Robin Salter: Freeway To Stafford!

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Modern Soul Masters

I hope you enjoyed the first set of Modern Soul that was amongst the playlist opt Robin’s over his tenure as a Stafford DJ. A second set is here for your listening pleasure featuring the very best of the then current Modern Soul monsters with the odd oldie thrown in for good measure. Most of this set, and many records from the period have remained very rare and in-demand or finding favour amongst those who missed out during this period.

Arnold McCuller - Freeway To Monterey - AVI
Prince Phillip Mitchell - In Her Own Way - Ichiban
Chuck Roberson - I've Got To Have Your Love - Bluesong
Longo Brothers - Coast To Coast - People City
Nina Simone - Touching And Caring - VIP LP
Frankie Gearing - Spinning Top - Beale Street
Tony Troutman - What's The Use - Jerri
Lou Ragland - What Should I Do? - SMH
James Govan - Uphill Climb - Envelope
Hugh Boyton - We're Gonna Make It - Soulpotion
Jimmy Burns - Can't Get Over - Dispo
Eugene Smiley & The Essence Of Love - Yes It's You - K-City
Sonic Explosion - We Belong Together - Big Hit
Serenade - When Love Is Gone - Out Front
Joe Simon - Love Look At Us Now - Posse
Luther - Don't Wanna Be A Fool - Cotillion
Winfield Parker - I Wanna Be With You - P&L
Willie C - I Just Can't Get Enough Of You - Hot Ass
Ultimates - Girl, I've Been Trying To Tell You - BrRoma
Satin - Your Loves Got Me - Shell

Robin Salter: Take Another Look


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Robin Salter
Robin today, still got the bug!!

With the 60’s Mafia revitalising the 60’s scene, Modern Soul wasn’t forgotten about. Dave Thorley was still featuring it during his across the board sets but it was around the time Keb and Guy came on board, probably a little later, that Robin Salter was introduced to the Top Of The World crowd as one of the residents. The highly respected and much liked Robin featured some of the best of the modern oldies to many of his own discoveries and other that were practically new releases, one of Stafford’s true innovators of soul music as Dave Thorley said.. A popular figure then and now and his records are still highly sought after, some with just a few known copies. Many are once again finding favour on today’s scene.

Here is a set of quality Modern Soul of the day, from his first ever Stafford play, Pro Fascination right through to one of my favourite records ever, the killer track from Frankie Sanders on Juana from 1981, probably the cheapest of the bunch. Hope you enjoy the selection.

Pro-Fascination - Try Love Again - MOT (Robin’s first record he played at TOTW)
Willie Johnson - What Am I Gonna Do Without Your Love -
Savannah Int.
Target - Give Me One More Chance - Kama
Larry Wedgeworth & Clique - No More Games - Groovehall Records (Boston Celtics)
Lifestyle - Trying To Make It Up To You - MCA
Terry Callier - I Don't Want To See Myself - Erect
Michael Prowtle - What You're Looking For Is Here - Castle
Mind And Matter - Under Your Spell - M&M
The Bitter And The Sweet - I Won't Have Any Babies For You - The Anything, Everything Records
Prophecy - Rain In My Life - All Platinum
Allan Harris & Perpetual Motion - Get Ready - Exact Change
Frederick - Move On - Heat
Oscar Perry - Just What You Ordered - New Horizon
Dysons Faces & Hard Times - Welcome To All This Love Again - DDR LP
Sammy Gaha - Thank You, Thank You - Right On
Sir Henry Ivy - He Left You Standing There - Future Dimension
Charisma Band - Ain't Nothing Like Your Love - Buddah
Florence Trapp - Love Came Into My Life - You And I
Frankie Sanders - Take Another Love - Juana

Keb Darge: The Guessing Game

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Stafford (4 of 26)

Keb October 1985 at Stafford. Photo courtesy of Neil Salter.

Welcome to the second podcast of Keb Darge’s Stafford output. From the list below and from listening it is apparent why and how Keb established himself as one of the best DJ’s of the 80’s Northern Soul Scene. Alongside Guy they came to the rescue of the 60’s Northern Soul Scene with a commitment to play new discoveries. 45’s wouldn’t last too long even if they were fantastic, if they got little reaction they were soon dropped and I believe in one or two cases thrown from the decks!! It all added up to a vibrant resurgent rare Soul Scene….even if numbers were down at times, the music was right back up there.

You will also see from the last three podcasts (two from Guy and one previous one from Keb) that Beat Ballads were starting to make a name for themselves. Although they have always been around the scene it was around this time that they took centre stage, especially from Keb and Guy. Having said that in the grand scheme of things there wasn’t really that many although as soon s Stafford is mentioned people automatically think Beat Ballads!

If it was good enough and had SOUL it was played!!

Arthur Alexander - Keep Her Guessing - Dot
(Johnny Honeycutt - The Guessing Game)
Andy Fisher - A Wee Bit Longer - Fat Fish
(Earl Jackson - Just a Little Longer)
Joan Baker - Everybody's Talking - Diamond
(Betty Lavette & The Big Wheels) ("A F*cking Monster" as keb describes it on a "live" tape I have)
Sebastian Williams - Hometown Boy - Sound Of Soul
(Lester Tipton - I'm Gonna Stay)
Marsh Gee - Peanut Duck - Virtue Acetate
Atlantics - Baby I Need You - Marquee
Hayes Cotton - Black Wings Have My Angel - Resist
(Lou Pride)
Preston Peters - You Can't Measure Love - M&M Enterprises
(Saxie Russell - Dirty Hearts)
Vince Apollo - I Bear Witness - Pentagon
(Danny Williams - I Love You Baby)
Soul Brothers - Keep It up - Blue Cat
Ray Marchand - Ship Of Fools - Dore
Turbines - We Got To Start Over - Cenco
(Temptones - Starting Over)
Cairos - Don't Fight It - Shrine
(Al Williams & Masquerades - You Can't Win)
Jimmy Wonderful - Tonight - Blue Star
(Covered as Brad Lundy and then played for a second time in the same night a few records later and Keb changed his mind and covered it as Hector Rivera!)
Billy Storm - Please Don't Mention Her Name - HBR
(Gene McDaniels - Please Don't Mention Her Name)
Enjoyables - Shame - Shrine
Colt 45's - Lady Lady - Jerry
Joe Frazier - The Bigger They Come (The Harder They Fall) - Cloverlay
Trent Sisters - A Letter A Day - GoGate
Wesley Paige - Trapped - 635
Jewel Akens - I've Arrived - Era
Larry "Chubby" Reynolds - Sweet Tooth - Tri-Spin
Cash McCall - You Ain't To Cool - Thomas
Freda Payne - Easy Street -
J.E. Morgan - By My Side - Theoda
(Four Voices - By My Side)
Maxine Brown - Torture - Unissued
(Jackie Day)
Melba Moore - Magic Touch - Unissued
(Mary Love)
Candy & The Kisses - Tonight's The Night - Unissued
Moments - Baby I Want You - Hog
(First played from an uncredited Edgeware acetate. The Group remained unknown until around 1990 when the first Hog 45 turned up.)
Charles Mann - Hey Little Girl - Lanor
(Tangeers - You're On My Mind)
Freddie Houston - If I Had Known - Old Town
(Herb Ward - I Wouldn’t Have Gone)
Andy Fisher - Heart's Beating Stronger - Fat Fish
(Earl Jackson - Heart Beating Stronger)