Dave Thorley: The Beating Of My Lonely Heart


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Stafford (19 of 26)
Photo courtesy of Neil Salter.

32 years ago this month (April 1982) The Stafford all-nighters under the banner of the Top Dog Soul Club opened it’s doors. We celebrate that fact with the 50th podcast in the series that tell that story of the all-nighter through the music. I started these podcasts in 2011 and never for one minute thought I would be hear 50 podcasts later, I originally thought 10, maybe 15 but once I had started I couldn’t stop as I just got more and more information the more I delved into this period of history on the UK Northern Soul Scene. There has been some great, fantastic music, there has like any period in history of the scene some poor ones too but that just makes all the more interesting. I hope like me you have enjoyed this story so far. Stick with it though as there are still motte to come.

We celebrate the 50th podcast fittingly with none other than it’s driving force behind the night Dave Thorley. A great selection of across the board tracks. The odd carry over from Yate and Wigan amongst them, and the odd track or two that might be best forgotten. But none the less an interesting and enjoyable selection.

P.W. Cannon - The Beating Of My Lonely Heart - Hickory The Star Treks - Gonna Need Magic - Veep
The “Q” - That’s The Way - Hound
(Richard’s James Lewis & Case Of Time cover up late Wigan, massive at Stafford for Dave)
Del-Larks - Job Opening (Part 2) - Queen City
Willie & Mighty Magnificent's - Check It Baby - All Platinum
(Willie Kendricks)
The Nite-Liters - Cherish Every Precious Moment - RCA
Three Shades Of Soul - Being In Love - Enjoy
James Conwell - Another Sundown In Watts - Guiness
Ty Karim - Lighten Up - Romark
Hattie Winston - When This Battle Is Over - Unissued Studio Acetate
Mel Williams - Sweet Girl Of Mine - Buddah
The California Playboys - Trying To Become A Millionaire - Loadstone
Ivan Neville - Dance Your Blues Away - Cookie
Four Sonics - If It Wasn’t For My Baby - JMC
Willie & Mighty Magnificent's - Soulin’ - All Platinum
Steve Mallory - Wanted For Love - Garrett
Little Henry Lee - Better Use Your Head - Gismo
Ral Donner - Mr Misery - Studio Acetate
Jimmy Raye - Philly Dog Around The World - KKC
Del Reys - Mama Was Right - New Breed
The Embers - Where Did I Go Wrong - Atlantic
The Servicemen - Are You Angry - Wind Hit
SouL Communicators - Those Lonely Nights - Fee Bee
The M&M & The Peanuts - The Phillie - Money