Jimmy Wensiora: Everybody's Talking


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Steve Phyllis, Jimmy Wensiora, Keb & George Sharp (© George Sharp)
Steve Phyliss, Jimmy Wensiora, Keb And George Sharp @ Stafford

Been a while since last podcast, this time I feature another of the unsung heroes in my opinion. Jimmy not always getting the respect and credit he deserves. One thing for sure was Jimmy had some monster records back then, some of the rarest and most expensive. When he sold up around 87/88 Keb and Rob Marriott bought many of his biggies and it kept them going for a year or two for their playlists at the time.

Compiling Jimmy’s podcast wasn’t easy as it appeared not many could remember exactly what he played at Stafford, however a playlist was produced from Rock City from around that time and with other records we knew for sure he played we have a healthy list of tracks to compile the podcast. One or two I couldn’t source sound files or find out what they were, Baby Washington "Let It Be Me” (cover up I presume) and Vince And Connie "I Bear Witness” (one off acetate) being two.

Charmianes - Standing In The Need Of Love - April & Blackwood Acetate
Joan Baker - Everybody’s Talking - Diamond
(Bettye LaVette)
Bernard Williams & The Original Bluenotes - Tears Tell The Whole Sad Story - Virtue Acetate.
Re-Vells - I Want A New Love - Trent Town
Ty Karim - You Really Made It Good To Me - Romark
Tina Roberts - One Way Or The Other - Security
(Honey & The Bees)
Admirations - You Left Me - Peaches
Richard Anthony - Keep On Living On - Virtue
Jimmy Armstrong - Mystery - Shrine
James Wesley Smith - Talkin’ About Women - Angel Town
Cheques - Deeper - Heatwave
Van McCoy - Sing Yeah Sing - Unissued Studio Acetate
Boss Four - Walking By - RIM
(The Fascinators - Just Wakin By)
George Lemons - Fascinating Girl - Gold Soul
Janeen Henry - Baby Boy - Blue Rock
Mary Hunt - I Want To Love And Be Loved - Soul Mate
(Alice Clark)
Benny Harper - My Prayer - Harper Soul
Out Of Sights - For The Rest Of My Life - Saru
(Sammy Campbell - My Baby She's Gone)
Ralph Graham - She Just Sits There - Upfront
(Monster bit later for Colin Law covered up very briefly Tommy Navarro
as James Conwell)
Dynamic Three - She Said Yeah - Del Val
Magnetics - Count The Days - Sable
Del- Chontays - Baby I Love You - Steeltown
Debonaires - Come Back Baby - SouL Click
Speedlimit - Can’t Say No - Cutlass Acetate
Citations - (To Win The Race) Keep The Faith - Ballad
(Magnificent Men)
Soulettes - Bring Your Fine Self Home - Scope
Romona Collins - You’ve Been Cheating - Clark’s
Flairs - You Got To Steal It - RAP
Two Plus Two - Love Will Conquer All - Ditto
Gracie Dumas - Song Of A Woman - El Dorado Acetate/J-Gems
Betty Wilson - I’m Yours - Dayco
Chico Lamarr - What Do You Think I Am - Fuller
Eric Mercury - Lonely Girl - SAC
Jesse Davis - Gonna Hang On In There Girl - Era
J.D. Bryant - I Won’t Be Coming Back - Shrine