Guy Hennigan: King For A Day

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Dean Anderson & Guy Hennigan (photo courtesy of Mick Howard)

Two podcasts in two days…Christmas has come early. Another selection from the maestro that is Guy Hennigan. A mixture of the unissued Detroit instrumentals he had around the mid 80’s, beat ballads and some cracking 60’s dancers. Look out for Guy’s famed cover up titles, they were a source of entertainment in themselves. The photos of some characters from the time are courtesy of one of the nicest blokes you could wish to meet Dave Molloy.

I’d just like to thank everyone for taking the time to listen to these podcasts and I hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as I have enjoyed making them. Plenty more to come in 2013…hopefully another one or two in 2012 whilst I am on holiday.

Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you and all the best for 2013.

1. Fantasions - G.I. Joe We Love You - Thomas
2. Keith Curtiss - I Gotta Keep You baby - Smoke
(Ernest Blackwell" - "Keep Your Baby)
3. Stewart Ames - King For A Day - J&W
(Whit Williams)
4. Romeos - Mon Petite Chow- Loma
(Thaddeus Crawford & The Fi-Yi Band)
5. Willie Small - How High can YoU fly - Jessica
(Spencer Jones - How High)
6. Lebaron Taylor & The Revilot Strings - In The Pocket - Unissued
7. Susan Rewis - they Say You Found A New Baby - Columbia
(Denita James & The Wildside - All The Hurt And You)
8. Edward St Ann - More Luck To You Baby - USA
(Tony Michaels" - "Good Luck To You)
9. Jay T - The Road Ahead - Bel-Ad
10. Elsie Strong - You Cut The Love Line - Empire
11. Stewart Ames - Angelina Oh Angelina - J&W
(Clay McMurray & The Brothers Just - Angelina)
12. Richard Moorhead - Don't Try To Use Me - Aura
13. Outsiders - We Ain't Gonna Make It - Capitol
14. Faye Crawford - What Have I Done Wrong - RCA
(June Edwards - Come On And Tell Me)
15. Matt Brown - Sweet Thing - Jar Val
(Curtis Harrington - Such A Sweet Thing)
16. Motor City Sound - Shake Me Break Me - Unissued
(Motown Brass)
17. Ad Libs - Johnny My Boy - Blue Cat
(Magnetics Maybe Maybe)
18. Decrescendos - One Of The Crowd - Prism
19. The Blockbusters - Muddy Pt 2 - Rockin
(Lord Thunder)
20.The Stunners - Nobody But Me - Renfro
21. The Tribulations - You Gave Me Up For Promises - Liberty
22.Billy Lee Riley - Happy Man - Atco
(Otis Brown - Down The Road)
23. Ollie McLaughlin Band - Don't Say Maybe Baby - Unissued
24. Betty Willis - Gone With The Wind (Is My Love) - Mojo
25. Spidells - Pushed Out Of The Picture - Coral
(James & The Four Souls)
26.The Stunners - Without You - Renfro
27. The Motor City Runners - Watch Your Step - Unissued Jobette Recording
28.Righteous Brothers - It's Up To You - Verve Souled Out LP
(Jack Montgomery & The Believers)
29. Jimmy Norman - I'm Leaving - Mercury
(Robert Ward & The Ohio Untouchables - Ain't Got Nothing To Lose)
30. Joey Gee - It's More Than I Deserve - ABC Paramount
(Don Adams - I'm Glad You Gave Me One More Chance)

Guy Hennigan: "Wait For The Beat"

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Guy at Allanton in the 80’s (thanks to Mick Howard)

This set has been one of my favourite to record. Just about every track has “Stafford” written all over them. There was a period in the mid 80’s when Guy was just about untouchable as a DJ and it is clear to see why when you look at this set and the three previous podcast before it. Guy was well known for his instrumentals and here we get to hear the crop of unissued Detroit material he had in the mid 80’s. Michigan Move and Backstreet probably the two best known of the lot. Hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I did recording it.

