Adam Buchanan: Heaven In The Afternoon

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The third (and for now) final podcast of Adam’s 80’s plays.

If I don’t say so myself a great collection of Modern Soul from the Stafford era.

Lew Kirton - Heaven In The Afternoon - Alston
Jackie Moore - Heart Be Still - Kayvette
Masterplan - Dance All Night - Amani
J. Blackfoot - Where is Love - Sound Town
Gary Glenn - Gonna Give You All My Love - PPL
Luther Vandross - I Wanted Your Love - Epic
Steve Arrington - Feel So Real - Atlantic
Kashif - Rumours - Arista
James Cobbin & Prime Cut - Caught In The Middle - Tuckwood
The Flakes - No One (Can Love You Like I Do) - Magic Disc/Salsoul
Donn Thomas - How Can I Help But Love You - Myrrh
Leon Ware - What's Your Name - Fabulous Records Inc
Lenny Williams - Messing, With My Friend - MCA
Marva Hicks - Looking Over My Shoulder - Infinity
Black Ivory - You Are My Lover - Panoramic
Laura Lee - Your Song - Fantasy

Karen & Adam
Karen ? (From Boston) and Adam

? Adam and Pete Robinson

Figgy (From Boston), Adam and Pete Robinson?

Adam Buchanan: No Tricks

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The second set of tracks from Adam featuring some great modern tracks from the day.

Chuck Jackson - No Tricks - EMI
Atlantic Starr - Cirlces - A&M
Bronner Brothers - Pretty Boys - Neighbor
Bobby Thurston - The Very Last Drop - Epic
Demetri - Got To Be Real - Stand By
Charles Veal - new Found Love - Capitol
Loveman Ronnie Stokes - Touch You Again - Philly Town
Lifestyle - Katrina - MCA
E.J. Rice - Will You Be Coming Back - Platinum Records
Alfie Davison - Love Is A Serious Business - Mercury (12”)
Bobby Womack - Home Is Where The Heart Is - Columbia
Gwen McCrae - Keep The Fire Burning - Atlantic
Chuck Jackson - Waiting In Vain - EMI
Sweet Cream - Flyin' High - Shady Brook
Ramsey Lewis & Nancy Wilson - Closer Than Close - CBS
Four Tracks - Charade - Note
Goldie Alexander - Go Back - Chaz Ro

Stafford’s Top Of The World in the 60’s!


Fish, Stafford regular Mark Randle and two of Staffords finest, Robin Salter and Adam. Thanks to Mark for the photo.

Adam Buchanan: Easy life

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We now turn the attention on to Adam Buchanan, or simply Adam. Very much in favour of progression and championed the Modern side of the Soul Scene. Adam was a popular DJ at the time, still is to this day although he has practically hung up the slip mats as I type. A great taste in music and knew how to work the floor Adam DJ’ed at all the big all-nighters of the day and as well as Top Dog Soul Club at Stafford he was resident for the Central England Soul Club at venues such as Nottingham Oddfellows in Leicester.

Woody and Adam

Woody and Adam.

James Walsh Gypsy Band - Cuz It's You Girl - RCA
Jim Mancel - Easy Life - People City Music
Annis - Don't Play Games - GTO
Moody Scott - My lovely Lady - Straight Ahead Records
Flight - Playing Your Games - SGA
Natural Four - I Thought You Were Mine - ABC Paramount
Admirations - You Left Me - Peaches
Soulville Allstars - I'm Gonna Get To You - Soulville
L. Allen - Can't We Talk It Over - Green Dolphin
Constellations - I Don't Know How To - Gemini Star
Bill Harris - Am I Hot Am I Cold - RCA
Betty Wright - Give A Smile - Epic
Harold Melvin - Prayin' - Source
Leroy Burgess - Heartbreaker - Salsoul
Mandrill - My Kind Of Girl (My Girl) - Arista
WQBC - Love Me Anyway - Thunderbay
Pretenders - Just Be Yourself - Carnival
Timeless Legend - I Was Born To Love You - Bright Light
Swiss Movement - I Wish Our Love Would Last Forever - Gold Records

Ady Pountain: I'm In With The Downtown Crowd.

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It has been a while since the last podcast, I’ve been busy chasing the DJ’s for what they played for future podcasts. I’m pleased to say that I managed to corner Ady and with his and others help I’ve managed to put together 31 tracks that Ady played in the early days of Stafford.

Ady a favourite DJ of mine and always look forward to hearing his sets, he has great taste and always has a few pleasant surprises in his sets.

Ady was one of the Yate DJ’s and one of the original Stafford DJ’s, he helped Dave secure the deal for the use of the Top Of The World Club for the all-nighters. As you can see from the playlist there is a mixture of late Yate spins, some that were considered oldies maybe although they’d only been played for a year or two at places like Wigan and some Stafford “newies”.

It is as you will see across the board as we would expect at Stafford and there is just shy of one and a half hours music for your listening pleasure.

Ady also had a full set of the Unissued Motown that appeared in the early 80’s but as I’ve included many in the podcasts of Dave Withers I didn’t use any for Ady’s podcasts. I’m also planning to do a podcast featuring just the unreleased Motown so keep an eye out for that one (or two).

  • Allan Sisters - I'm In With The Downtown Crowd - Quality
  • Soulettes - Bring Your Fine Self Home - Scope
  • Norma Jenkins & The Dolls - The Airplane Song - Maltese
  • Inticers - Since You Left - Baby Luv
  • Inspirations - No One Can Take Your Place - Midas
  • Detroit Soul - All Of My Life - Music Town
  • The Group featuring Cecil Washington - I Don't Like To Lose - Prophonics
  • Eddie Parker - I Love You Baby - Ashford
  • Chuck Holiday - Just Can't Trust Nobody - Gloria
  • Major IV - I Don't Believe In Losing - Venture
  • Charles Johnson - Never Had A Love So Good - Alston
  • Alfie Davison - Love Is A Serious Business - Mercury 12"
  • GQ - Make My Dream A Reality - Arista
  • Felix Cavaliere - Never Felt Love Before - Bearsville
  • Ed Summers - I Can tell - Soya
  • Dee Dee Sharp - Happy Bout The Whole Thing - TSOP
  • Patterson Twins - Gonna Find A True Love - Commercial
  • Solid Gold Revue featuring Roy Crumley - She's So Good - Castanet
  • Eldridge Holmes - Gone Gone Gone - Deesu
  • The Larks - Come Back Baby - Money
  • The Ascots - Another Day - MirADon
  • Gene Chandler - I Hate To be The One To Say - Constellation
  • Matt lucas - You Better Go Go - Karen
  • Nomads - Somethings Bad - Mo Groove
  • Smokey Robinson - I Care About Detroit - Standard Groove/Tamla
  • Margie Joseph - One More Chance - Volt
  • Jimmy Burns & The Fantastic Epics - You’re Gonna Miss Me (When I’m Gone) - Tip Top
  • Fabulous Apollos - The One Alone - Valtone
  • Willie Mallory - You Went Back (On What You Said) - Lanor
  • The Hytones - Bigger And Better - Abet
  • Chuck Holiday - I Still Love You - Gloria
  • Bobby Kline - Say Something Nice To Me - MB Records
  • Kenny Young - Ain't It Funny What Love Can Do - Share


Above: Ady (on the right)
Below: Stafford at the Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes gig.
Both photos courtesy of Ady. Flyer courtesy of Mark Randle.