Robin Salter: Where You Gonna Be Tonight

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Smog, Robin, Donny and Lowey at TOTW

Smog, Robin, Donny & Lowey at TOTW

A bumper podcast from Modern Soul main man Robin Salter. This just about winds up what I have for Robin and his contribution to the Stafford Story. There will be more, some modern “oldies” I haven’t included, some other spins already included on other Dj’s podcasts and some that are simply forgotten about at this stage. Anymore that get remembered will be included later at some point.

I have really enjoyed recording the podcasts of Robins, many of the tracks simply forgotten and ignored today due to the current state of the scene even though many stand the test of time, some do find there way on to certain DJ’s playlists though! Anyway I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did.

Jeffrey Osborne - I Really Don't Need No Light - A&M
Rose Royce - Best Love - Epic
Oliver Cheatham - Bless The Ladies - Mca
Willie Collins - Where You Gonna Be Tonight - Capitol
Smooth & Co - Half Stepping - UK Move
Lonnie Hill - Cold Winter In The Ghetto - Urban Sound
The Mad Lads - You Blew It - Champion
Bridge - Baby Don't Hold Your Love Back - Atlantic
Gerald Mallory - Lay It Down On Me - Prelude
John Simmons - Ain't Nothing Like The Love - Sabina
Marc Sadane - One Minute From Love - W.Bros
Booker Newberry III - Love Town - Boardwalk
Theresa Davis & Jerry Butler - I Can't Stop Lovin' You Either - DJ
Gangs Back - You Got What It Takes - Handshake
Dunn & Bruce Street - Shout For Joy - Devaki
The Dealers - Don't Keep Me Waiting - CBS
Jerome Jones - Don't Change - Jham For Life
Geater - Breathtaking Girl - House Of Orange
Lonnie Robinson - Sunshine Baby - Sunshine Movement
The Creators - I can't Believe It's True - Coconut
Brothers Gilmore - I Feel A Song - Bantu
Three Shades Of Soul - Being In Love - Enjoy
Brothers By Choice - Girl I Need You Too - Ala
Jessie Butler - Getting' ready For The Get Down - Bound Sound
Entertainers - I'm In Love With You - HMC
George McCrae - Take It All Off - Soul City
Hugh Boynton - We're Gonna Make It - Soul-Po-Tion
Bill - Space Lady - Dollar Bill
Aretha Franklin - Whole Lot Of Me - Arista

Robin Salter: Slippin' Dippin'

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More Modern Soul memories from the Top Of The World And Robin Salter. Again a great selection and forgot how good some of these sound, The Aristocrats for instance. Hope you enjoy listening as much as I did compiling.

Front Row - Wanting You - TBC
Aristocrats - IP Slippin' Dippin' - Warner Brothers
Brothers Gilmore - I Feel A Song - Bantu
Starpoint - Wanting You - Chocolate City
Family Circle - I Hope You Really Love Me - Sky Disc
Buddy Ace - It's All For You - Teardrop
Troy Johnson - I Want You - Soul Beat
WQBC - Love Me Anyway - Thunderbay
Willie Darrington - Never Should Have Walked Away - RAV
Beloyd - Get Into My Life - 20th Century
Bobby Thurston - Just Ask Me - Mainstream
Mixed Emotions - Gold Of My Life - Rock Way
Clarence Carter - Messin' With My Mind - Ichiban
Perfections - Can This Be Real - Calgar
Philharmonics - I Need, I Need Your Love - Soulin'
Towana & The Total Destruction - Wear Your Natural, baby - Romark