Chris Plant: My Oh My


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The title says it all when reading the following set list, My Oh My...or words to that effect! Chris Plant certainly had some records, monsters as most would describe them today. Today most DJ’s would give their right arm, a kidney and anything else they could manage without for a selection like this. Not all his own discoveries admittedly, but nonetheless it is one impressive selection that would still hold it’s own in any venue anywhere today. The majority of the set is made up from a top 30 chart of Chris’s from between 1982 and 1984 of records he was playing at p[laces like Stafford, The Cavendish Suite, Peterborough, Clifton Hall and all the other top venues where Chris played.

Greater Experience – Don’t Forget To Remember – Colony 13
Ramona Collins – You Been Cheating – Clark’s Bobby Wisdom – Handwriting On The Wall – Out A Site (Billy Kennedy) Yvonne Vernee – Just Like You Did Me – Sonbert Eddie Daye & The Four Bars – Guess Who Loves You - Shrine Magnetics – Lady In Green - Bonnie
Vondells – Hey, Girl You’ve Changed – Airtown Jimmy Delphs – Dancing A Hole In The World – Carla Eric Mercury – Lonely Girl - SAC
Gene Toones – What More Do You Want – Simco Martells – Where Can My Baby Be – Al-La-Carte Ray Agee – I’m Losing Again – Soultown Johnny Honeycutt – I’m Coming Over – Triode Jesse Davis – There’s Room For Me – Revere (Lenny Welch) Sequins – Try My Love – The Detroit Sound Virginia Blakely – Let Nobody Love You – Mojo Art Gentry – Merry-Go-Round – Onyx Del Tours – Sweet And Lovely – Starville Billy Floyd – My Oh My – Arctic Professionals – That’s Why I Love You – Groove City Al Williams – I Am Nothing – La Beat Lester Tipton - This Won’t Change – La Beat Jackie Beavers – I Need My Baby – Revilot Chandlers – Your Love Makes Me Lonely – Col-Soul Classics – So Glad That I Found You – Yan-G Majestics – I Love Her So Much It Hurts – Linda William Powell – Heartaches Souvenirs – Power House Sandy Wynns – I’ll Give That To You – Simco Roger Pace – The Minute My Back Was Turned - Select Betty Lloyd – I’m Catching On – BSC Barbara Acklin – I’m Not Mad Anymore – Special Agent
Soulettes - Bring Your Fine Self Home – Scope
Detroit Soul - All Of My Life – Music Town
Little Charles & The Sidewinders - It's A Heartache – Decca
(Sam Coltrane - Watch Out For The Heartaches)