1. George Jackson - Tossin' And Turnin' - Mercury
(Rockin' Ritchie Adams)
2. Vidalia - True True Lover - Abtone Acetate
(Robert Bateman)
3. Jaggerz - No Time For You - Unissued Acetate
(Phil Terrell - Long Time Girl or No Time)
4. Van McCoy - Hold On Help Is On The Way - Friends LP
5. Chuck Carter - He's A Lover - Unissued Brunswick Recording
6. Eric & The Vikings - Hurting - Unissued
7. Detroit Rhythm Section - Saving My Loving For My Baby - Unissued
(Ollie McLoughlin Band)
8. Clyde McPhatter - Lonely People Can't Afford To Cry - Amy
(Ernie Andrews - Neither WIll I)
9. Mel Hueston - Searching - Cez Vista
(Steve Mancha)
10. Phrentics Band - Michigan Move - Unissued Washpan Recording
11. Detroit Rhythm Section - Back Street - Unissued Ric Tic
12. Margie Hendrix - One Room Paradise - Mercury
(Geraldine Jones & The Floorshakers - That's All I Need)
13. Gerri Diamond - Only You (Can Feel The Loss) - Counterpart
(Cindy Scott)
14. Van McCoy - Ain't Got No Love - Friends LP
(Chris Bartley)
15. Bobby Whitlock - And I Love You - HIP
(Art Gentry & The Intros - YoU got What it Takes And I Want It)
16. Mark III - Should I Believe You - Stop
17. Maurice Williams - Don't Be Half Safe - Deesu
18. Finley Brown - Like I Love You - M.O.C.
(Danny Wagner)
19. Anita Humes & The Essex - What Did I Do - Roulette
(Brenda Lee Jones - Why Make Me Suffer)
20. Soul Joe Clements - Ever Ever - Plexium
21. Troy Dodds - Try My love - El Camino
22. Sonny Daye - Long Long Road To Happiness - Power
(Frank Wilson)
23. Contessa - I Need Your Love - Laz Bar
24. Judy Clay - Upset My Heart - (Got Me So Upset) - Unissued Scepter
25. Orthea Barnes - Picture On The Wall - Mickays
(Barbara Mercer - Nothing At All)
26. Bunny Sigler - For Crying Out Loud - Decca
(Lee Valentine & The Bluesmen - Crying Clown)
27. James Kelly Duhon - In School - Jude
(Jimmy "Peaches" Johnson - Monday To Friday)
28. Z.Z. Hill - What More - Kent
29. June Conquest - Almost Persuaded - Fame
(Laura Greene)

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Guy Hennigan: Gettin' T'Gether, Man

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Stafford (24 of 26)

Guy Hennigan, the other major player in the 6t’s Mafia alongside Keb returns with a third podcast of 45’s he played at Stafford. Quite an eclectic mix, Some are stone Stafford classics that are massive still to this day, Tommy Navarro for instance. Others remain a popular talking point and spilt opinions such as Twelve 76. Others remain pretty much unknown to may who missed out on the 80’s and some deserver reactivation from the more adventurous DJ’s who unlike many do the same as many others, wouldn’t have happened in the 80’s where every DJ had his own identity and strived to find the next “newie”. Amongst this mix you will come across some Guy’s imaginative cover up names, they always brought a smile to many and more often than not there was a clue in the name and title. Enjoy.

The Classitors - Gettin' T'Gether, Man - Black & Blue
(Maskmen - Agents Beat)
Twelve 76 - The Way You Make Me Feel - Critique
Terri Goodnight - They Didn't Know - Phelectron
Sylvia St Clair - Just Love Me - Brunswick
(Patti Austin - Come Back To Me)
Scotty Williams - Fear - Mona Lee
(Robert Walker & Soul Strings - Losing You)
Jesse Slaughter - I Had A Dream - Les Stan
(Otis Valentine - You're Loving Somebody New)
Emory & The Dynamics - Let's Take A Look At Our Life - Peachtree
(Marvin & The Main Men - Take A Look)
Vernon Harrell & Little Gigi - Baby Don'tcha Worry - Decca
(Prince & Princess)
Wilbur Reynolds & The Masters - Sweete'n - Resist
Walter B & The Untouchables - I Can't Stop Loving You - Apollo
TSU Tornados - Only Inside - Ovide
(Dellacardos - Girl, I Need You)
Freddie Williams - Things Are Looking Better - Hollywood
Tommy Navarro - I Cried My Life Away - De Jac
(Tony Gallo & The Showmen - Cry Cry Everynight)
Phonetics - Don't Let Love Get You Down - Trudel
(Willie Hutch)
Blendells - Did You Mean - Dontee
Cleveland Robinson - Work Song - Nosnibor
No No Starr - Swing Your Love My Way - Midas
(Lena & Deltanettes)
Ketty Lester - Love Me - Tower LP "When A Woman Loves A Man"
(Melba Marshall)
Romance Watson - Where Does That Leave Me - Coral
(Henry Jerome - In Your Eyes)
Kenard - What Did You Gain - Dore
Little Stanley - Out Of Sight Loving - Vance
(Earl Harrison)
Little Tony & The Hawks - Give Me Your Sweet Love - Etah
(Little Darrow Fletcher - An Angel Up Above)
Lloyd & Glen - What You Got - Wirl
(Maurice Simon & The Piemen)
Masquaders - That's The Same Thing - Soultown
Louis Younger - Night Chick - Spectrum
(Billy Sha-rae - Night Time Woman)
Bee Gee Stans of Detroit - Front Page Love - Tal-Vert)
(Bettye Lavette - I'll Be Yours)
Ernest Sparks - I'll be Glad - Soul "O" Sonic
(Tate - Saving All My Loving Just For You)
Johnny Gilliam - Tell Your Friend It's Over - Cancer
(Clarence Andrews Band - I Can't Stand This Pain)
Chuck Hampton - No Sign Of Love - Royal Shield
(Arin Demain - I Can't See)
Jackey Beavers - Bring Me All Your Heartaches - Grandland
(Emanual Laskey - All Your Heartaches)

