo Stuart posted of them outside the 100 club was followed by a 12 hour journey back to Preston - Bruce and Teff words when I saw them at Mickey Cruises funeral was "we booked the mini bus until Monday morning so decided to go for a drive round the country!"Of course thats what they wanted to do, Stuart and Billy Mercer nearly hijacked the bus and wanted to kill them. Arrived home at midnightish. Think they stopped at every services they could find from London to Preston causing mayhem, and a couple of dodgy places on the way. Bruce never answered the question why they went to Stamford and Leicester??
They had lot of honorary members like Dave Molloy, Rob Marriott,  Jock, Col Law, Shaun Pawsey just to mention a few.”


The story behind the Albanians cover up (thanks to Dave Rimmer and his wonderful site Soulful kinda Music for this….
In Guy's own words....." The Albanians ", wonderful story about how that came about, that's another one that came from George from Derby as did 'Out Of Sight Loving' as well. The Albanians came to be covered up basically when me, Tim, Claire obviously Margaret and a guy from Clitheroe and old mate of mine and his mate Sag, Brian and his mate cycled over to Corfu and we had arranged to meet (we were on holiday there) and on his way cycled through Benitsit you came to the little resort where me, Margaret Tim end Claire were. He was cycling through this town and who should he see wandering about in the middle of the road( I think as this story goes) with terrorist balaclavas on at about 3 o'clock on an extremely hot midsummer's afternoon in Corfu but Gaz Kellet under the influence, possibly of beer, I don't know, which he couldn't believe because he nearly knocked him over, then when Brian told us who he had seen we actually took off one day down that coast line to try and find out where they were stopping and we got to a place called Khyser Bridge which basically is a place which is over looking and 10 mile across the water from Albania and there behind a hedge just on the aide of the road jud off the coast on the sea line there, who should we see all creeping about kind of thing terrorist style, but some of the Preston Cybermen as they were later to be known, all wearing terrorist type balaclavas from some reason, (never got to the bottom of that) and some of them wearing foreign legion type headgear as well and they me all on holiday and after a day spent with them hence the cover up of the Albanians. Bernie Golding went there as well, Gordon from Preston, they were the lads on tour definitely.

Andy Dennison…
“I remember we'd stopped a services on the way back from Mexboro or Chesterfield and Gaz Kellet had a pair of kids sunglasses on...then proceeding to stuff buscuits between his eyes and the sunglasses, and telling us the need to be individual.....Jock was actually on the floor laughing so hard, but managed enough to say can you believe this guys is a bank manager....I literally wet myself!!”


“Bruce brining a cabbage to Allanton, putting it on the middle of the dance floor and dancing round it lol.. Preston Cyber Men were hilarious”

Now you don’t get entertainment like that in your local night club!!