Keb Darge: You Better Watch Out

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Photo courtesy of Gr0uch0 (flickr)

I've already featured two podcasts from Guy, one of the 6t's Mafia, another member of the 6t’s mafia and just as influential was Keb Darge.

Keb and Guy were very good friends and shared the same vision as to what the music should be at an all-nighter. They considered themselves rivals but in a good way, and agreed between them to push the boundaries and predominately feature new discoveries in their sets.

This was fantastic as it meant you was hearing new records on a practically weekly basis but it did have its downfalls. If you missed a set you often missed a record because more often than not if they didn't appeal almost instantly they were dropped for something else, you also had the regular turn around of records even if they did work.

Many though have gone on to be classic Northern Soul and are still sought after by collectors and featured frequently by DJ's.

Many of those who left the scene after Wigan shut and returned in the mid 90's say they don't like what was played at Stafford but in reality they really don't know what was played there and don't even realise that a good size of the records featured today were first introduced to the scene at Stafford an d like minded venues in the 80's.

Anyway on with the music. This podcast (and the one to follow when time allows) are made up mainly of what Keb was playing in his sets during 1985.

There are plenty more to follow for both Keb and Guy so keep checking the site.

Dorothy Berry - You Better Watch Out - Planetary
Art Falls - I Want YoU Baby - Nautilus
(another Keb covered up and used two different cover up names. Jimmy Jackson or Bill Hambric - Got To Have You Baby)
Don & Juan - Heartbreaking Truth - Mala
(Jack Montgomery - I Always Will)
Atlantics - What's So Good About Goodbye? - Marquee
Peggy Woods - Love Is Gonna Get You - Unissued
The Changing Scene - When The City Sleeps - Jo-Vee-Jo
Little Charles & The Sidewinders - Talking 'Bout You Babe - Decca
(Danny Woods - I'm Talkin' To You)
Danny Harrison - Girl, Girl, Girl - Coral
(Jesse Davis - Girl)
Phonetics - Pretty Girl - Trudel
Vince Carey - Don't Worry - Turntable
(Gerald Simms - I Belong To You)
H.B. Barnum - It Hurts To Much To Cry - RCA
(George Kennedy - It Hurts Too Much)
Jimmy Seals - The Yesterday Of Our Love - Challenge
(The Moving Parts)
Willie Harper - But I Couldn't - Alon
(Ammbassadors - Trying)
J.D. Abram - Doctor Of Love - Reena
Tommy Turner - Lazy - Elbam
Kenny Shepherd - What Difference Does It Make - Maxx
Joe Phillips - I Just Can't Help Thinking About You - Omen
Gwen Davis - My Man Don't Think I Know - SS7
(Betty Turner)
Tami Lynn - You My Love - Atco (French E.P.)
Ruby Rowe - We Love Each Other - Resist
Royal Five - My Baby Just Cares For You - Tyler
(Fenways - Open Your Eyes I'll Be There)
Freddie Scott - Mr Heartache - Columbia
Rufus Wonder - Under The Moon - Lendo/Lando
Gwen Davis - I Can't Be Your Part Time Baby - SS7
(Betty Turner)
Joyce Davis - Hello Heartaches, Goodbye Love - Okeh
Four Arts - Who Do You Think You Are - Shee
Headlines - He's Looking Fort A Love - Luau
(Brooks Brothers - I'm Still looking)
The Changing Scene - You Can't Destroy My Love - Jo-Vee-Jo
(Steve Mancha)
Jimmy Armstrong - Mystery - Shrine
Little John - Just Wait And See - GoGate
(Jimmy Raye - I'm The Only One (briefly played by Pat Brady but it was that good Keb had to have it)
Turbines - What More Can I Say - Cenco