Keb Darge: You Shook Me Up

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Stafford (3 of 26)
Keb in 1985 at Stafford. Photo courtesy of Neil Salter.

Well I’m sorry for the wait, things have been hectic and quite a lot on but I’m back with another super instalment in the Stafford Story.

I’ve recently featured Robin Salter for three fantastic sets off Modern Soul but the its Mafia are getting restless and not wishing to end up sleeping with the fishes I though it better to hit back with a fantastic set of tracks from the legendary Keb Darge. one listen to this, and the previous two podcasts, and you realise why Keb, along side Guy twas the business back in the mid 80’s and pretty much untouchable for a period of time in the amount and the quality of 60’s “Newies” they discovered and turned over. Sit back and enjoy.

Soul Set - Will You Ever Learn - Bi Me
Freddie Houston - Soft Walking - Toto
(Ray Pollard - We’re On Our Way)
Roy Hamilton - You Shook Me Up - RCA
(Milt Grayson - You Turn Me Around)
Tommy Hunt - Pretty Part Of You - Unissued
June Jackson - You're Welcome - Musette
(Eddie Lyons)
Shirley Edwards - Dream My Heart - Shrine
(Rita & Tiaras - Dream)
James Dockery - My Faith In You is All Gone - Soul Craft
King George - So Long Johnny - RCA
(Syng McGowen - Wartime Breakdown)
Phonetics - Don't Let Love Get You Down - Trudel
Cairos - Stop Overlooking Me - Shrine
King George & TIMP's - I'm Thru Losin' You - Midtown
(Chessmen - Baby We're Through)
Barbara Christian - Not Like You Boy - Brownie
Tammy Levon - Clothes Don't Make A Man - Nation
Ellie Greenwich - Baby - Red Bird
(Ronnie & Robyn - The Reason Why)
King George - Ah Huh - RCA
(Syng McGowen - Gonna Put You Down)
Lee McKinney & Magnetics - I'll Keep Holding On - Sable
Tony Mason - Take Good Care - RCA
Marty Thompson - Whirlpool - Sir Ben
Barry White & The Atlantics - Tracy (All I Have Is You) - Faro
Sherli Allen - Think It over - X-Tra
(Lady G)
Betty Lou And Bobby Adams - Dr. Truelove - Trax
Audrey Slo - Gonna Find The Right Boy (Instrumental) - Swan
Tammy Levon - It Takes Two - Nation
Gladys Knight & Pips - Stop And Get A Hold Of Yourself - Maxx
(Ruby Stackhouse)
Clydie King - My Love Grows Deeper - Imperial
The Trends - Not Too Old To Cry - ABC Paramount
(Soul Set)
Jerry And His Uniques - Yes He Will - Lennan
(Detroit Soul Bandits - Don't Break My Heart)
Ravins - Where Is Love - Ravin
Universals - Diamonds & Pearls - Cooking
Anthony & The Aqualads - I Remember - Aqua
Bernard Smith & The Jokers Wild - Gotta Be A Reason - Groove